Toby Lightman And Aslyn Check In After Elbow Room Gig

Aslyn and Toby Lightman are happyToby Lightman and Aslyn checked in with a new tour video blog, admitting to being exhausted after their show the earlier in the night at Elbow Room in Columbia, South Carolina. Aslyn also explained how someone ate her croissant and coming up with a new word “Rangry”, meaning to get angry in the rain.

“We started off the night on a good note though,” Toby said. “We had a lovely young woman come in and sit down with her back to us and then proceed to yell at her husband to get a drink during my softest song, so that was very romantic, because I felt I was a part of their romance.”

The video update at MySpace has since been removed.

Toby Lightman & Aslyn Check In Before Downstairs Live Show

Toby Lightman and AslynToby Lightman checked in with Aslyn her first tour video blog while the singer songwriters were on the Diamonds and Rust Tour in North Augusta, South Carolina on Friday (August 14).

Aslyn talked about a bizarre run-in with a fan who asked her to remove her glasses to advise her to get Lasik eye surgery. They also talked about the home they recorded the video from, which they were performing a show at downstairs called Downstairs Live.

“I do have a funny story from Greenville,” Aslyn said. “I had my glasses on that night and this dude came up and asked me to take off my glasses and I took them off. I was like maybe he wanted to try them on because a lot of people like to see what they look like in them. I took them off and immediately as I took them off my eyes, he’s like, ‘Oh, you should get contacts.’ I was like okay. He leaves for a while and goes and tries to molest (Toby). Then he comes back to me and he just stands there and he looked at me as I was having a conversation with someone else and just sort of stood there until I looked at him. He said, ‘I just want you to know I’m sorry if I offended you and I enjoyed the show’… Then he walks out the door and he looks back and says, ‘Oh yeah, get Lasik’.”

The clip at Toby’s MySpace Video channel has since been removed.

Aslyn ‘The Dandelion Sessions’ Behind The Scenes

Aslyn at a photo shoot for her album 'The Dandelion Sessions'Aslyn posted some behind the scenes footage at a photo shoot for her new record ‘The Dandelion Sessions’, coming out later this month.

“We just finished up the photo shoot for the album cover for ‘The Dandelion Sessions’, that’s the name of the new record coming out in January,” Aslyn said. “So please stay tuned. We’re gonna keep you updated. I’m headed out to Nashville to get it all mixed and finished and ready to go. Thank you for hanging in there.”

Watch the clip via Vimeo below.

Aslyn’s Grandfather Wally Passes Away

Aslyn checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@aslyn) on Thursday (December 18), revealing that her grandfather Wally, the subject of the song ‘Wally’ on her debut album ‘Lemon Love’, had passed away. The Atlanta pop singer writes:

Hey everybody. I wanted to let you know on behalf of my family that my Papaw Wally passed away Thanksgiving Day. He was 87 years old. For those of you that don’t know, there was a song named “Wally” on my first record about the incredible love he had with my grandmother for their 55 years of marriage. Papaw was honestly one of the most inspiring men I’ve ever known. He always had something good to say, no matter his surroundings, and encouraged me to do what I do from the very beginning.

On TV: Rob Thomas, Anna Nalick, Aslyn

Singer Anna Nalick

Pop acts on television this week include matchbox twenty frontman Rob Thomas, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday and Tuesday; Jesse McCartney, who visits ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday; Anna Nalick, who performs on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Wednesday; and Aslyn, who visits ‘Daily Download’ on Thursday.