Motherhood Won’t Slow Emma Bunton Down

Now that former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is pregnant, Neil Sean of Sky News asked her how this might change her plans to launch a U.S. television career. “I will carry on working until I want to stop but fans need not worry I am not hanging up my mic or presenting duties just yet,” she said.

What Annoys Emma Bunton

January 27, 2007 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton answered five questions from fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (January 23). On asked in a room 101 style, what three things would she nominate to get rid of that annoys her. “People who are slow at the traffic lights, people who let there dogs off leads in public and now I’ve moved to the country its hard to find a shop for chocolate late at night,” she responded.

The post has since been removed.

Happy New Year From Emma Bunton

January 7, 2007 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton checked in with fans on her blog at her official web site on Wednesday (January 3). “I worked hard up until Christmas with all the preparations for the ‘Strictly’ shows and I even shot the video for my next single in out in February,” Bunton writes. “So, I have to say, after a brilliant few months, it was also quite nice to put my feet up and enjoy some quality time with my friends and family and it was especially good to do it over Christmas and New Year! I’m having a few weeks off now to fully relax before work kicks back in and things get busy again.”

Flop CD Puts Emma Bunton’s Record Deal In Jeopardy

December 19, 2006 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is devastated after her new album ‘Life In Mono’ only charted at #65 last week, despite her appearance on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, the British version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’. “Poor Emma is really disappointed,” a source told The People. “Everyone thought the publicity over ‘Strictly’ would help her shift copies. But Universal are far from happy.”

Emma Bunton ‘Life In Mono’ Preview

Emma Bunton 'Life In Mono' album cover

60 second clips from five tracks on former Spice Girl Emma Bunton’s new album ‘Life In Mono’ are available ahead of its Monday (December 4) release in the UK. Check them out at TOTP Chart Blog.

Classic Covers Album For Baby Spice?

November 17, 2006 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton tells Ann Montini of Sky News she has been inspired by the music on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. “I want to have a go at a classic covers album,” the singer said. “I’ve really fallen in love with the music that we all dance to – it’s wonderful.”

Emma Bunton ‘Downtown’ Video

Emma Bunton 'Downtown' single cover

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is out with the video to her remake of Petula Clark’s 1960s hit ‘Downtown’, which serves as the official BBC Children In Need single and is the first single from her forthcoming album ‘Life in Mono’, due out December 4th. Watch it via YouTube below.

Should Children In Need Have Picked Emma Bunton?

November 11, 2006 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports Emma Bunton landing the Children In Need single isn’t sitting well with some, due to the former Spice Girl not releasing any new material lately. “It’s not as if she is hot right now – she hasn’t released any new material for over a year,” an insider complained.

Emma Bunton Update On Web Site Outage

November 6, 2006 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton e-mailed the following message to fans in regards to her web site outage: “To all my lovely fans. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding whilst we’re experiencing these rubbish technical issues with my new website … They’re very boring and I don’t understand them at all! But, I’m promised that tomorrow we’ll be up and running and back on track so please bear with the poor guys who have worked all weekend to get this fixed – and keep everything crossed for tomorrow! Love Emma xx”

Emma Bunton’s ‘Downtown’ Charity Single

Emma Bunton 'Downtown' single cover

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is out with her new single ‘Downtown’, a remake of Petula Clark’s 1964 hit ‘Downtown’, released in support of the charity Children in Need. “I’ve always loved Downtown as a song and I’m really looking forward to putting my own stamp on it,” said Bunton, who is currently competing in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’,the British version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’. “The track’s good fun and one everyone will know. The video should be a good laugh – I’ve asked all the ‘Strictly’ guys to come along, if they have time, and show off all the hard work we’ve been doing – and hopefully there will be a few other surprises in store, too!” Listen to the track at YouTube.

Emma Bunton Discusses ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

October 16, 2006 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton spoke with Neil Sean of Sky News about her participation in the British version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. She said, “It’s a real departure for me and I could dance a bit before but nothing like all the ballroom stuff.”

Will Spice Girls Reunite When Emma Bunton Weds?

