Cady Groves Working With Kristian Lundin On Debut Album

Cady Groves

Cady Groves checked in with her Twitter followers (@cadygroves) on Wednesday (November 9), talking about working with famed pop producer Kristian Lundin on her upcoming debut album. The Swedish producer teamed with Max Martin and others to pen hits for Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and Celine Dion. Groves writes:

I just cracked the code on Swedish songwriting.. watch out @kristian_lundin …epiphany fueled by? Diet Mountain Dew.

Ever wonder who wrote and produced all those bad ass songs we grew up with? Britney’s baby one more time? Nsync’s tearin up my heart??..

And so on…yeah…that’s my producer @kristian_lundin …did the whole album with him… can’t wait for y’all to hear this sh**. #january3

Love Cheat Prompted Cady Groves To Hit Reset Button On Debut LP

Cady Groves

Cady Groves spoke with Billboard about how becoming involved with one of the songwriters working on her debut album became a mess after the pint sized singer songwriter found out he already had a girlfriend. After scrapping the material she had written with the cheater, she started over on her first release. “It was hard to even write at that point,” the 22-year-old Oklahoma native said. “I just wanted everyone to leave me alone, to hide away. What was great was the label saying, ‘We understand what’s going on, but we see something that you can’t see. There’s a silver lining in you writing right now.'”

Cady Groves Does A Murder Mystery Themed Label Show

Singer Cady Groves

Cady Groves checked in with her Twitter followers (@cadygroves) on Thursday (September 27), talking about the lead up to her show in Hollywood for her label, RCA. The singer songwriter Tweeted:

I’m about to go play half my album songs acoustically in front of a bunch of company people. This bar is awesome.

Haha!!!! This acoustic bar show I’m Playing for the company is murder mystery themed so we had to meet at a couch on Hollywood Blvd…

And some crazy bitch just ran up we follow her and find clues..but only I know that it ends with my performance!

Crazy bitch ran out. Gave me a tape recorder and it played my song “This Little Girl” clues said for us to run to Chinese theatre…

Cady Groves ‘This Little Girl’ Video

Cady Groves is out with the music video to her new single ‘This Little Girl’, off the 22-year-old Oklahoma City native’s upcoming debut album on RCA Records.

“I was dating someone who I genuinely thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with,” Groves told Idolator about the Kristian Lundin produced single. “He ended up having a whole separate life apart from me that I still can’t even digest to this day.”

Watch the Nathan Cox directed video, featuring Blake Shelton, below.

Cady Groves Covers ‘Blow’ By Kesha

Cady Groves covered ‘Blow’ by Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert, where the singer songwriter was joined by her guitarist friend Trevor from Plug In Stereo. Watch the acoustic performance via YouTube below.

Cady Groves Recovering From An Infection

Cady Groves checked i with her Twitter followers (@cadygroves), where the singer songwriter talked about getting her wisdom teeth pulled and getting an infection apparently in the process. Groves writes:

So I got an infection so I’ve been passed out for a couple days, BUT I would just like to say….

Chocolate & peanut butter ice cream mixed with raspberry sorbet is either the best or worst invention I JUST made. Like a sandwich with Nutella?

Don’t worry guys I’m gonna be okay! My dentist rescued me. I told you his family and I were BFFs! He saved me at like 3 in the morning!

I mean – I’ll be a lot more comfortable at life once my face isn’t the size of a house but the antibiotics are in full effect.

@IamIsaacn11 I got my wisdom teeth pulled!

