Brian Melo Finishes Writing A Song

Brian Melo

Brian Melo updated fans on his blog at MySpace on Tuesday (November 4). The Canadian singer tells readers:

I just finished writing a song with my friend Dave Martin called ‘Dont Wanna Know’ and by the end of our session I was feeling pretty pumped about the song. Sometimes you can just sense the potential of a track once you finish writing it, but on the other hand I have had times that I thought I had a pretty good song than I start demoing it, and I realize that I have just created a stinker… lol. Oh well but that’s the way it goes.

The entire post at MySpace has since been removed.

Brian Melo Busking For War Child In Toronto

Brian Melo of Canada

Brian Melo updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@brianmelomusic) on Sunday (September 28). The Canadian pop singer writes:

Hey gang, on the 2nd of Oct. I will be Busking for Change… For War Child… This will be a great event and some great talent in the music industry will be there supporting and performing on the streets of T.O., to help raise money for this wonderful foundation. We ask you all to tell your friends family and love ones to comes to support this amazing charity. We encourage you to come out and bring that spare change that is on your dresser and to be apart of this… Artist will be put in random busy areas of Toronto and play our hearts out for change… This will help children who have been victims of war who have no homes, no clean running water, some with no families for love and support… And need our help more then you and I will ever know…

Help be apart of the change… Open up your hearts and your piggy bank and you can help save some child’s life…

Thank you very much… God bless

Brian Melo Talks With Vancouver 24 Hours

Singer Brian Melo

The latest winner of ‘Canadian Idol’, Brian Melo, has a brand new CD called ‘Livin’ It’, featuring the hit song, ‘All I Ever Wanted’.

Melo spoke with Joe Leary of Vancouver 24 Hours about writing then recording the album right after the show ended in September, hearing his song on the radio for the first time, his brother twisting his arm to audition for the show, having a gut feeling he’d go pretty far on ‘Idol’, getting to meet mentors Jon Bon Jovi and Queen’s Brian May on the program, the ‘Idol’ tour, and much more.

Watch the interview below.