BoA ‘Energetic’ Video

BoA is out with the music video for her new single ‘Energetic’, the third release off of the Korean pop singer’s self-titled American debut album, out now on SM Entertainment USA. Watch it via her YouTube below.

BoA ‘Eat You Up’ Video Parody’s Patty Yu is out with a spoof of BoA’s hit single ‘Eat You Up’, with pork buns being the object of her chewing desire. Watch the BaO parody below.

BoA ‘Energetic’ Video

BoA is out with the music video to her new single ‘Energetic’, off the Korean pop singer’s debut self-titled English album, out now on SM Entertainment USA/Arsenal. Watch it via YouTube below.

BoA Dreams To Make It Big In America

NY1 profiled BoA as the Korean pop star continues her effort to find success in America, having sold over 20 million albums in Asia. “Every artist has dreams about the American market,” she told Lewis Dodley. “Yeah, I wanted to go to America and my company did to, so we think we’ve made a really good album together and now it’s happening.” Video of the report at has since been removed.

BoA ‘I Did It For Love’ Video

BoA - I Did It For Love

BoA is out with the music video to her new single ‘I Did It For Love’, the second release off the Korean pop artist’s self-titled English debut album, out now on SM Entertainment USA/Arsenal. Watch the Joseph Kahn directed video at YouTube.

BoA Performs ‘Eat You Up’ & ‘Girls On Top’ On MTV Iggy

Korean pop singer BoA visited MTV Iggy in New York CityBoA took over MTV’s Times Square studio in New York City, performing her first US single ‘Eat You Up’, ‘Girls on Top’ and ‘Look Who’s Talking’ live.

Afterwards, the Korean pop singer talked with host SuChin Pak about how it’s going living in Los Angeles, being pretty shy, missing her family back home in South Korea, why she decided to make a go for it in America, the challenges Asian artists have breaking the U.S. market, wanting to work with Usher, and more.

The performances and interview, aired on MTV Iggy, has since been removed at

BoA ‘Eat You Up’ Video V2

BoA is out with an alternate version of her ‘Eat You Up’ video, off the Korean pop singer’s first English studio album ‘BoA’, out March 17th via SM Entertainment. Watch it below.

BoA’s Type Of Guy

Nylon magazine caught up with BoA, where the Korean pop artist talked about the artists she likes listening to, her favorite designer, being inspired by Michael Jackson, her advice to practice and work hard, and how her type of guy is “someone who has a really good personality, and funny.”

“‘Eat You Up’ is my most favorite song,” BoA said. “I listen to Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry. My favorite designer is Alexander Wang. I didn’t know he was so young… My inspiration is Michael Jackson. I’m trying to do a moonwalk but I can’t make it. Practice is most important. Work hard and keep learning, like singing or dancing like that, then you can be a singer.”

Watch the interview below.

BoA Gets Props From Her ‘Eat You Up’ Choreographers

MTV Iggy has just started a series of webisodes featuring BoA, with the first episode posted at the Korean pop singer’s MySpace TV channel.

BoA is seen heading to the dance studio to rehearse for an upcoming performance. At the studio, Misha Gabriel and Nick Bass talked about working with BoA on choreography on the ‘Eat You Up’ video.

“She’s like the hardest worker,” Misha said. “She’s up there working with the dancers just as hard, sweating just as hard, and it shows. BoA can hang with the best as far her singing ability and her dancing ability. She’s got a great look. All she needs is to get a plane ticket and come out here, and she’ll be so successful.”

The clip at MySpace can be viewed below.

BoA Makes U.S. Debut In New York City On December 3rd

The American debut of Korean pop singer BoA is happening on Wednesday, December 3rd, in the MTV Times Square studio in New York City. If you are one of the 22-year-old’s biggest fans, send an email to and explain why. 25 fans will receive a pair of tickets and a chance to meet BoA in person. MTV will simulcast the performance on the largest high definition screen in the heart of Times Square.