Ana Maria Offers Thoughts On Left Eye’s Death

Eden’s Crush member Ana Maria checked in with fans on her official site’s message board on Tuesday. Ana addressed the death of TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes as well as how her solo project is going, while thanking fans for their support. Ana writes, “I was very saddened by the deaths of Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopes and her companions [Note: none of the companions died] in Honduras. I spent Sunday evening praying for them and their families. I am a huge TLC fan, and have been for a while. I was reminiscing the other day, thinking of all the songs that bring back memories, like ‘Baby, Baby, Baby’ and ‘Creep’, ‘Red Light Special’, ‘Waterfalls’, etc. So many great songs! They were and are and will be an inspiration to me always. They are proof that anything is possible!”

Eden’s Crush Star Sticks Up For Fan Upset With Photo

Ana Maria of Eden’s Crush offered words of encouragement for a fan with somewhat low self-esteem who was unhappy with how she looked in her photo taken with the singer that was posted on her official website. Ana said, “Hi, Natassia! I read your post and I want you to know that I think the picture is wonderful, Which is why I put it up on my site. You’re a beautiful girl, with a beautiful name and I’m very proud to know that you’re an EC fan. However, if you would like me to remove it, please let me know and I will ask Leslie [the webmaster] to take the picture down. I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable in any way. We wanted you to see the picture.” The fan was honored to have the photo up and said it was ok for Ana to leave it on her official site.

Ana Maria Working On Solo Material

Ana Maria of Eden’s Crush checked in with fans on her official site message board earlier today. Ana wrote, “Hey! How’s everyone doing? It’s April already… I can’t believe it! Time just flies. I’m doing great! I’ve been spending the majority of my time writing/collaborating with other musicians and writers. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear some new music this year. I’m very excited about it and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. It won’t be for a little while but it’s coming! Keep dreaming and never give up on yourselves.”

Ana Maria On NBA Celeb Shoot-Out Weekend

Eden’s Crush member Ana Maria shared her experience over the weekend where she appeared on the NBA Celeb Shoot-out and game. Ana told fans on her official site message board, “Hi, Ya’ll! I had so much fun yesterday! Thanks to everyone who came to support the cause and watch the games… as you might have heard I didn’t play B-ball, although I attempted to shoot a couple hoops during warm-ups (out of 20, I think I finally made one) just for fun, ’cause although I like Basketball I haven’t played for like, 8 yrs.”

Ana Maria Of Eden’s Crush Offers Free Autographed Mag

Ana Maria posted news on her official site message board yesterday that she’ll send out free autographed copies of Java magazine to fans that send in a self-addressed stamped envelope to her. She thanked fans for their patience and support and said she was doing this to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to show her appreciation to the fan. Site Dead… Eden’s Crush Fans Worry

Fans on the message board have been worried that the DNS errors over at sister message board was a sign that the group had shut down the site ahead of a breakup, but one of the fans heard back from the girl running the site, Leslie, who assures everyone that they’re switchin’ servers, and things will most likely be back up by the end of the weekend.

Ana Maria Thanks Fans For Letters And Candy

Ana Maria of Eden’s Crush left a special thanks to fans on her message board with a special thanks to Ana Love and her friends, who waited outside the Hollywood Bowl in November beginning at 4 a.m. for a chance to meet the girls from the band and give them letters and Reese’s candy. Ana wrote:

Hola! Just want to let you know that, yes, we did get your letters. Thank you and for the candy too! You guys are so sweet for waiting outside so early… just be careful that you don’t get sick, it was a yucky day and raining a lot. Hope you enjoyed the performance anyway! We did! God bless.
Well, take care and thanks again. Happy New Year.

Eden’s Crush Not About Being ‘Perfect’ Or ‘Saints’

Eden’s Crush member Ana Maria posted on her official site’s message board a thank you to fans saying. “First, I want to say thank you for your letters and posts. Second, I want to say that the beautiful thing about Eden’s Crush is not that we are all ‘perfect’ or ‘saints’ by any means… it’s that we are all just normal girls/people like all of you out there who just dream of extraordinary things and want them bad enough to go after them. And thanks to fans like you, we are able to fulfill our dreams and desires which in return makes us happy. So, thanks again and God bless. Keep posting and dreaming.”

Rosanna Tavarez of Eden’s Crush Wants To Leave Imprint

Divina Penaloza of ‘La’Ritmo spoke with Rosanna Tavarez of Eden’s Crush and asked how she as a New Yorker is coping following the events of September 11. Rosanna said, “I’m doing my stuff day to day to make sure that I leave an imprint. You know what I’m saying? That I leave like, okay … Rosanna did this in her life and she was successful at it. See what I’m saying? You have to keep going. You know, if it wasn’t for me believing in that, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now. And I think that’s why I love New York.” Read the full article, including Rosanna praising her official site message board at here.

Eden’s Crush Ana Maria Posts Late Holiday Greeting

Ana Maria posted a holiday greeting for fans on her official site’s message board at earlier today saying, “Hello everyone!!! Did you all have a nice Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah etc. etc. etc. And are you still enjoying the holidays? I am and I want to wish you all a wonderful season and a very Happy New Year!
Thanks for posting and for all your sweet messages and emails and for keeping this board alive! It means a lot to me and makes me very happy! All the best to you and God bless.”