Cash Cash ‘Take Me Home’ Video Ft. Bebe Rexha

Cash Cash 'Take Me Home' music video featuring Bebe Rexha
Cash Cash are out with the music video to their new single ‘Take Me Home’, featuring Bebe Rexha, off the Roseland, New Jersey dance group’s EP ‘OVERTIME’, out now on Big Beat Records. The track is being pitched by Cash Cash to be in this year’s Doritos Superbowl commercial. Watch the DJ Brawner directed video via YouTube below.

Cash Cash Ready New Single ‘Red Cup (I Fly Solo)’

Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Monday (September 13). The singer tells readers:

New Single – Red Cup (I Fly Solo) ft. Lacey Schwimmer & Spose

Hey everyone, it’s JP. Huge news for Cash Cash! We are releasing our first new original song in over a year! The covers were fun… but we’ve been working on a ton of new music and this is the first new song to be released out of the batch! It comes out on iTunes next Tuesday September 21st!! So mark your calendars and please help support us by buying it off of iTunes. If you don’t know who Lacey Schwimmer is… she’s one of the kick ass dancers on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars… she’s been on the show in the past and she’s gonna be dancing on it this upcoming season. So watch out for her she kicks ass!! This is her first time singing on a major release so we’re privileged to have her on the track. Spose is also rapping in the bridge and it came out really dope! He laid down an awesome rap and turned the song into a party anthem. I can’t wait for all you guys to hear it! :-)

Watch Cash Cash’s Jean Paul Confront Alleged Female Pedophile

Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Monday (November 30), discussing a bizarre incident after their concert in McAllen, Texas. A woman apparently had been groping and propositioning underaged girls attending the show, including some pre-teens, and Makhlouf confronted her, eventually grabbing her beer and pouring it on her. Makhlouf writes:

Ok, so I know a bunch of you guys saw some of our tweets last night and wanna know what the hell happened! haha so here I am to explain it all!

First off, it was hands down the most screwed up thing I’ve seen all year…..

So the show just ended and everyone was just hanging out at the merch tables… this was last night BTW in McAllen, TX. Anyways…. so were all at the merch tables and there’s this trashy lady like in her mid 30’s just chillin there being all drunk and stupid loud with a beer in her hand dancing like a stripper and stuff… which was funny, everyone was laughing at this point… then it got a little weird when she bends over the merch table and goes ok who wants to spank my ass for a $1 and a couple people went and did it and it was still kinda funny at this point… then she grabs some little girl and is like “hey do you wanna touch my b**bs??” and the girl like freaked out and walked away… that got me paying to attention to like what she was doing… then after I see her walk up to these 2 little girls on line to buy stuff and she puts her arm over the little girls shoulder and starts rubbing the little girls chest like right on her breast! And she made this insane pedophile face while doing it!!! The little girl freaked out and ran away immediately without buying the shirt she was online for… Me and our guitar tech Hugh saw it and I freaked out!!! I wad like “lady what the hell is wrong with you?!?! are you a pedophile touching little girls?”…. I mean the girl she touched was literally maybe 12-13…. I got so sick to my stomach and my heart just dropped when it happened seeing the scared expression on that little girls face… so I ran up to her and started yelling sayin stuff like “get your pedophile drunk ass out of here”… she replies with “what are you a faggafile??” I go “are you kidding me lady… sorry I don’t like watching sum drunk 30 year old molesting a little girl… I was like would you touch your daughter like that?” and she answers me with…. “no that’s not my daughter but maybe I’ll be her mommy later tonight…” after she said that I freaked out and grabbed her beer and poured it all over her face drenching the sh** out her!!! Also keep in mind there were like 40 people surrounding us that saw the whole thing happen and cheered me on for doing it… Then she grabbed me ripped my shirt off and tried to attack me… Everyone was screaming at her and she got kicked out… Fans were coming up to me after sayin stuff like “jp thanks so much for doing that, that crazy lady kept coming up to me asking me to touch her boobs and she would take my hand and I got really scared” I was soo fired up at this point it just made me so angry to hear and see all that. So anyways… that’s what happened! Crazyyyyy crazyyy night

So moral of the story… to everyone out there, boy or girl, young or old…. If anyone ever touches you in a way that you don’t feel comfortable make sure to say something and tell someone… don’t be scared to go to the police, or to a school teacher or a friends parents… you should never let anyone disrespect you or your body!!

Ok I’m done venting hahaha but seriously damn I gave it to this lady pretty bad hahah check this video a fan emailed us of it down below to see how it all went down!! haha *NOTE* that its not me doing all the cursing in the video haha it was the person filming… haha
~ jean paul

p.s. so my favorite hat fell off when the crazy lady attacked me and then someone stole it off the ground and ran off with it…. but thanks to my man Kyle from Fight Fair I was able to get it back!!! hahah so lucky! If you guys haven’t checked them out yet! Get down to it… They are a super fun band that remind me of all the pop punk bands I used to listen to growing up! go show em some love!!!

