D.A. Wallach: American Music Awards Are A Joke

D.A. Wallach of Chester French checked in with his Twitter followers (@DAChesterFrench) minutes ago sharing his impressions of Sunday night’s American Music Awards. Wallach writes:

These AMA’s are like a joke. It feels like a talent show.

@MrTommyLand No bands! I want some rollercoaster drums or something. WTF? It just fu**ing sucked. I miss bands.

I feel like an old man but I want Nirvana, I want Smashing Pumpkins, I want a**holes who don’t give a fu**.

American Idol really is better than this garbage. And yes, the product integrations were outrageous.

This was just pure art as business. Which is fine sometimes, but I want some variation.

LMFAO was great though. That was by far my favorite thing of the night. Authentic and funny.

D.A. Wallach Is No Fan Of Beats By Dr. Dre

D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey of Chester French

D.A. Wallach of Chester French checked in with his Twitter followers (@DAChesterFrench) a few hours ago, ripping Beats by Dr. Dre headphones (Monster Cable), and how Interscope Records asked artists on their label to wear the headphones in their music videos. Wallach’s Tweets seemed to indicate the group had been dropped by Interscope. He writes:

I generally use “wearing BEATS headphones” as a litmus test for whether someone is an idiot.

No disrespect to any of you who have been conned into purchasing them, but those Beats sound like sh**.

Way too loud, awful stereo imaging, insanely overpriced. REALLY nice box though. It probably costs $10 to make the box.

I fu**ing LOVE Dr. Dre. He is the greatest. But the headphones are not dope. They’re a marketing scam in my opinion.

Like lots of sh***y music, I respect the business behind it but not the integrity of the product. I see both sides.

And yes, it’s pretty uncreative that everyone is now copying and putting out headphones. Aren’t there other verticals to disrupt?

I use a bunch of diff headphones….The dude who runs Beats used to rep the Sony headphones, which I think are a classic fo bass / comfort.

The thing about audio is that there’s not “good” or “bad” really. There is “accuracy” but that doesn’t necessarily mean pleasure.

Sometimes I like headphones that give me a very honest picture of the sound field and when just listening I want whatever is most pleasant.

When we were on Interscope they asked every single artist to wear Beats in the music videos.

Some of the staff and I used to regard it as a ridiculous scavenger hunt to find them in absurdly out-of-context moments.

Look. There are tons of sh***y products out there. Most products are sh***y in the world. And lots are good businesses.

You just gotta decide whether you want to profit off bullsh** or greatness.

All this being said, I actually believe that hi-fi will come back. Sonos is a very interesting company to me for this reason.

Chester French ‘Ciroc Star’ Video

Chester French are out with the video to the song ‘Ciroc Star’, featuring Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Jadakiss and Clinton Sparks. Also known as the ‘Hangover 2’, the song comes from Chester French’s free album ‘Jacques Jams, Vol 1: Endurance’. The video features cameo appearances by Rick Ross, will.i.am, apl.d.ap, Floyd Mayweather, Meagan Good, LMFAO and Cassie.

D.A. Wallach And Andy Hurley’s Message For Milwaukee

D.A. Wallach of Chester French and Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy, who both live in the Milwaukee metro area, sent out a message for Mil-town on YouTube. “If you’re watching this video right now you need to know that we love you, and that we both decide to live in you and will probably never leave you,” Wallach told the city.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Meet Max Drummey’s Faux Mom And Dad

Chester French posted video from their visit to Boston radio station WFNX, where D.A. Wallach talked with a man and woman who he jokingly claimed were bandmate Max Drummey’s mom and dad, as Max currently residing in Beantown.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Chester French In-Store In Milwaukee

Chester French was in Milwaukee on August 4th to perform with blink-182 at the Marcus Amphitheater, putting on a free acoustic set earlier in the day at the Exclusive Company on Farwell. Watch highlights from the in-store, which included artist Risa Marie doing portraits of D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey, below.

Chester French Play Free Show In Central Park

DA Wallach with Diddy in Central Park

DA Wallach of Chester French checked in with fans on Twitter (@DAChesterFrench) after performing a free show as part of the Central Park SummerStage concert series in New York City, running into Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs in the event. Watch a fan filmed highlight clip of their ‘She Loves Everybody’ performance below and several more from the show at YouTube. Wallach tells followers:

I’m sorry that our Central Park show ended up filling to capacity (5000 people) but we shall return, I promise!

At the airport, sad to leave New York. The show yesterday was so fun and @qtiptheabstract did an inspired job up there too!

Chester French ‘Life In L.A.’ Live Ft. Travis McCoy

Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes joined Chester French on stage during a show at Paper Mag & Ray Ban Party at South Street Seaport on Tuesday (June 30). Watch fan filmed footage of Travis freestyling over ‘Life In L.A.’ via YouTube below.

Are Chester French The Smartest Guys In Pop Music?

Chester French spoke with CNN’s Shannon Cook about the story behind their name, what they studied at Harvard, and being compared to The Beach Boys. In a separate print Q&A, the pair were asked about whether being Harvard graduates makes them the smartest guys in pop music. “Probably not,” D.A. Wallach responded. “We were kind of nerds in high school. And the hardest part about Harvard is getting in, people say. After that you take it at your own pace. And at different times we were more or less engaged there, but we met some other really intelligent, thoughtful people.” Bandmate Max Drummey added, “And there’s definitely a lot of stupid people at Harvard.”

Watch the interview below the cut. (more…)

Hanging Out With Chester French In Their Hotel Bathtub

The New York Post caught up with Chester French in New York City last week, talking with the indie pop duo in their hotel (and their bathtub) about their upcoming tour schedule, probably going with ‘C’mon’ as the new single, D.A. Wallach’s “youth serum” – Ciroc, hotel robes, their free mixtape ‘Jacques Jams’, their debut album ‘Love the Future’, and more. Watch the interview/hangout below.