Alexander Klaws Denies Daniel Kueblboeck’s Sex Claim reports Alexander Klaws has denied claims made by fellow German pop star Daniel Kueblboeck as a house guest of the German version of ‘Big Brother’, who said the pair had an affair. Klaws insists he is straight and doesn’t understand what prompted Kueblboeck to make the allegation while in the hot tub on the reality program.

Daniel Kueblboeck And Costa Cordalis As Elvis

‘Superstar’ singers Daniel Kueblboeck and Costa Cordalis hooked up for an Elvis-Medley on the German music competition. The clip likely was before Kueblboeck’s auto accident last month, where the unlicensed singer hit a truck carrying jars of pickles — prompting those pickles to be sold on eBay.

Germany’s ‘Idol’ Condition Worse Than Thought

German ‘Superstar’ singer Daniel Küblböck’s condition is worse than earlier reported following his serious car wreck where he collided with a truck. The singer is in the intensive care unit of the clinical center Passau and is on artificial respiration. Küblböck’s head was shaved. His first words were, “It happened so fast. I saw the truck only on me. Then everything became black.” His father Guenther remarked, “Daniel is doing very badly. He can remember nothing. Every two minutes he falls asleep again. He is completely exhausted.” His distraught mother added, “This was so stupid, driving without a driver’s license. I didn’t think he was capable of doing that.”

Daniel Kueblboeck Still Hospitalized After Serious Car Crash

German pop star Daniel Kueblboeck was involved in a serious car accident after colliding with a large truck and has regained consciousness and for at least two days the ‘Superstar’ singer must remain still on the intensive care unit, with injuries to his shoulder and spinal column. Kueblboeck recently released ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ video.