Elliott Yamin: Jessica Sanchez Should Have Won ‘American Idol’

Elliott Yamin on Carlton Way

Elliott Yamin checked in with his Twitter followers (@elliottyamin) earlier tonight, talking about Phillip Phillips beating out Jessica Sanchez on Wednesday night’s ‘American Idol’ finale. The ‘Idol’ season five third place finisher apparently took some flack for strongly showing his support for Sanchez while suggesting Phillips wasn’t a real singer. The 33-year-old singer writes:

Missed the Idol finale tonite #AI …..but it sounds like I didn’t miss much by the sounds of who “won” #justsayin Jessica Sanchez is a REAL singer!.. I thought this was a singin competition??.. what a shame

American Idol has become MUCH like politics, in the sense that – we, as a people get mad at who’s in office, when WE are the people who put them there…or, are we?

Look yall, @americanidol has been sooooooo good to me and gave me a CAREER I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of, so, I’m NOT “biting the hand that’s fed me” and I am in debt with the amount of gratitude I have towards them… I’m just sayin, that I don’t get it, that’s all.. hats off to the winner & ALL the finalists!

Lee Dewyze, Thia Megia, Blake Lewis & Elliott Yamin Cover ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’

Lee DeWyze

‘American Idol’ alums Lee Dewyze, Thia Megia, Blake Lewis and Elliott Yamin performed a cover of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ by Gotye in Branson, Missouri. The four were in the city for ‘The Finalists Live!’, Branson’s summer show featuring 15 Top 10 Finalists from ‘Idol’ performing live on stage at the Andy Williams Theater.

After Lee’s gig, he told his Twitter followers on Tuesday (May 15):

Last night was awesome! Everyone killed it! Felt good to Play my new songs for the first time. Love you guys, I’ll be posting a video tonight!

Watch the performance via YouTube below.

Elliott Yamin ‘3 Words’ Video

Elliott Yamin '3 Words' music video

Elliott Yamin is out with the music video to his new single ‘3 Words’, off the ‘American Idol’ season five finalist’s third album ‘Let’s Get To What’s Real’, out March 27th on eOne Music/Purpose Music Group.

“I have grown so much in every way since my last record; this new album is all of me: my heart, mind, and soul,” Yamin said about the new album in a press release. “I feel like for the first time, I’ve been able to make a record that personifies who I am as an artist and where I’m going creatively. It is something I am immensely proud of and I can’t wait for my fans to hear it.”

Watch the Chan André directed video via YouTube below.

Elliott Yamin Gets Platinum Plaque For ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 25’

Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin checked in with his Twitter followers (@elliottyamin) on Monday (June 20) after receiving a recognition for album sales for his contribution to the compilation album ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 25’. The UTV Records release includes his song ‘Wait For You’, which was the ‘American Idol’ alum’s most successful single, peaking at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2007. Yamin writes:

just got home from the gym, and look what was waiting by the door.. my 1st and probably my last platinum plaque http://lockerz.com/s/112632843

Ha, sorry y’all.. I wasn’t being an ungrateful bastard… I’m actually honored AND thrilled 2 get that plaque!.. thanks 2 Universal.. and wasn’t selling myself short. It’s just that… it’s extremely hard 2 sell a million albums these days… and I did it with the help of 15 other hits!…ha! #NOW!

Stars React To LA Lakers Winning NBA Championship

Several pop stars are reacting on Twitter to the Los Angeles Lakers victory over the Boston Celtics in game seven of the NBA Finals to secure the league’s championship. Among them:

Michelle Branch (@michellebranch): YAYAYAYAYAYAY! (I almost had a heart attack there at the end!) Go LAKERS! :) Good game Boston. Good game.

Savvy of Savvy & Mandy (@FollowSavvy): LAKERS 2010 NBA champions wooo!


Eva Simons (@evasimons): YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats to the Los Angeles Lakers!

Kimberly Wyatt (@KimberlyKWyatt): LAKERS WON!!!!!!!! Woop woop!!!!!!!

Demi Lovato (@ddlovato): YESSSS!!!! LAKERSSS!!!!!! :D .. @kelly_clarkson I probably shoouuld take the high road but….. LAKERS!!! WHATTT?!!!? Hahaha

Emily Osment (@EmilyOsment): #LAKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Colbie Caillat (@ColbieCaillat): Ahhhhh yeaaaaa Lakers!!!!!

Ricky Martin (@ricky_martin): #GOLAKERS! CHAMPIONS! What a game!