Jean Paul Makhlouf Can’t Wait To Tour Again

Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Thursday (October 29), talking about their upcoming tour with Breathe Carolina. The singer writes:

So we just left for tour and I can’t wait to see all you guys again!!! We’ve been working hard practicing new stuff for the tour to spunk it up a bit!!!! Not to give it away or anything but lets just say this tour we’re gonna have sum crazy fly sh** to make the show way more of a dance party! That means you must dance or die!!! :-) lil FF5 Love…. miss those dudes… So basically what I’m trying to say is get your asses out to a show! :-)

Cash Cash’s Jean Paul Thanks Dance Rawr Dance III Tour Attendees

Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Monday (October 19), discussing their recently completed tour. The singer writes:

What’s up everyone! It’s Jean Paul! Just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who came out on the Dance Rawr Dance III tour! It was by far one of the best tours we’ve been on! Awesome bands, awesome people, awesome crowds!!! I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing memories!! But we’re not done yet!!! There’s still a lotta shows booked for Nov/Dec!! We’re gonna be home for a week but after that it’s back out with Breathe Carolina! So check our MySpace for the latest show details and mark your calenders!!! Sh**s gonna be crazzaaaaaayyyyyy!! Alright I’m gonna go play with my dawggg for a bit!! I missed him so much!!!! :-)

Cash Cash Check in From The Dance Rawr Dance 3 Tour

Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Wednesday (September 30), talking about their current tour and enjoying the views as they drive through Wyoming. The singer writes:

So we’ve been kicking it on Dance Rawr Dance 3 tour for a couple weeks now and it’s been sooo much fun!! Fall is always a killer time to tour… I love the texture and color of everything!! Just reminds me of when I was a little kid for some reason… haha anyways the shows have been amazing and I can’t thank anyone for that except you guys!! Mwahhhhh love ya!!! You guys are more crazy then ever on this tour and it’s making it such a good time for us!!

Cash Cash’s Jean Paul Explains Mike Doerr’s Departure

Cash Cash

Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Thursday (August 6), talking about the mysterious departure of guitarist Mike Doerr from the band and getting a bit catty (though justifiably if his explanation is true) about carrying on without him. The singer writes:

On to some other news, some of you guys are wondering where Mike went?!? Well let me fill ya in on the situation from the beginning… Back in the day me, Alex, Sam, & Anthony got this band rolling as The Consequence. Then in 2007 we got signed to Universal, changed our name, and started touring. We thought it would be a good idea to add an extra guitarist live. So we started playing with Mike a little under a year ago. He first started as just a live touring musician and then after he earned his badges we put him in the photos and made him a band member. Then, out of nowhere he just got up and left us high and dry in the middle of Warped Tour with no goodbye or anything… we thought it was a little weird, especially since there wasn’t any big fight or anything… Our assumption is that he just wasn’t really into the whole band thing anymore, was getting worn down by the road, and has some other important stuff in his life he needs to cater to. Overall he just didn’t have the passion that the rest of us have… the road isn’t for everybody… this lifestyle is very different than any other job and calls for an extra dose of passion and motivation.

Anyways, here’s my reaction to the whole thing…. so when he left, at first we all freaked out and were like “WTF” it’s in the middle of the Warped Tour and were a man down.. what to do, what to do we got a show to play?!?!” Then I sat the guys down back stage, gathered my thoughts, and was like wait a second… Mike has absolutely ZERO effect on Cash Cash!!!! I was like lets wake up guys we started this band as a 4 piece!!! Recorded our cd as a 4 piece!!! Played shows as a 4 piece!!! And will finish the band as a 4 piece!! We played the show without him and it never felt better!!

Cash Cash Are “Baking Like Chocolate Chip Cookies” On Warped Tour

Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash), talking about how things have been going on the Vans Warped Tour. Jean Paul writes:

Yooo whats poppin errrrrrrrryybody! Jean Paul on the mic. So we’re on our 5th day of Warped Tour and I wanted to jump on here and let y’all know how it’s been going!!! First off it’s been insane hot! We’ve been baking like chocolate chip cookies everyday!!! At first the heat and sun kinda drove me crazy cause it’s like being out there all day… but after the first day I learned to put sun tan lotion on and drink plenty of water and bammm I’m back on track!! Now it’s the 4th day and I absolutely love it. It’s such a different type of show like outside blue skies, red hot sun, I’m growing to love it!! There’s just this awesome feel good vibe to playing outside in this beautiful world we live in!! Mother Nature really is amazing!! Alright I’ll cut the hippie sh** but for real… I know if I was home I’d be sitting in my room on my computer and missing out on this awesome summer! So do like we do!!! Get out in the sun whether your coming to Warped or not!! Go outside, blast some Cash Cizzle on your boombox and have a water gun fight or something!! Go to the park enjoy this last month of summer!!! :-) Alright time to go get back out there!!! Later loves mwahhhhhhhh!

Jean Paul Makhlouf Fuming Over Trash Talking Online Imposter

Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Monday (July 6), talking about dealing with an imposter on AIM. Makhlouf tells readers:

Hey whats up guys!! So our merch guy Emilio hit me up saying a couple of you guys were being trashed talked by some1 pretending to be me!! That’s so fu**ed up!! That bummed me out soo hard.. I wish I could find that kid and bash his head in Jersey style grr!!!!!!!!!! haha but chances are I’ll never find the little bastard! hahah anyways just so all you guys know, it’s not me!!! My only outlets on the internet are Facebook which my name is under Jean Paul Makhlouf, MySpace which is, Twitter which is and gmail which is…. I never really go on AIM anymore cause I live in a van but my sn is jeanpaulmakhlouf so if you get hit up by any1 that isn’t under those accounts it’s a fake!!!! And curse him out for me!

Cash Cash Live Recap

Cash Cash is out with a highlight clip documenting recent performance footage from their US/UK tours and acoustic performances. “Oh yeah we have a new video up that kinda documents our whole last year of touring,” singer Jean Paul Makhlouf wrote on the group’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash). “Mostly 2009 but there’s some 2008 clips in there as well!!! Watching it reminded me of so many good memories!!! We really had a blast touring these last 10 months and we owe it all to you guys for being awesome!!!” Watch it via YouTube below.