Dan Black ‘Yours’ Acoustic Performance & Interview

Dan Black performed an acoustic version of his song ‘Yours’ on BETA TV. The song is off the British recording artist’s debut album ‘UN’. In an interview, Black talked about how his dad’s passion for music shaped him growing up, how he comes up with ideas for new material, how a song is everything you hear, and how the best songs come together fast. “What I do, even though I use machines, is how people have written songs since we started writing songs, which is that other people’s songs inspire you, and you take things and build a new song out of it.” Watch the performance and interview via YouTube below.

Dan Black Talks About ‘Symphonies’ Video & VMA Nominations

Dan Black talked with Spinner about the concept for the ‘Symphonies’ video and if he thought it was strange to be nominated for a VMA against the likes of Lady Gaga and Gorillaz. The ‘Symphonies’ video was nominated in the Best Special Effects and Breakthrough Video categories, which were won by Muse and The Black Keys respectively.

“Yeah, the disparity between every part of my world and theirs couldn’t be more extreme,” Black confessed. “The amount of records I sell, the venues I play, even my cultural impact is so – it’s kind of a joke how different – how small I am compared to them, but a lot of it is a reflection of the video.”

The interview video at AOL has since been removed.

A Day In The Life Of Dan Black

Pop music artist Dan Black

A Day in the Life of Dan Black during Lollapalooza and presented by Belvedere Vodka has been posted online. The 13thWitness directed video features an interview with the artist and highlights from his live set.

“The kind of music I make kind of combines lots of different things,” he explained. “I don’t really think of myself as an alternative artist or a pop artist. I’m a thief from all those things.”

Talking about performing at shows where he’s not the headliner, Black said, “I also really love, when you come to festivals, a lot of the crowd are like, ‘Who is this guy?’ I like the challenge of going you don’t know me, but at the end of the show I’m gonna have you knowing me. Everyday we’re meeting hundreds, thousands of different people. After a while it kind of like every night is a mini war. The way we do the music is a lot more savage kind of pop than the way I wrote the record. We put some splashes of color on and huddle together and get ready to face the hoards with our music as our weapon.”

As for what people can expect when they see him, Black said, “The show is made by the audience. What the audience bring and how they react and what the give as a collection of people. If you’re like, alright, I’m just gonna throw caution to the wind and make a fool of myself, you’ll have an amazing time. It’s my job to cleverly trick people into doing that.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Dan Black ‘Alone’ Video

Dan Black 'Alone' music video

Dan Black is out with the music video to his new single ‘Alone’, off the British pop singer’s debut album ‘((UN)))’, out now on Polydor. Watch it via YouTube below.

Dan Black Discusses ‘Symphonies’ Remix Collaboration With Kid Cudi

The Couch Sessions spoke with Dan Black in a Q&A, asking the London based artist about his collaboration with Kid Cudi on the ‘Symphonies’ and how it all came about. Black said:

Yeah, he did a great job. And it was through a mutual friend who played him some of my stuff. It was really quick but he just connected to it, he really liked ‘Symphonies’ in particular, so he asked our friend if I could send him the instrumental. It was really modern; I emailed it to him and two days later he emailed it back to me with the stuff he recorded. I loved it and from there it was done; it was really quick, simple and… super fortuitous.

Check out the entire interview here.

Dan Black Describes His Sound

Dan Black describes his sound and being a contradictory person during a brief interviewDan Black described his sound and how he was once described in a brief video clip at Logo TV.

“I guess it sounds like a spaceship crashing into the sun with a load of computers crying on board,” the British electronica singer said.

He added, “Somebody once weirdly described me as being like Liam Gallagher if he had been born and raised by Quentin Crisp. Part of me thinks ew, that’s horrible, but part of me thinks hey, I guess that’s kind of true. Lots of things I like are very contradictory, and I think the kind of person I am is contradictory. I don’t like just singing in one camp. I’m quite happy to straddle many camps.”

Watch it below.

Dan Black ‘Symphonies’ Video Ft. Kid Cudi

Dan Black 'Symphonies' music video

Dan Black is out with an alternate version of his ‘Symphonies’ music video which features Kid Cudi. The British electronica artist released his debut album ‘((un))’, which includes the Cudi collaboration, on Tuesday. Watch the video via Vevo below.

Dan Black ‘Symphonies’ Video

Dan Black 'Symphonies' single cover

Dan Black is out with the music video to his new single ‘Symphonies’, released in the UK June 29th via A&M/Polydor. The track is off Black’s debut album ‘((un))’, out July 6th. Watch the Chic Et Artistic directed video below.

Dan Black ‘Yours’ Video

Dan Black 'Yours'

Dan Black is out with the music video to his new single ‘Yours’, off the British pop singer’s upcoming debut album on A&M Records. Watch it at YouTube.