City Girls Have Fabulous Day Opening For Pussycat Dolls

Sheena Rowe of City Girls checked in with fans on the British girl group’s blog at MySpace on Sunday (July 26), talking about their show opening for Pussycat Dolls. Rowe writes:

We did the Pussycat Dolls gig last night and it was a fantastic, fabulous, day!!! We got to the gig and just chilled, got to know our surroundings and rehearsed and sat outside waiting for some familar faces i.e – JLS NDubz lol! We were hanging around listening to The Score’s soundcheck and they were awesome – really talented nice lads and I know they will get far! We went on after Fe-nix who we shared a dressing room with and I must say we were a nervous wreck rushing around making sure we had everything.

City Girls Excited For New Single & Album Release

City Girls 'Make Up Your Mind' single cover

Sophie Leniston of City Girls checked in with fans on the British girl group’s blog at MySpace on Sunday (June 14), talking about their first album, the new single ‘Make Up Your Mind’, and attending one of Britney Spears shows. Sophie writes:

Hi guys!!!
How u all been? We’ve been working away as usual am so excited now about the single and album release, it’s all getting so close!!!! Am so happy with how everything has turned out and I’m ready for it now the album sounds great and I love the single!!

Oooo nearly forgot to tell u!! I went to go see Britney last night it was amazing!! I have loved her ever since I was about 9 always looked up to her as a performer, was brilliant to see her back in her old ways again! Dancers were unreal and she had a circus theme for the whole thing so as u can imagine lighting, costumes and circus act were hot!!!!!!

Big kiss sophie xxxx

City Girls Hitting The Road With Pussycat Dolls

Sophie Leniston of City Girls checked in with fans on the British girl group’s blog at MySpace on Monday (May 11), telling them what’s to come. Soph writes:

Right where do I start, we have loads of things lined up! We have just done the Hush Puppies campaign Shoeperstar!! Which was brilliant and are in look magazine with the new pics! We have a big gig with PUSSYCAT DOLLS soon look on our MySpace for dates!! but you have no idea how excited I am about doing it! I absolutely idolize them and can’t wait to meet them all! Honestly they are a hard working bunch and I really look up to them in every way! So you will have to come see us for that!!! And our single and album is coming out soon so us City Girls will be working our little tooshes off! Literally I am getting in the gym now trying to keep up the fitness!! Anyway will keep you al updated!!

City Girls’ Sheena Checks In Following Bolton After Dark Gig

Sheena of City Girls updated fans on the British electropop’s blog at MySpace on Saturday (October 18). Sheena writes:

Sheena’s world has been quite enjoyable so far this week.
Bolton After Dark was a gig I wont forget!! I loved it!!! We performed twice there once in the new market place right outside bank one of my favorite shops and then onto the square right in the middle. It was a grea turn out, we walked over and saw Avenue performing and here’s me jumping around like a lunatic waving, dancing and singing their song which is a smasher. Thank god they waved back eh!! We had a few interviews with Bolton news and Key 103 radio station. Alot of what I said was a blur because I was suffering from flu and a stomach bug!! But I still tried to do my ultimate best on stage and I forgot about it as soon as I got on stage!

City Girls Discuss ‘OMG’ Debut

New female foursome City Girls gave ITN the latest on their debut single ‘OMG’ and their own experiences when it comes to dodgy text messages. Sheena Rowe, Sian Charlesworth, Sophie Leniston and Rebecca Doran said they actually like each other, since it’s frequently not the case with girl groups and they didn’t know each other before they were manufactured.

Talking about the story behind ‘OMG’, Sheena said, “Basically it’s about when you’re talking about someone and you’re on MySpace, girl or guy, but in our case a guy, and we’re like yeah, he’s got a lot in common with me, blah blah. Then okay, this guy is getting a bit too serious and stalker style. It’s a bit tongue in cheek as well.”

Do the girls like each other? “We actually do,” Sophie said. “We’re so lucky. I am coming from Dublin over to here and I was thinking, ‘We’re moving to a house together for five weeks, and I’m on the plane thinking, ‘I don’t even know these girls. What if I hate them? What if they hate me?’ We had Chinese the first night and talked about everything.”

Watch the segment via YouTube below.

City Girls ‘OMG’ Video

Sheena Rowe, Sian Charlesworth, Sophie Leniston and Rebecca Doran of City Girls on the cover of their single 'OMG'

UK pop group City Girls, featuring Sheena Rowe, Sian Charlesworth, Sophie Leniston and Rebecca Doran, are out with the video to their internet stalker themed debut single ‘OMG’, out in the UK now on BXB7 Records. Watch the James Hedge directed clip at YouTube.