October 15, 2006 – The Mirror reports Emma Bunton is lobbying her former Spice Girl bandmates to reunite at her wedding next March, where she’ll make things official with her boyfriend of eight years, Jade Jones. “Emma is still good friends with all the girls,” one of Jade’s friends explained. “She’ll definitely have them at the wedding and wants them to do one of their hits at the reception. From what I’ve been told Emma wants to ask the girls when she sees them all again.”

Emma Bunton Eyes ‘Pink Panther’ Sidekick Role

September 7, 2006 – With Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles turning down a chance to reprise her role in the new ‘Pink Panther’ film, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is hoping to land the sidekick role opposite Steve Martin. “It’s my ambition to move into films and that kind of role would definitely appeal,” said Bunton, who is currently working on her third solo album.

Emma Bunton Checks In After LA Visit

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton posted an update to fans on the diary section of her official web site. “Hi there, It’s been a while – OK, it’s been a long while! – but I hope you’re all well,” she writes. “Just wanted to drop you a quick line as I’ve been having a busy time of it – honest! I’ve recently been in LA for work which was a total blast, I have to say. I was there just to have a few preliminary work meetings but the best thing was that I was able to have a bit of time off – I went to see ‘American Idol’ which I’m a big fan of – and I also caught up with a lot of mates while I was there: I hung out with Rachel Stevens but I also got to see Geri [Halliwell] and Melanie B too. Geri looks absolutely lovely – pregnancy seems to really be suiting her – and it was great to catch up with Mel. I went to Phoenix’s seventh birthday party – I can’t believe she’s grown up so quickly, I checked out her playing basketball too, which was very sweet.”

Is Baby Spice Ready To Marry Jade Jones?

December 8, 2005 – According to the latest edition of the newsletter, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton was spotted in Vivienne Westwood’s boutique last week, apparently having a wedding dress fitting. The singer has dated ex-Damage vocalist Jade Jones off and on since 1998.

Emma Bunton: Baby Spice Is Over

November 12, 2005 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton tells The Sun she’s ditching her trademark mini-skirts in an attempt to ditch her Baby Spice image.

“I’m getting too old to wear all those little outfits,” the singer said. “They’re too short and I don’t feel comfortable in them any more. I hate those magazines where you see a picture of someone getting out of a car and they’ve circled the cellulite. I’d be mortified if they showed me like that. So I’m sticking to jeans from now on. Baby Spice is over.”

Emma Bunton To Release Second US Single

Emma Bunton 'Maybe' single cover

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After seeing her debut US album be met with underwhelming success, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton will still release a second single. 19 Records still has faith in the project and will will release the second single in April. The second single is, ‘Maybe,’ and so far the remixes have been big club hits, it has reached as far as #12 on Billboard’s club play chart. A CD single will be released on April 5th with music previously unreleased in the US. Read on for the complete ‘Maybe,’ tracklisting.

Emma Bunton Gets A Boost From Robbie Williams

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Emma Bunton is excited to learn that Robbie Williams is interested in writing a track for her next album. “We’ve known each other for years and, when we met, he told me he had a song in mind for me,” Bunton told a source. The former Spice Girl plans to release the new album by late summer. Look for “a real mix of styles”, according to the singer.

Robbie Won’t Show To Brits If Doherty Does

February 8, 2005 – Robbie Williams has threatened to quit the Brit Awards if Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty shows up. “Robbie has said in no uncertain terms, ‘It’s me or him’,” an insider told The Sun. “Robbie believes that he is the star and Pete should not be invited. He was hoping to grab all the headlines with a show-stopping performance of ‘Angels’.”

Poor U.S. Debut For Emma Bunton, But She’s Not Giving Up

February 4, 2005 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton failed to make the Billboard 200 album list with her debut U.S. solo album ‘Free Me’, even though 5,380 copies would have been enough to make the cut. “It often takes a long time to gain recognition in the States and Emma’s determined to see it through,” a source said. “But there’s no denying she faces an uphill battle.” Bunton has also signed on with CAA, who reportedly want her to try out for major TV and film projects. “But Emma’s adament she’s not going to abandon her music – she just wants to branch out into other things,” the source added.