Kelly Clarkson (@kelly_clarkson): Well ….congrats to the Lakers but my heart is having a drink with the Celtics tonight and great job on getting to the finals Boston!! .. @ddlovato The one thing about Texans & Bostonians is even if we don’t win, we’re still amazaaazing! I’m still screaming GO Celtics whatever!

Debi Nova (@debinova): That was a great game!!

NMD (@NMDofficial): Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers!!!

Elliott Yamin (@elliottyamin): Whoohoo!!…STILL the #champs !!!…. #lakersdynasty #celticssuck what an amzing game 7

Elliott Yamin Performs National Anthem At Angels & Blue Jays Game

Go behind the scenes with Elliott Yamin, Stu Stone and friends at Angel Stadium in Anaheim when Elliott went to sing the National Anthem for the LA Angels game against the Toronto Blue Jays last month. The ‘American Idol’ alum also tried out his ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ skills before the game and observed the Blue Jays taking batting practice. After a girl performed Canada’s National Anthem, Elliott took to the field to sing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Elliott Yamin Has A Blast At ‘American Idol’ Finale

Jordin Sparks and Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin updated his Twitter followers (@elliottyamin) on Wednesday, while the singer was attending the finale of ‘American Idol’ in Hollywood. Yamin posed with several ‘Idol’ alums, including David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks. Elliott was also sounding peeved at Perez Hilton, who labeled him a “has been” after Elliott wondered on Twitter why ‘Glee’ was so popular. Yamin writes:

Me and Jordan Sparks on the carpet of redness!

Me and Archie backstage at idol…Love his voice!! #davidarchuleta

Whoohoo!!….just saw my 2.3 seconds of “has been-ness” (as @perezhilton so eliquently put it) on AI finale!…had a blast 2day w the alumn!

4got 2 mention that I got 2 talk ‘betis” with bret michaels backstage at AI 2day..I showed him my pump..he was nice,and seemed ok..get well!

@travisgarland seems like hes got a good head on his talented shoulders…so why is he lettin a douche puff with no merit plug him?

David Archuleta and Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin Beginning To Have Post Traumatic Stress?

Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin updated his Twitter followers (@elliottyamin) earlier this morning as the ‘American Idol’ alum continues to search for a way out of Chile after being in the country when the devastating earthquake hit early Saturday. Yamin writes:

Good morning world!… still stuck in Santiago, with no clear idea as to when we get out.. decided 2 stay put.. embassy says not to go to Mendoza … I think I’m starting to have post traumatic stress, as I reflect on where I’ve been over the last 2 weeks, and what I’ve been thru.. although I’m safe, alive, and well, still experiencing aftershox, and will be restless until I touch down on American soil

Elliott Yamin Lines Up A Wednesday Flight Out Of Chile

Elliott Yamin checked in with his Twitter followers (@elliottyamin) tonight as the ‘American Idol’ alum tries to find a way out of Chile after the country was hit with a devastating earthquake over the weekend. It appears Elliott will be heading home on Wednesday on a trip that saw him in three continents before nearly finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time early Saturday. Yamin writes:

Whoohoo!!!..I got a flight outta here!… on the 3rd!… still gonna speak with the embassy tomorrow to see if they’ve arranged something sooner for us…

last 12 dys: 5 time zones, 3 continents, 2 sides of the equator… from LA-Houston, to Luanda, Angola, Africa, to Houston, to Dallas, then to Chile

went from my cushy life in LA, to the poorest place in Africa – 3rd world country, to beautiful Chile – and lived to tell about how I survived a catastrophic disaster!

btw, happy PURIM 2 all my MOT’s.since its the celebration of miracles, the time couldn’t be anymore impeccable… it’s a miracle I’m alive in Chile

Elliott Yamin Survives Masssive Earthquake In Chile

Elliott Yamin has been documenting his adventures in Chile on his Twitter (@elliottyamin), and with breaking news that a monster 8.5 magnitude earthquake hit near Concepcion, Chile, the ‘American Idol’ alum suddenly finds himself in a scary scene. He writes:

Huge earthquake just now in Chile!!….I swear I thought this was the end of my life!!!!!

Fu**!!!!!! I take it all back everybody!!…. I just escaped w my life, from an 8.3 earthquake!!!… is everybody ok?… where was the epicener?

Complete and utter choas on the streets… no power… my heart is beatin outta my chest!…. tsunami warning… I am only a mile inland!