Chris Trousdale’s Album Will Be Dancing And Fun

Chris Trousdale called in to Zang Radio to speak with host Zach Sang about what he is up to now, his past, and his role on ‘Days of our Lives’. “I’ve always been into dancing, even in the group I was more of the dancer out of all the boys, and I love anything I can move my body to,” the former Dream Street singer said. “My album is definitely going to be dancing and fun, and vocally good too. It’s not just going to be beats and stuff.” Listen to the interview via YouTube below.

Jane Carter Orders Chris Trousdale Off Tour

Contributed by emm:

This past weekend, at KidsFest in Cleveland, Ohio, Chris Trousdale previewed his new show to an overwhelming response for Clear Channel Entertainment, Radio Disney and thousands of adoring fans. We were told Aaron Carter’s mother and manager, Jane Carter, was informed about the audience reaction, thus confirming her fears. On Monday, Evolution Talent, the booking agent for Aaron Carter, called to inform us that Jane Carter had ordered Chris Trousdale off the summer tour. The reason given was very specific. Jane heard that Chris was “going to blow Aaron off the stage” and didn’t want Aaron to be shown up. Perhaps Jane was already paranoid that Chris was offered a duet on a remake of the song “You’re The One That I Want,” with up & coming Nikki Cleary on Jive Records (Aaron’s record label). During last years Aaron Carter / Dream Street tour, Jane repeatedly told Chris that he was “the only talented member of Dream Street”. Jane has good reason to worry. Aaron’s popularity has been fading, as evidenced by both his rapidly declining record sales as well as the downsizing of this tour to venues with seating capacities much smaller than Aaron has played in the past. In a blatant “bait and switch” scheme, a tour that was advertised to include “gold certified” recording artists Play and Chris Trousdale, will instead have Greg Raposo. It’s obvious that with ticket sales dwindling, Jane used Play and Chris to help pump up ticket sales, only to replace them with an inferior act that would not threaten Aaron, less than a week before the tour was set to begin. If you have purchased tickets to any of these shows to see Chris or Play, we suggest you demand a refund.

We are currently making alternate tour plans for Chris, and look forward to getting out and seeing everybody soon. When you see Chris perform, you’ll understand why Jane Carter was afraid to have Chris open for Aaron.