Emma Bunton Visits KTLA

February 1, 2005 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton visited KTLA in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning (February 1) to discuss her debut U.S. solo album ‘Free Me’. Bunton talked about her time with the Spice Girls, their decision to split, whether she’ll catch on in America as a solo artist, being able to have a personal life, dealing with paparazzi, and more. The interview has since been removed from

Gay Comic Vacations With Robbie Williams In LA

January 16, 2005 – The Sunday Mirror reports that gay comedian Matt Lucas just returned from a vacation in Los Angeles where he stayed at the home of Robbie Williams. A source said the pair “relaxed and chilled out.”

Robbie Wanted To Front Re-Formed Queen

January 7, 2005 – reports that Robbie Williams is upset after being denied the chance to replace Freddie Mercury in the newly-reformed Queen, who instead went with former Free and Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers. “I’d have killed for a chance to sing with those guys backing me,” Williams said. “How cool would that have been? I sang ‘We are the Champions’ for a movie soundtrack and the band said I did a good job.”

Robbie Chats With RTL

January 6, 2005 – Germany’s RTL caught up with Robbie Williams for an interview and asked the singer what qualities he’s looking for in his dream girl, the secret of a good song, the pressure of fame, his ‘Greatest Hits’ album, his problems with relationships, his goals for the future, his next album, tour plans, and more.

The audio response clips, in English, at have since been removed.

Robbie Likes Getting Naked

January 1, 2005 – The Sun reports that Robbie Williams has vowed to ditch his clothes and become a naturist – so he can embarrass his future kids. “I’m probably going to be one of those very embarrassing fathers who’s a naturist when I’m older,” he said. “I guess when it comes down to it, I just like taking my pants down.”

Emma Bunton Visits ‘The Late Late Show’

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton stopped by ‘The Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Wednesday night (February 2) to perform her new single ‘Free Me’ and promote her debut U.S. solo album. Emma signed an autograph for an excited fan crying in the audience and discussed visiting the girls again for Victoria Beckham’s christening for sons Romeo and Brooklyn. Read on for a complete transcript.

On TV: Ryan Cabrera, Maroon 5, Emma Bunton

Pop acts on television this week include Ryan Cabrera, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday; Maroon 5, who perform on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Tuesday; former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, who visits ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Wednesday; The Pierces, who perform on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Thursday; and Jem, who performs on ‘Late Night’ on Friday.

Emma Bunton’s On-Off Boyfriend Pressured To Propose

The People reports that at Emma Bunton’s 29th birthday bash last week, her mother Pauline was quick to confront Damage singer Jade Jones, who has been dating the former Spice Girl on and off for the past five years, wondering when he was going to pop the question. “Emma’s mum was obviously waiting to pounce on Jade and rushed over to sit next to him at the first opportunity,” an onlooker revealed. “She sounded quite stern. And Jade looked quite shocked.”

Emma Bunton Visits ‘Fox & Friends’

January 27, 2005 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton was on the Fox News Channel’s ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss her debut U.S. solo album ‘Free Me’. Emma recalled the days with the Spice Girls and the “amazing time” she had with them and talked about wanting to get an apartment in America, which led the hosts to suggest she could become a fill-in host on the network’s morning program. Video has since been removed from

Emma Bunton Plots Move To America

January 27, 2005 – reports that former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is having so much fun in New York City promoting her debut U.S. solo album ‘Free Me’, she may decide to stay in the city. “I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had here and I’m actually thinking of phoning home and saying I’m not coming home! I really am having the most amazing time,” Bunton said.

Solo Pressures For Emma Bunton To Stay Slim

January 27, 2005 – The Sun reports that former Spice Girl Emma Bunton admits being a solo artist puts additional pressure on having to keep her weight down. “I’ve been quite careful, I must admit,” Bunton said. “I think obviously being with the girls, the focus was totally on you. But now being a solo artist, there’s a little bit more pressure and I do work out a little bit more and try to eat a bit healthier.”