CSS ‘City Grrrl’ Video Ft. Ssion

CSS and Ssion 'City Grrrl'

CSS are out with the music video to their new single ‘City Grrrl’, featuring Ssion. The track is off the Brazilian band’s most recent album, ‘La Liberacion’. The video stars Ssion’s Cody Critcheloe and CSS singer Lovefoxxx. Watch it via YouTube below.

CSS On Beyonce, Getting Along & Crazy Fans

Luiza and Lovefoxxx of CSS spoke with Altitude TV about finding inspiration from Beyonce Knowles and her ‘Single Ladies’ dance, having a good relationship with their bandmates, and how a crazed fan once asked Luiza to sign her name on the girl’s forehead with a knife.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

CSS ‘Move’ Video

CSS 'Move' single cover

Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) are out with the music video to their new single ‘Move’, the third release from the Sao Paulo, Brazil electropop group’s second album ‘Donkey’, out now on Sub Pop / Warner Bros. Records. Watch it via MTV below.

CSS ‘Rat Is Dead (Rage)’ Video

Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) are out with the music video to their new single ‘Rat Is Dead (Rage)’, the first release from the Brazilian electro band’s second album ‘Donkey’, out July 21st on Sub Pop Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Skye Sweetnam Addresses iPod Touch CSS Confusion

Skye Sweetnam is correcting the record about those who believe she is singing the song featured on the iPod Touch commercial, when it’s actually a track by CSS called ‘Music Is My Hot Hot Sex’. The confusion lies in the lyric in the CSS track saying “music is my boyfriend”, matching the title of Skye’s first ‘Sound Soldier’ release.

“I don’t sing in the iPod commercial… Too many people, especially press, can’t be bothered to listen to the song, they only read the title before they assume I’m the voice singing ‘Music is My Boyfriend’ on the iPod Touch commercial,” she writes. “I think it’s quite funny. Just wanted to set the record straight. Only I can’t complain if I get a few more Google hits because of the mix up!”

Skye also posted a video example of that confusion which took place when introduced for her New Year’s Eve performance. Watch it, and the performance of ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Boyhunter’ below.

CSS ‘Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex’ Video (Aka iPod Touch Song)

Cansei de Ser Sexy, aka CSS, is the mystery band behind the clip featured in the new iPod Touch Ad. The song, entitled ‘Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex’ (not to be confused with Skye Sweetnam’s ‘Music Is My Boyfriend’), is featured on the Brazilian band’s self-titled debut, available on iTunes. Watch its video below.

CSS Thank Fans After Opening For Gwens Stefani In Belfast

CSS checked with friends on their MySpace (@canseidesersexy) in after their gig opening for No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Monday night. They write:




Tonight the show in Belfast for us was so so so great and inspiring…

When supporting such a big pop star like Gwen sometimes it’s hard to have some love… and tonight we had all the love in the world.

Thank you so much!
tomorrow is Dublin and in December there’s our big ass Christmas tour…
we’ll play in Dublin, so if you are from Belfast please show up!
go to our website www.csshurts.com for more info!

All the love, and special thanks for Becca and Alex for the t-shirt!


CSS Touring With ‘Amazing’ Gwen Stefani

CSS checked in with fans while touring with No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani in a bulletin to their MySpace friends on Wednesday (September 12). They write, “Hi. We are on tour with Gwen right now. her show is amazing. the dancers are amazing, the catering is nice, her baby is cute. everything is going right.”

Cansei de Ser Sexy Hope UAL Rot In Hell

CSS checked in with fans with a bulletin on MySpace on Sunday (August 5) with an update on their airport nightmare with United Airlines. They write, “Yeah, if the amazing UNITED AIRLINES (ok, you’re probably tired of us complaining about them and so are we, OF COURSE) find our luggage that according to them is still in Chicago. Doin’ what? In the line to watch the recording of the Oprah show? Applying for a job at Pitchfork? Watching the Chicago Bulls? Please, UNITED AIRLINES. They were supposed to deliver our cases here in NYC today at 1pm. Now they’re promising us that the cases will arrive at Newark at 9am. WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU! FU** YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN CORPORATE PIGS HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!”

Cansei de Ser Sexy Furious With UAL

CSS checked in with fans with a bulletin on their MySpace on Saturday (August 4), very angry about missing Lollapalooza yesterday and today because of United Airlines. Read on for the complete post.

Well, folks. Wanna read a story?

This is how things happened:

A couple of weeks ago we finished the first part of the crazy SUMMER FESTIVAL TOURS. So we were happy we were having some days off, yay! But we had to get our working visas for USA, so instead of going home, we went to Lisbon to get our visas issued. We stayed a couple of days in sunny Lisbon (yummy Lisbon), got the papers, rested for four days and came to US.

Yesterday we played our NYC gig, which by the way was very very very fun. The crew and a part of the band headed right after the show to Chicago with the bus (which didn’t have enough room for everybody) and the rest of us went stayed one more night in NYC. We had a flight to Chicago eleven in the morning of the next day (aka today).

So we woke up very early, got an expensive taxi to the LaGuardia airport, checked in almost three hours before the flight and GUESS WHAT? United Airlines oversold the flight and… and… they’re very sorry because there’s no other way for us to go to Chicago and play our gig! And they’re also VERY SORRY because our luggage went to Chicago. And they’re very sorry they ain’t paying for our hotels here in NYC today, our cab, our fu**ing dignity. And by the way, they were the ASSHOLEST people I ever saw in my life. They treated us like sh**. FU** UNITED AIRLINES BIG TIME. BIG TIME. ASSHOLES. ARSE-HOLES.

We’re so sorry. And pissed.
Love. And hate.