Cassette Kids ‘Spin’ Video Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes footage of the new Cassette Kids video for ‘Spin’ has been posted online, featuring the Australian techno group doing plenty of jumping in slow motion in an “anti gravity, time warp, alternative dimension” treatment with the directing collective Krozm. The single is available now over at ‘Spin’ is taken from the group’s forthcoming debut album ‘Nothing On TV’. Watch the footage via their YouTube channel below.

Cassette Kids’ Year In Retrospect

Cassette Kids

Jake Read-Harber of Cassette Kids checked in with fans on the Australian indie pop band’s blog at MySpace (@cassettekids), discussing their year, which included work on their full-length debut album on Sony BMG. Jake writes:

For people who haven’t had the chance to record an album I’ll give you an idea of what it’s like. Drinking double/triple shot coffees just to keep awake and working, average of 16 hour days, a lot of YouTube video watching, occasionally putting on music that ISN’T yours at a very loud volume just to get some perspective, sushi for dinner most nights, a brief infatuation with Super Nintendo and all Mario related games, losing any significant pigmentation to your skin and getting used to very cold temperatures and dim-lighting. Cabin Fever – bickering about pointless topics, telling the same stories over and over, making very inappropriate jokes to keep your sense of humor in tact. And it does not help AT ALL when one of you gets sick, because it just gets passed back and forth and around and back again, in fact Katrina had a throat infection and major nasal issues for the entire of vocal tracking, which is a testament to her amazing vocal chords that we could walk away with something that actually worked!

But out of it all, an extremely personal and emotional experience. If a band can last this experience without wanting to suffocate their band-mates in their sleep with a pillow, or just simply never wanting to talk to them again then they have done very well. And I think we did very well, in fact it made us a lot closer.

Cassette Kids ‘Lying Around’ Video

Cassette Kids 'Lying Around' single cover

Cassette Kids are out with the music video to their new single ‘Lying Around’, the first release from the Australian electro pop act’s forthcoming debut album ‘Nothing On TV’. The single will be released on October 30th and the album is expected in early 2010. Watch the Pierre Toussant directed video below.

Cassette Kids Complete Album Photo Shoot, Prep For Video

Cassette Kids

Cassette Kids checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@cassettekids) on Monday (September 28), talking about preparations for their full-length debut album, finishing a photo shoot for the CD and getting set to do the music video for its first single. The Sydney indie pop act tell readers:

Last week we had our photo-shoot for all things album related, it was a huge day.. 13 hours posing in front of a camera to be precise. Luckily we had some catering, I think I may have had more coffees in one day than I normally have in a week, needless to say I was buzzing for most of the day, but we got through it and actually had a really fantastic time, so thanks Brit, Karen, Chris, Mike, Andy and all the associated Sony peeps that came down to make sure that everything was running smoothly, pats on the back all round.

This week we’re looking forward to filming the clip for the first single from the album which is due for release in about a months time. This will be the first official offering from the album so we are equally nervous and excited to get it out there.

Cassette Kids Finish Up Work On Debut Album

Cassette Kids checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@cassettekids) on Wednesday (July 22), talking about the status of their full-length debut album. The Sydney indie pop group write:

So first and foremost we finished up work on the album this Sunday just passed. It was a 3 month project and by 3 month I mean literally in the studio every single day for 3 months, save the couple of nights we were away for Lily, so I think there are definitely some mixed feelings about finishing up, there’s definitely some relief, a dash of excitement but there’s also quite a lot of sadness, we’ve been writing for this album with a one track mind since December last year so it’s a huge deal to close the book on it and break a lifestyle. It was also really sad to say goodbye to our producer/engineer Rich from London, the band found a true friend in him and we cannot wait for him to come back and visit!!

Having said that I think we have written and recorded an album that we are all so proud of and absolutely cannot wait to share with you! Right now we’re just dealing with all the post production intricacies like deciding on playlists and what-not, fun! ha

Release date for the album is still not confirmed, but we will share all of that information as it comes to us. But you should see something in the way of new single within the next 2 months, exciting!!

Cassette Kids Picking Which Songs Will Make Their Full-Length Debut

Cassette Kids checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@cassettekids) on Monday (March 23), talking about their recent gigs and progress on their full-length debut album. The Sydney, Australia pop act tell readers:

But there is also the recording side, so amidst the hectic nature of trying to promote the ‘We Are’ mini-album as best we can we have been writing brand spanking new stuff.

In fact we’ve been at it since about mid December 08 and we are now proud to say that out of the 24 tracks that we have written and are extremely proud of we will now be sitting down and going through the painstaking process of deciding which 11, 12, 13 tracks are THE ones.

We’ve written with some great people over the last little while, amongst them are Paul Mac and Mikey from Van She and we feel like we’ve learned a lot about the dynamic of writing and recording music and now we just can’t wait for the 1st May to roll around and we start tracking for what will be our debut full length album.

Cassette Kids Contribute Equally In The Writing Process

Cassette Kids singer Katrina Noorbergen says the Sydney group has no dominant figure when it comes to the creative process, borrowing from each member’s influences. “A lot of bands, when it comes to the [song]writing process, I think there is often a dominant figure, one person who is directing where the band is going,” tells Australia’s Time Off magazine. “But our situation is we all contribute quite evenly. And we all come from quite diverse musical backgrounds. We all listen to very different stuff and somehow that all comes together to make something new… instead of just sounding like our favorite band.”

The story at has since been removed.

Cassette Kids Tour Van Christened

Cassette Kids singer Katrina NoorbergenThe Cassette Kids’ tour van has arrived, with vocalist Katrina Noorbergen showing off the customized ride ahead of the Australian indie pop group going out on their first headlining tour down under.

Katrina opened the van’s door to reveal her bandmates, promising more video clips while they’re on tour.

“This is the Cassette Kids tour van, as you can see. There’s my head, very large,” Katrina said. “Not life-sized. I have a van full of Cassette Kids here. We’re about to go on our first headlining national tour, so look out for our van.”

The clip at MySpace can be viewed below.

Cassette Kids ‘We Are’ Listening Party

Cassette Kids updated fans on their blog at MySpace (@cassettekids) on Sunday (October 12) as the Sydney, Australia techno pop group prep the release of their seven track mini-album ‘We Are’ on October 18th via Sony BMG Australia. The group writes:

Hey guys, because our mini-album is coming out this week and we want you all to hear it, we are going to put the whole thing up on MySpace! Yeah! So swing by and have a listen, cause there’s a few different things going on in there and it would be great to hear what you think!

We are also about to kick off our tour so have a looky at the dates and come on down!

Also to more exciting news…. Rage, MTV and Channel V have all picked up our clip for “You Take It!” (We stayed up til one in the morning to see it come on rage only to find out it got played in the morning as well haha) If you haven’t seen it yet then just head to the link on the MySpace.