David Gray ‘Full Steam’ Video Ft. Annie Lennox

David Gray is out with the music video to his new single ‘Full Steam’, featuring Annie Lennox, which is released in the UK on November 23rd. All proceeds from the sale of this single will go to Children In Need. The track is off the English singer songwriter’s eighth studio album ‘Draw the Line’, out now on Polydor/Mercer Street/Downtown. Watch it via YouTube below.

David Gray ‘Fugitive’

David Gray is out with his new single ‘Fugitive’, from the English singer songwriter’s upcoming release ‘Draw the Line’, out on Downtown Records/Mercer Street Records September 22nd. Watch Gray in the studio working on ‘Fugitive’ below.

David Gray ‘Hospital Food’ Video

David Gray 'Hospital Food' single cover

David Gray is out with the music video to his new single ‘Hospital Food’, from the English singer-songwriter’s seventh studio album ‘Life In Slow Motion’, released on Atlantic Records. Watch it online below.

David Gray Explains Why Robbie & Oasis Can’t Crack U.S.

David Gray chatted with The Sun and has a simple recipe for success, particularly in America – hard work. The singer also explained why the two biggest UK acts, Robbie Williams and Oasis have failed to crack America as he has. “If you’re going to make it in the States you’ve got to work incredibly hard,” Gray said. “The thing with some of our British stars is they get all pampered and successful in Britain and think they can go to the States and crack it really easily. They don’t understand they have got to put in the work, it’s as simple as that. Robbie Williams is a camp, very British thing that just doesn’t make sense here at all. I don’t think his story translates in the slightest. In Britain everyone knows who he is and that he was in Take That but they don’t care about that over here. It’s so vast and complicated in America you have got to work and work and work and work. Oasis could have done it but they imploded at the key moment. In their prime I think America would have loved them but they ran out of steam.” Read more.

Robbie, Christina & Avril Win & ‘Lose’ NME Awards

February 15, 2003 – Amongst the winners and losers of Thursday night’s NME Carling Awards were Avril Lavigne (Most Sexy Woman), Robbie Williams (Villain of the Year, Worst Album for ‘Escapology’, Worst Single for ‘Feel’), and Christina Aguilera (Worst Dressed).

David Gray Tops Gareth Gates In British Album Charts

The Sun reports that with David Gray beating Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates on top of the UK album charts this week, BMG is secretly bitterly disappointed that a balding songwriter in his thirties has trounced their polished little product. Still, Gareth took defeat graciously. “I’m still very young and I’m learning a lot as I go along,” he said. “David Gray’s new album is terrific. I’ve listened to it a lot while I’ve been out on the road. I loved ‘White Ladder’ as well.”

Dad Doesn’t Hear Gareth Gates Knockin’

November 3, 2002 – The Sunday People reports that a big fan of Gareth missed meeting the Pop Idol because her dad had a soccer game playing too loud on his TV. Gareth made the trip to see Lisa Dragoonis, 15, in Giffnock, near Glasgow, after she won a website contest. But Gareth had to leave her with just a posted photo as Peter, 45, failed to hear him knock over the Celtic v Blackburn match. Lisa said, “I’m not speaking to my dad. I’m gutted.”

Desperate Moves To Help Gareth Gates Debut At #1

October 31, 2002 – The Sun reports BMG record bosses have ordered Gareth to do extra last-minute in-store signings in a bid to get his album to #1 on Sunday, besting David Gray’s new release ‘A New Day At Midnight’. “It’s obviously very important for Gareth’s career that he gets to No1 with his first album,” an insider said. “Gareth is such a massive star and his popularity can’t be seen to be waning since Pop Idol. By getting him down to stores hundreds of kids will turn out to get their albums signed. That will obviously give him a vital sales injection.”

Stuttering Gareth Gates Mimes Between Song Banter

October 29, 2002 – The London Star revealed stuttering Gareth has been revealed as miming on stage when he talks. Gareth records his banter during concerts weeks in advance and lip-synchs to the tape between songs at his gigs.

Gareth Gates Debut Fails To Offer Any Real Surprises

Gareth Gates 'What My Heart Wants To Say' album cover

October 28, 2002 – Michael Osborn of BBC News Online reviewed Gareth’s debut album ‘What My Heart Wants To Say’, which was released today. Osborn says, “This debut offering has been finely tailored to meet the needs of this captive audience who have elevated him to idol status since his sweat, toil and success were played out on television week in, week out.” He added, “This album falls neatly into categories and fails to offer any real surprises – even Gates’s joint writing credit on ‘Sentimental’.” Read more.

Hundreds Of Scottish Fans Mob Gareth Gates

October 28, 2002 – Ananova reports Gareth was mobbed by hundreds of Scottish fans as he signed copies of his debut album ‘What My Heart Wants To Say’ in Glasgow at the city’s Virgin Megastore. Gareth signed copies of the album and posed for photographs for 600 fans.