Brian McFadden On Album, Crazy Fans, Hangover Cure & More

Former Westlife star Brian McFadden answered several fan questions in a video clip at YouTube. The singer said he doesn’t have a favorite song on his latest album ‘Set In Stone’, no longer having the crazy young fans he had during the Westlife days, his admiration for the late Otis Redding, and his favorite hangover cure – vitamin C and five glasses of water before going to bed. Watch the clip below.

Shameless Plugs From Brian McFadden

Former Westlife star Brian McFadden checked in with his MySpace friends (@brianmcfadden) on Tuesday (May 20) with the following bulletin:

Hi everyone,

Well here I am again…and good to speak to you all again…

So since we last spoke I have been doing LOTS of promo and morning TV shows for the single and I’ve also started some filming for Football Superstar (starts on Fox 8 on June 19… shameless plug #1)…

Shameless plug #2 is that I am performing at The Basement in Sydney this Wednesday and Thursday night – please come along if you can.

Axel Whitehead is also performing and I’m really looking forward to it and especially playing at the legendary Basement which I have heard so much about (and the fact that Prince has played there)!

Starting to prepare for my next single which will be coming soon and I’ve got some pretty exciting people doing a new mix for me on one of my tracks!!…Stay tuned…

Until next time – thanks again and hopefully see you at The Basement,

Brian McFadden Thanks Aussie Fans For ‘Set In Stone’ Purchases

Former Westlife star Brian McFadden checked in with his MySpace friends (@brianmcfadden) on Sunday (April 27) with the following bulletin:

I seriously am just so thankful for you all going out and buying my album this week!

You have made the album debut at #5 in Australia and I am just so thankful and appreciative to every single one of you for this.

I’m off to New Zealand tomorrow then back in Australia to further promote the album and to start shooting my new TV show Football Superstar on Fox8!

Thank you thank you thank soon

Brian McFadden Plotting Custody Battle Against Kerry Katona

News of the World reports Brian McFadden is set to go to court against ex-wife Kerry Katona to get full custody of their two children Molly, 6 and Lilly-Sue, 5. The former Westlife star plans to use footage of her reality television program ‘Crazy In Love’ to argue cocaine and alcohol abusing Kerry and her second husband Mark Croft are unfit to raise the two girls. “Those poor girls need stability because they’ve lived a rollercoaster ride with Kerry for too long,” a McFadden friend told the British tabloid. “You only have to look at her show and see the mess she’s in. Brian can give them the upbringing they deserve.”

Brian McFadden Excited For ‘Set In Stone’ Release

Former Westlife star Brian McFadden checked in with his MySpace friends (@brianmcfadden) on Thursday (April 24) following the release of his second solo album ‘Set in Stone’ with the following bulletin:

Hi all,

Well just wanted to say a big thanks for supporting my single – been grand getting out and about around Australia meeting everyone!

My album is finally out this week and I’m so excited that you all get to hear my songs – I guess now its your turn to take the album off me and enjoy it! I had an awesome time making it so I hope it gives you all the same enjoyment listening to it..

Thanks again – I really sincerely can’t thank you enough.


Brian McFadden Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Ex-Wife Kerry Katona

Brian McFadden is lashing out at his ex-wife Kerry Katona in an interview with News of the World, outraged by her claim that a late return by their two daughters Molly and Lilly-Sue from a visit to Brian and his fiance Delta Goodrem in Australia triggered anxiety which brought on the premature birth of her fourth child Max. A shocking claim in the face of Katona’s cocaine abuse, alcohol addiction, and smoking during her pregnancy. “Kerry is a disgusting human being,” the former Westlife star fumed. “She manipulates people and plays the sympathy card for every stupid mistake she makes. Me and my family have been put through hell by her stupid games. She uses my two girls as a weapon in her childish games. She is an embarrassment to me, my family and my children.”

The entire story at has since been removed.

Delta Goodrem And Brian McFadden Delay Wedding Plans

Delta Goodrem

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden, who had hoped to marry later this year, announced that they are pushing back their wedding to 2009 as Brian supports his second solo album ‘Set In Stone’ and Delta attempts to crack the U.S. music market. “Next year’s the wedding,” the former Westlife star said. “We’ve had three years together every single day, and I think that whole three years was preparing for this year apart. It’s been hard but because we’re so prepared for it we knew we’d just work hard this year and try to set up the rest of our life.” Read more.

Brian McFadden Checks In Before Heading To Australia

Former Westlife member Brian McFadden checked in with his MySpace friends (@brianmcfadden) on Saturday (April 12) with the following bulletin:

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been supporting my new single – am loving hearing it on the radio and seeing it on TV!

So we finally have the forum up and away and I look forward to keeping in contact with you all and hearing your comments and feedback…

I’m about to head around Australia doing promo and I’m also heading to new Zealand as well so looking forward to that.

I have my South African guitarist here with me now – Robbie so feel free to come and say hi to him as well!

My second single is coming out next week and lets see who can guess which one it is…

Take care and chat soon

Thanks again.


Brian McFadden Touring Australia With Backstreet Boys

The person running former Westlife star Brian McFadden’s MySpace posted the following bulletin to the singer’s friends earlier today: “Just a quick note to confirm that Brian will be touring with the Backstreet Boys in Australia this spring. Further details will be posted when they are confirmed.”

Brian McFadden Pulls Out Of Boyzone Reunion Tour

Former Westlife star Brian McFadden’s people checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@brianmcfadden) on Friday (February 1) with the following message:

Unfortunately Brian McFadden has had to pull out of his support slot on the Boyzone tour. This is due to the signing of a record deal with Universal in Australia which means his album will now be released there in May / June 2008 and would otherwise clash with the Boyzone dates.

Brian, currently in Australia, says “I was so looking forward to playing the songs from my new album live on this tour but the opportunity to get on with releasing my album in Australia is too good to miss. I’ll be back in Europe in the summer with a view to releasing my album and playing some dates and I look forward to seeing everybody then.”