East 17 Reunion Plans Fizzle

Despite plans to record a comeback album, The Sun reports East 17 have split up again after friction between Tony Mortimer and Brian Harvey flared up again. “Brian refused to work with Tony again after their punch up,” bandmate John Hendy explained. “Brian thought if Tony reacts like that every time he’s late, then what’s the point. I don’t think Tony’s heart was in it really. There was too much of an ego clash between him and Brian.” Read more.

East 17’s Mortimer Blasts Take That Comeback

East 17’s Tony Mortimer is attacking rival comeback boy band Take That, who are currently on tour for the first time in a decade without Robbie Williams. “They are just a trumped-up Village People tribute band,” Mortimer said. “They covered Barry Manilow!” He added, “Would there be that much interest in Take That if they hadn’t played the Robbie card?” Read more.

East 17 Star Overcomes Agoraphobia For Band’s Comeback

Tony Mortimer of East 17 spoke with The Sun about the boy band’s comeback, and his reclusive behavior after the band split nearly a decade ago. “Toward the end I hid away after gigs and when the band split up I became really agoraphobic,” he said. “If you walk out of the house everyday and hundreds of people mob you it has a mental effect. The day after we split I had nothing to get out of bed for and when I did I got hassle. So I stayed indoors up until only two and a half years ago. I put myself through therapy, got self-coaching CDs and saw a psychiatrist. I still get long times where I don’t leave the house. But I’m a stronger person now. It will be hard to go back to who I once was but I think I’ll be fine.”