New Music Is Coming From Brie Larson

Brie Larson updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@brielarsonmusic) on Sunday (January 24), discussing her friend Caitlin Crosby’s new ‘Flawz’ video and what has been going on with her long awaited new material. The 20-year-old tells readers:

As for the music. I have been writing. I have been playing. I just found that I was completely disenchanted with the whole “thing”. Being on Universal brought me to some amazing places and met, for one, all of you beauties. But what went along with it I didn’t enjoy. I was being guided in an “artistic” direction I couldn’t stand by. You think that when you are signed to a label you get to be, well, YOU. But it wasn’t the case at all. I wanted to write all my own songs, and they were afraid of that. I wanted to wear sneakers and play my guitar – they wanted heels and wind blown hair. To sum it all up, after years of arguing with my label about “who I was” I mentioned my guitar and one of the execs said “You play guitar?”. WOW. Just wow. I still want to play, and I want to tour and see all of you again. But I needed time to recover. I’m now dabbling in a band and I’m finally(cue angels) happy and whole.

So…wow, was that too long an explanation? Bottom line – MUSIC IS COMING. But it may sound different and be under a different name. I’ll inform you when stuff is released.

Brie Larson Spain Holiday Pictures

Brie Larson writes at her blog at “Well wow guys, I seem to be quite the jet-setter or not, depending upon what you believe. I dont know what to do to prove that this is IN FACT me. And what events are, IN FACT true. (no James, there is no conspiracy, but thank you for playing.) But whatever! Boys will be boys. And ice cream melts too fast. The world goes round. I’m fine with it. So to make up for confusion and blah blah blah, PICTURES!” Check out photos from her visits to Spain here.

Brie Larson Offers Tour Of Her Rhode Island Hotel Room

Brie Larson 'She Said'

Brie Larson checked in with fans on her YouTube channel on Tuesday (November 13), showing fans her hotel room in Rhode Island while filming ‘Tanner Hall’. The 18-year-old also talked about her co-stars and wished everyone a happy holiday season. Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Brie Larson Plays Concentration

Brie Larson 'She Said'

Jesse McClure and Brie Larson put up a video of them playing concentration. The clip is an outtake from the 3rd issue of Bunnies and Traps.

The video at YouTube has since been deleted.

Brie Larson Chats With

Brie Larson 'She Said' VIP Celebrity Lounge featured an interview with Brie Larson, who discussed her debut album ‘Finally Out Of PE’. She also talked about her film and TV career, the process of putting the album together, the first single ‘She Said’ and its video, her social life, her diet, and more. The site has since shut down.

On TV: Bonnie McKee, Paula Abdul, Brie Larson

Brie Larson 'She Said'

Pop acts on television this week include Lisa Marie Presley, who visits ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ alone on Monday and with her mother Priscilla on Tuesday and ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Friday; Bonnie McKee, who visits ‘Total Request Live’ on Tuesday; Brie Larson, who visits ‘TRL’ on Friday; and ‘American Idol’ judge Paula Abdul, who visits ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Friday.

Brie Larson ‘She Said’ Video

Brie Larson 'She Said'

Brie Larson is out with the video to her debut single ‘She Said’, off her forthcoming album ‘Finally Out Of P.E.’, due March 22nd. Watch the video online below.