Christy Romano Debuts ‘We’ll Awaken’

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Last weekend Christy Romano’s (‘Even Stevens’) latest TV-flick premiered a new song also aired in the movie by her. It is entitled ‘We’ll Awaken’, and is now featured on

Christy Romano Returning To College

In a online fan chat, Christy Carlson Romano (‘Even Stevens’,’Kim Possible’) revealed she will be going back to college this fall [Columbia College] taking two classes a week. Meanwhile, Christy is continuing to write/record for her upcoming Atlantic/Sony debut. She is scheduled to write with Richie Sambora this coming week, according to her online journal The debut has a tenative release date of Summer/Fall. This could change however, Since Christy is returning to college.

Christy Romano Engaged

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Ex-Disney Starlet, Christy Carlson Romano (‘Even Stevens’,’Kim Possible’) has announced in her online journal that she is now engaged to her boyfriend of 2 years, Cal Thomas! Congratulations Christy!

Christy Romano Debut Album Preview

‘Campus Confidential’ star Christy Romano’s MySpace has four songs available for listening, including ‘The Problem’, ‘Promise’, ‘Simple’, and ‘Headphones On’. Listen to the songs ahead of her debut album on Atlantic Records next year here.