Cady Groves Opens Up About Her Troubled Upbringing

Cady Groves checked in with her Twitter followers on Christmas Eve with a lengthy message outlining her troubled upbringing, which saw her being physically and verbally abused by her brother, having another brother who was murdered, getting emotionally and sexually abused by her stepfather, being ignored by her mother, and having no friends. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I had a brother who made my life a living hell. Not even kidding. My whole family was miserable because of him. And it’s worse than any of you can even imagine. I would literally get the sh** kicked out of me for breathing. It was constant verbal mental and physical abuse-as he was a huge 350 lb football player and I am just little me. He shattered his arm to pieces punching my sister in the face one time. Broke a broomstick into 6 pieces over my head when I was a little girl. Had to hide bruises on me when I went to school, just gave kids more ammo to say “yeah there family is crazy. 7 kids and her parents beat her too.” No it was my brother. But it was horrible. My sister and I couldn’t even talk our whole lives. Would come home from school in terror and hide in our rooms just trying not to piss him off. He was put in a boys home for kicking the sh** out of me so bad finally-but not til i was 15. My mom had married another guy by then. He seemed nice and worked at the head of juvenile corrections so I felt that he would keep us safe. I was the last kid left at home and we lived in Kansas at this point. He started out with real potential. I didn’t trust anybody. I was scared to breathe and even exist all the time. I had no friends at school. I was just a sad girl a lot of my life.

The entire message at has since been removed.

Cady Groves Fires Back At Internet Gossip

Cady Groves checked in with her Twitter followers (@cadygroves) early Monday to dispute comments made about her relationship with Stephen Jerzak. The mullet wearing singer songwriter tells readers:

Haha just saw my duet with Stephen on @strikegently people saying I fu**ed my way to fame and lie about my life story? I have NOTHING to hide, in fact have I ever NOT been open about something with everyone? I have had sex with 2 different people in my entire life and I am 21. So fu** that. And ALSO.. it said that Stephen and I dated and I cheated on him? We have never dated. Therefore I never cheated on him. Nor would I ever cheat on anybody ever. Cheating is the dumbest thing and I care way to much, even about strangers than to ever hurt another human being because I know how it feels to be hurt. Bringing me to my last point. How can you say I’m lyin about MY life story? It’s MY story dickbag. I had a fu**ed up life before and I don’t even like talking about it and everyone asks so I say the bare minimum. Just thought I’d set this straight. Thank you to all of who know who I really am. I got to this place because I worked my ass off. The people who let me sleep on their floor at the end of me trying to do this right before this actually happened for me know that I didn’t fu** anyone or do anything other than work to get what I got. I really don’t care though. Keep talking. I love those of you who have something better to do than attack someone who wants to be your friend. Regardless, I love every one of you.

Cady Groves Stars In ‘Being Ernest’

Cady Groves - 'Being Ernest'

Cady Groves posted a short film ‘Being Ernest’ which features the singer and her brother Kelly on her YouTube channel. “My part in this was totally improv. No scripts at all,” she writes. “My brother Kelly and my friend Mark and I decided to randomly make a movie today.” Watch the 2-minute video below.

Cady Groves Touring This Summer On The Bamboozle Roadshow

Cady Groves

Having already toured with the likes of Never Shout Never, The Ready Set and Carter Hulsey, Cady Groves is set to head out on the road as part of this summer’s Bamboozle Roadshow, where she will be playing alongside All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind, Hanson and many more.

20-year old Oklahoma City singer-songwriter is influenced by artists she likes to say “drip with truth.” Cady describes her music as: “If Miranda Lambert, Paramore, Dixie Chicks, and Taylor Swift all had a less talented baby – that would be me.” Raised on country music and “whatever was on the radio”, Cady said her favorite record growing up was Alanis Morissette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’, although now she listens to musicians like Joanna Newsom, William Fitzsimmons, and Glen Hansard.

Her songs on the recently released ‘The Life of a Pirate’ EP helped her overcome a bout with depression and her message, if any, is you are not alone. “Writing has always been a constant escape for me,” Cady explained. “A lot of horrible things have happened in my life, and without the ability to write my feelings down and communicate them with a melody; they essentially would have blown up inside of me, for all I know. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and have experienced a lot of hurt. But the one thing I feel like you can do with pain, is make it your art. If you can turn it into something you can sing along to, the healing will come through that. To imagine one of my songs could change or help someone, or make them feel like someone understands them, makes this all just that much more amazing. It’s not about me being a role model, and never will be. I’m part of the crowd. I just want to speak for the whole. We’re in this together.”