David Sneddon Plots Comeback At Scots Festival

The Glasgow Daily Record reports ‘Fame Academy’ winner David Sneddon is to relaunch his pop career at a Glasgow’s Merchant City Music Festival 2004. “The festival organizers are keeping quiet about David’s involvement because he wants things to be relatively low key,” an insider said. “But it is a tremendous coup for the organizers to bring David out of retirement. This could be the perfect opportunity to make a comeback on his own terms.”

David Sneddon A One Time Wedding Singer

The Sunday Mail reports Fame Academy winner David Sneddon became a wedding singer the other day performing at pal and Radio Clyde’s DJ Gavin Pearson nuptials with bride Laura Maciver, who is a BBC journalist. “David had promised us he would sing at our wedding and he had to come up from London, where he is busy working, specially to do it,” Pearson revealed. “Laura and I are thrilled that he could make it.”

Ronan Keating Hoping For U.S. Success

Sky News reports former Boyzone star Ronan Keating wants to make another bid at cracking the U.S. market. Though his latest album ‘Turn It On’ has bombed in the charts, is hoping that by penning an exclusive remake of Fame Academy winner David Sneddon’s ‘Stop Living The Lie?’ for U.S. release will launch him to American stardom. “It’s a brilliant song and ideal for the U.S. market,” Keating said. “I am happy to sing a David Sneddon song – and if it’s a hit in the US, all the better.”

Triple Eight Diss David Sneddon

MRIB reports boy band Triple Eight haven’t even released a record yet and already they’re taking a pop at their rivals, including David Sneddon and the Cheeky Girls. 888’s Josh said, “I just don’t understand David Sneddon. It’s ‘cos he’s Gareth Gates on a piano, isn’t he? And we already have a Gareth Gates and kids love him. I don’t know who David Sneddon appeals to. I just don’t.”

David Sneddon Previews Debut Album

The Sunday Mail reports Fame Academy star David Sneddon gave them a copy of his new CD ‘Seven Years – Ten Weeks’, providing insight on every track on the disc due out on April 28th. “It’s been manic. I thought I had been busy in the past but, after the last two weeks, I now know what busy is,” he admitted. “The whole thing has been a blast. It’s been real crazy but I’ve loved every minute. I am very proud of the album. It’s mostly my songs and it sounds live. That’s what I always wanted it to be. I’m very happy with it.”