Mel B’s Vibrator Gift Appreciated By Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton told Howard Stern during an appearance on Tuesday that her former Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Brown once bought her a vibrator, which she still uses. “Mel B once gave me a vibrator as a present,” Bunton confessed. When Stern asked if she still uses it, Bunton replied, “Yes. It’s one of the most useful gifts I’ve had.” After the interview, Howard said that Emma complained he was rude to her and apparently looked upset when she left. Read a rundown of her appearance and reaction the following day from

Emma Bunton Chats With Jackie & Bender

Emma Bunton 'Free Me' cover

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton phoned into the Jackie & Bender Show on KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle earlier this week to promote her new album ‘Free Me’, her first solo release in America. They talked about her photos in FHM and on the album cover, releasing material in America, her amazing time with the Spice Girls, the added stress at first of being a solo artist, and more. The interview has since been removed from

Emma Bunton Relives The Good Old Days

January 22, 2005 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton posted a message to fans on her official website on Monday (January 17). Emma writes, “Happy New Year to you all! Hope you had lovely Christmases too and that Santa brought you everything you were hoping for! This year the celebrations really kicked off for me just before Christmas when I went to Brooklyn and Romeo’s christening – it was just a really beautiful day. For me, the funniest part was meeting up with Mel C beforehand. We ended up getting ready together and having a total scream – just like the old days!”

FHM Chats With Emma Bunton

FHM magazine caught up with Emma Bunton for a Q&A and asked how sharing bathrooms was with four other girls while she was with the Spice Girls. “It was bloody hard,” Baby Spice admitted. “You never got in there if you didn’t push and shove. But the Spice Girls had fun. We’d have pillow fights and do dares. One time in an L.A. hotel, Mel C dared us to streak down the hallway with nothing to cover ourselves but tiny washcloths. We had to run down the corridor, touch the far wall, turn and run back. We almost made it when the elevator doors opened on our floor. There were people in the elevator, but nobody got out. They must have been in shock.”

The full Q&A and pictures at have since been removed.

Emma Bunton Chats With ‘Access Hollywood’

January 22, 2005 – ‘Access Hollywood’ UK Import Tim Vincent caught up with former Spice Girl Emma Bunton as she attempts to crack the American market releasing her first solo disc ‘Free Me.’ Emma said, “It’s really important for me for people to listen to the album without judging it and think, ‘OK. This is Baby Spice.’ Because obviously in the U.S., they haven’t seen me since the Spice Girls.”

Emma Bunton’s Male Mail Gifts… And Even Paystubs

December 25, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton tells Blender magazine she gets regular gifts from her most devoted male fans in the mail. “I get lots of T-shirts with my picture on the front and ‘I love Emma’ on the back,” Bunton revealed. “Knickers too – sometimes with people’s faces on them. That’s a little freaky. One guy sends me his pay slips. I’m not quite sure why…”

On TV: Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Emma Bunton

Pop acts on television this week include Ricky Martin, who will have his visit to Thailand to meet with tsunami victims profiled on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ on Monday; Britney Spears, who is rumored to be checking in with ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday when her ‘Do Somethin’ video premieres; former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, who visits ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Wednesday and ‘The Tony Danza Show’ on Thursday; and ‘American Idol’ season one champ Kelly Clarkson, who visits ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Friday.

Emma Bunton ‘Free Me’ Remix Video

Emma Bunton 'Free Me' cover

The remix video for former Spice Girl Emma Bunton’s ‘Free Me’ single can be viewed at YouTube. The track is from the British pop singer’s second studio album, also titled ‘Free Me’.

Emma Bunton To Release 1st U.S. Solo Album In January

December 15, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton’s latest material is set for release in America after the ‘Free Me’ remix shot into the top 5 of the dance charts. The album of the same name is set for release on January 25th and Emma admits to being thrilled at the idea.

“When I first heard that the dance remixes were on their way up the charts in the US, I was ecstatic,” Bunton said. “I couldn’t wait to get there! They (America’s Spice Girls’ fans) were always there for us, which is why I always feel so at home there.”

The album will be Emma’s first solo album release in the States and American fans can look forward to seeing Emma fulfilling promotional duties on their side of the pond in the near future.

No Sex For Nine Months For Emma Bunton

December 5, 2004 – The Sun reports that former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has admitted she hasn’t had sex for nine months, and wasn’t likely to break the streak after leaving London club No5 Cavendish Square alone. “It’s been a while, I know – I’m too bloody busy,” she admitted.

Emma Bunton Diagnosed With Endometriosis

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is devastated after learning she had the womb condition endometriosis, making it difficult for her to have children.

“I admit I was terrified because I didn’t know what it was,” Bunton revealed to The Sun. “I just knew it was something that might affect me having babies.” A pal said, “Emma was told it might be very difficult for her to conceive, but not impossible. She was very upset at the time but feels more positive after learning about the condition.”

