Blue’s Antony Costa Now A Father

The Mirror reports Blue star Antony Costa is now the proud dad of a beautiful baby daughter after former girlfriend Lucy Bolster gave birth to the girl they’ve named Emily. “I’m delighted, and I am pleased to report that both Lucy and our baby are doing well. Emily is beautiful,” Costa said. “I was there for the labor, it was a magical experience.” Emily weighed 6lbs 8oz and was born 1:15 am on Wednesday (March 10).

Blue’s Antony Draws The Ladies As He Preps To Be A Pappa

March 9, 2004 – The Mirror reports that although Blue star Antony Costa’s ex-girlfriend Lucy Bolster, 21, is due to give birth to his child any day now, the singer was spotted leaving Bar Ha Ha in Central London with four girls on a recent night out. The bar was opposite the Portland Hospital, where he and Lucy had discussed having their baby. “That reminder didn’t seem to put him off,” an insider revealed. “He caught the attention of a Spanish-looking girl and, after a few minutes’ small talk, she was perched on his knee while he whispered in her ear.”

Blue Star Parties It Up At Embassy Club

February 8, 2004 – The Sunday Mirror reports Blue singer Antony Costa was spotted drinking like a fish with Michael Greco at London’s plush Embassy Club. A bevy of beauties left with the pair at 3am.

Blue’s Antony Hasn’t Contacted Pregnant Ex Since Split

The Sun reports that despite promises by Blue star Antony Costa to help her now 5-months pregnant ex-girlfriend Lucy Bolster through the pregnancy, she claims the boybander hasn’t even visited her since the split. “He phoned to say it was over,” she said. “He did say he would be there during the pregnancy but I haven’t heard from him at all.” As for Costa hitting the party scene of late, Bolster admitted, “I’m worried about him. Maybe this is his way of coping. It has crossed my mind he might be going off the rails.”

Antony Costa Scores With Jordan

The Sun reports Blue star Antony Costa took busty model Jordan out for a Greek meal on Saturday night, but skipped the club scene afterwards, heading straight back to his place. “They had a really nice night,” a source said. “It must have gone well because they decided not to go out afterwards and headed back to his house. Antony is trying to go out as much as possible to get over his break-up from Lucy.” The boy band member has raised eyebrows for ditching girlfriend Lucy Bolster, who is seven-months pregnant with his child.

Boozy Blue Star Antony Costa Kicked Out Of Pub

January 19, 2004 – The Mirror reports Blue star Antony Costa and his mates got so out of control recently that they were kicked out of the New Crown pub in Southgate, London for pestering customers and screaming abuse at staff. “The manager asked the three of them to keep it down,” customer Shima Hossaini revealed. “They got really pissed off and were pretty drunk at this stage. Anthony started throwing chips around complaining that he didn’t like them. He was really stuck up.” The manager said: “Anthony was here. The bottom line is if you misbehave in our pub, it’s not going to be tolerated. He was misbehaving, so he had to go.”

Blue’s Antony Costa Ditches Pregnant Fiance For 36HH Pin-up

The People reports Blue star Antony Costa appears unlikely to get back together with his pregnant fiance Lucy Bolster now that he’s dating pin-up Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Clubbers at Chinawhite watched agog last week as 21-year-old Costa and 25-year-old Linsey flirted outrageously for several hours. “They were getting on like a house on fire, sitting very close up together and looking into each other’s eyes,” a source at the club revealed. “It was a bit blatant bearing in mind that he’s just split up with the girl whose having his child soon.”

Pop Star Clout Doesn’t Help Blue Star Get Into Club

December 19, 2003 – The Mirror reports that for more than an hour, bouncers flatly refused to let Blue star Antony Costa cut into the front of the line at the popular celeb club, Chinawhite. “He was on the guest list,” said a source. “But everyone says that. It was 2am and hordes of people bouncers didn’t know who it was at first but Anthony, who was with a group of mates and his dad, was quite cool about it. But even when they were trying to get in. The realized who he was they still wouldn’t let him in straight away. He got a fair amount of hassle from fans and it was very, very cold.”

Blue Star Dumps Pregnant Fiance

December 14, 2003 – Lucy Bolster, the six months pregnant fiance of Blue star Antony Costa told The Sunday Mirror last night how he callously dumped her in a cruel telephone call. “I’m devastated and feel completely abandoned,” she admitted. “I can’t believe it. It all feels like a bad dream. He has changed from the man who has been a fantastic father to my son, as well as a great boyfriend, to someone who doesn’t want to know me any more. Words can’t describe how hurt I am.”

Blue’s Antony Costa Tries The Atkins Diet

Blue star Antony Costa admitted he was on the controversial Atkins diet to help him lose weight after ”fat” jibes hit his confidence. ”In this business, everyone wants to take the piss out of you and say ‘you’re fat’ or ‘you’re the fat one in the band,” Costa tells The Glasgow Daily Record. “But I wanted to prove that I can lose weight and do it myself. I know I’m not perfect. I ain’t got a six-pack body and I don’t want one. I’m a singer and my look is my look.” So far, Costa has shed about 15 lbs.

Palace Wedding Is Bound To Costa Lot

April 28, 2003 – The Sun reports Antony Costa of Blue is set to wed his fiancee Lucy Bolster at Blenheim Palace. “We want the wedding to be absolutely perfect and the palace is a stunning location,” Bolster gushed. “I am looking at dresses and my two-year-old, Joseph, is going to be a page boy. All of our friends will be there, including the rest of Blue. I can’t wait to marry Antony.”