Bryan McFadden’s Marriage On The Rocks

The Sun reports the marriage between Bryan McFadden of Westlife and former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona is in trouble after a lap dancer claimed she bedded him on his stag night. Kerry is currently in Las Vegas hosting the syndicated show ‘Elimidate’ and has been making furious telephone calls to Bryan, who is currently in Newcastle touring with the band. An insider said, “She is not sure that she can trust Bryan any more. To be unfaithful on his stag do, when she had only just had their baby Molly does not bode well for the future of their marriage.” Read more.

McFadden Explains Campbell Pullout On Video Set

Bryan McFadden from Westlife spoke with Showbiz Ireland about the last minute pullout of Naomi Campbell on the set of their new video ‘Bop Bop Baby’, that was saved from disaster thanks to Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood’s daughter Leah. Bryan revealed, “Naomi was expected to do it but let us down right at the last minute. Someone on the set knew Leah Wood and gave her a call and she came right down to the set. She was brilliant and we can’t thank her enough, she saved the video which we think is our best one yet.” Read more.

Kerry & Bryan Sacrifice Relationship For Fame

Showbiz Ireland spoke with former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona about her relationship with her Westlife husband Bryan McFadden and the downside fame has on staying together and raising their daughter Molly. Kerry said, “There’s so much of the time that Bryan and I have to spend apart and that’s the hardest thing. He will be away working with Westlife and I’ll be in London doing my TV work and it becomes heartbreaking. I take Molly everywhere with me because I want to be there for every second of her growing up. But the time it really hits home is when you’re sitting on your own in the evening and the baby is sleeping.” Read more.

Bryan McFadden Explains Drunken Bust-Up At Brits

News of the World spoke with Westlife’s Bryan McFadden who revealed why he went off on So Solid Crew at the Brit Awards on Wednesday. Bryan said, “It was just one of those things. I got drunk really quickly and just hit out. It was nothing personal to the boys. I like their music. It was not malicious. I just want to forget the whole thing. It was one drunken night and it could have happened to anyone.”

Bryan And Kerry Kept Love Secret Early On

Hello! magazine spoke with Westlife fatty Bryan McFadden about the early days leading up to his marriage to former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona as the singer admits they kept the relationship secret helped by pressure from Bryan’s record company. Bryan revealed, “My record company and my manager and the band were totally against me coming out publicly about Kerry. They thought it would damage Westlife’s popularity, and then Kerry’s people thought it would damage her popularity. If we were staying in a hotel, we wouldn’t even open the door for room service. We worried that if they saw us, they’d tip off the papers.” The story at has since been removed.

Westlife Star Marries Kerry Katona In Ireland

The New Zealand Herald reports Westlife star Bryan McFadden has married former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona in a ceremony reportedly at at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in the village of Rathreigh, near Dublin this weekend. The couple guarded their privacy which was helped by a reported $350,000 deal with celebrity magazine ‘Hello’.

Bryan McFadden And Kerry Katona To Marry Saturday

Westlife’s Bryan McFadden and former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona are expected to marry on Saturday at a church in County Meath, Ireland. Amongst the celebrities expected at the reception are Samantha Mumba and Dane Bowers, while Kerry’s Atomic Kitten friend Natasha Hamilton will be one of her five bridesmaids. Brian has revealed that Shane Filan will be one of his five groomsmen since “we are the closest in the group.”

Bryan McFadden Hates Drugs, Loves Kerry

WENN spoke with Westlife’s Bryan McFadden who admits he’s very much against drugs, but may have turned to them were it not for his fiancee. Brian says, “I am very anti-drugs because I’m in a band and I have a bit of a mad personality, people think you must do drugs, but I never have and I never want to.” McFadden added, “If [former Atomic Kitten] Kerry [Katona] hadn’t come into my life I would be on drugs by now. I was so unhappy that I would probably have needed something like that.”

Bryan McFadden Feels Like He’s In A Freak Show

WENN reports Westlife singer Bryan McFadden is feeling the pressure of being recognized in the spotlight admitting, “I don’t like going into a shop and having people looking at me. It’s not a big-headed thing but I really don’t like it. Sometimes I feel I am part of a freak show. I feel I have two heads.”

Westlife Pappa Changes Diapers

Westlife singer Bryan McFadden changed his six-week-old daughter Molly during a rehearsal for TV’s Pepsi Chart Show. While his fiance and former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona was there, Bryan insisted on doing it himself as fellow guests Mis-Teeq and The Ones looked on.