Crystal Bowersox Wants To User Her Megaphone To Help

Crystal Bowersox

‘American Idol’ season nine runner-up Crystal Bowersox tells Pioneer Press she’d like to put her celebrity to good use by seeking more attention to be given to human sex trafficking, domestic abuse and marriage equality. “I’ve been given a megaphone and I want to help,” the 26-year-old said. “There are lots of things to think about and worry about as a mother.”

Crystal Bowersox ‘Mine All Mine’ Live In Austin

Crystal Bowersox sings Mine All Mine in Austin, Texas

Crystal Bowersox performed ‘Mine All Mine’ for Vevo Powerstation in Austin, Texas. The song is off the ‘American Idol’ season nine runner-up’s debut album ‘Farmer’s Daughter’, out now on Jive Records. Watch the video below.

Crystal Bowersox Visits ‘Chelsea Lately’

Crystal Bowersox appeared on ‘Chelsea Lately’ the other night, where the ‘American Idol’ season nine runner-up talked about her husband, married life, performing on street corners, and her strange gig performing at a sky diver’s wake where she was paid with cash and a free sky dive. Crystal said before taking the leap, she penned a message if things went horribly wrong. “I wrote a letter to my family and friends, and I put it in my breast pocket, and it’s like, ‘If you read this, I’m splattered all over the ground. I just want you to know that I love you’,” Bowersox told Chelsea Handler. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Brian Walker & Crystal Bowersox Perform ‘Miss You/Kiss You’

Brian Walker, Crystal Bowersox and her son Tony

‘American Idol’ season nine runner-up Crystal Bowersox and her young son Tony joined Brian Walker on stage at the Waterfront Cafe in Chicago, Illinois for a performance of their song ‘Miss You/Kiss You’ on August 31st. Watch it via YouTube below.

Crystal Bowersox Signs Painter’s Portrait Of Her

‘American Idol’ season nine runner-up Crystal Bowersox signed a portrait by Randy Watkins for the artist outside ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on June 21st in Burbank, California. The 24-year-old asked Randy if he was going to sell it on eBay, but he said, “I have a bunch of these and I paint who I’m a big fan of, and you’re the awesomest.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Crystal Bowersox Lobbies For Diabetes Research At The White House

Crystal Bowersox at the White House‘American Idol’ season nine runner-up Crystal Bowersox visited the White House on Friday to discuss diabetes awareness. Bowersox, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 6, wants congress and the White House to ensure federal funding for Type 1 diabetes research.

“It was positive. It was definitely positive,” Crystal said about her meeting. “I’m here today meeting with the president’s advisors to talk about the special diabetes program, which helps fund the JDRF. It’s a really important thing for us to keep.”

She also talked about how both ‘Idol’ contestants and politicians battle for votes and that she’d love to perform for President Obama. Video of the interview has since been removed.

Crystal Bowersox Straightens & Whitens Her Teeth

Crystal Bowersox flashes her upgraded teeth

‘American Idol’ season nine runner-up Crystal Bowersox recently showed off her newly straightened and whitened teeth, following in the footsteps of ‘Idol’ season five finalist Elliott Yamin. Crystal told her Twitter followers (@crystalbowersox):

What’s NOT missing in this picture?????? Yeah. That’s right.
@Bobbie_Dylan I love myself no matter what. But I can’t stop beaming my Tim urban smile now. ;)