Emma Bunton ‘Celebrity-Filled Time’ In Miami

September 11, 2004 – Emma Bunton posted a message to fans on her official website’s diary on September 7th. The former Spice Girl writes:

Hi there, Hope you guys are well. I’ve literally had the most celebrity-filled time over the last few weeks. It was all thanks to the VMAs, so thank you MTV and T4 who gave me my presenting gig with the lovely Steve Jones! We got to hang out in Miami which was fabulous and a who’s who of who I met includes Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Dave Navarro from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruce Willis who even gave me a kiss on the cheek. How lucky!?! We managed to miss the storms that hit Florida too as I’m already back and heading out to see everyone in Europe – and hopefully getting everyone very excited about ‘Maybe’. Look forward to seeing you all soon. Lots of love, Emma x.

Emma Bunton Working With Will Young On New Album

August 28, 2004 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Emma Bunton has signed on with the manager she helped fire as part of the Spice Girls – Simon Fuller, and has agreed to work with Fuller’s other big act, ‘Pop Idol’ champ Will Young. When Emma heads into the studio later this year to record her new album, Young will contribute a track.

Emma Bunton Lands ‘Sabrina’ Role

Ann Montini of Sky News reports that former Spice Girl Emma Bunton’s latest bid to crack America is a small role in ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’, after the singer became good friends with its star, Melissa Joan Hart. Bunton is hoping the appearance will springboard an acting career.

Emma Bunton Reporting On The Scene At The VMAs

August 19, 2004 – The Sun reports that former Spice Girl Emma Bunton will be hosting T4’s coverage of the MTV Video Music Awards from Miami later this month, anchoring reports and interviewing attendees on the red carpet. “She’s done a lot of TV appearances but she’s hoping this will be her big break into presenting,” a friend revealed.

Emma Bunton Expresses Her Love For Italy

July 14, 2004 – Emma Bunton checked in with fans on her official website’s diary on July 2nd. The former Spice Girl writes:

I’ve literally spent most of the last month in Italy which as you know is one of my favorite places in Europe: I’m a big fan of the food, the culture, the men…!! I’ve been promoting ‘Maybe’ there and it seems to be going down really well. One of the real highlights of my trip was being a guest at the men’s Missoni fashion show in Milan where I got to go backstage, mingle with the models and drink champagne. I couldn’t believe my luck – my girl friends here were so jealous… There was even lunch at the brand new Bulgari Hotel with the Missoni family, so I was working my best look too!

Emma Bunton Happy With ‘Crickets Sing’ Sales

Emma Bunton 'Crickets Sing For Annamaria' single cover

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton posted a message to fans on her official website on June 8th, after her new single ‘Crickets Sing For Annamaria’ entered the UK singles charts at #15. Emma wrote, “It’s always tricky knowing how a track will do when you’ve already released quite a few off the same album so I’m really chuffed to bits to have done so well. Ever since we decided to run with ‘Crickets’ as a single, the feedback from everyone’s been brilliant and the whole project – from filming the video to learning the dance routines to performing it for TV – has been an absolute ball.”

Emma Bunton Pens Sunday Mirror Gossip Column

May 30, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton was the guest editor for The Sunday Mirror, explaining why she’s back with former boyfriend and former Damage singer Jade Jones. Bunton said, “It’s really hard because I don’t want to say this is happening or this isn’t happening. I’m just seeing how things are going. But despite all the reports of our on-off romance over the years, Jade and I have only actually ever broken up once. And at the end of the day, we are such good friends and we were a big part of each other’s lives. We’re just kinda figuring things out for ourselves at the moment, and like anyone else we don’t want to say much more.”

Emma Bunton Back In The Swing

May 20, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton posted a new message on her official website Friday (May 14). She writes, “Hi everybody, hope you’re all really well and loving the sunshine – summer’s here at last! Well, after a fabulous three weeks off at the end of March, I’m now back in the swing with lots of interviews and performances for ‘Crickets Sing’ – so, as usual, it’s been mad but brilliant. Hope you’re loving the new single – it’s so different isn’t it? And just you wait till you hear the other Brazilian sounding tracks I’ve recorded. So exciting!”

Cruel Joke On Fading Baby Spice

April 8, 2004 – According to the latest Popbitch newsletter, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton was recently sitting in a London bar having a drink when approached by a group of fans holding up a camera. “Sorry Emma…would you mind?” they asked. “Not at all”, Emma replied, getting up graciously to pose for photos. Instead the “fans” cruelly handed her the camera and posed for the photo they wanted Bunton to take just of them.

Pop Beach 2004 Concert

Blue, Big Brovaz, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Girls Aloud, Javine Hylton, Mark Owen, McFly, Natasha Bedingfield, and former All Saints singer Shaznay Lewis performed at the T4 Pop Beach 2004 concert on Sunday (June 6) at Great Yarmouth Beach in Great Yarmouth, England. Check out pictures from GettyImages, RexFeatures, and FilmMagic.

Emma Bunton Vows To Not Get Implants reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is convinced men generally prefer women with real breasts and wants to grow old gracefully. “I think a man loves real breasts,” she said. “To have something in your body would drive me insane. I’m one of these girls who hopes to grow old gracefully – although you never know, I might have a bit of a lift and tuck when I’m older.”

Emma Bunton Chats With Capital FM

February 16, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton talked to Capital FM in London about the making of her new album and her 1960s Motown inspiration. Plus, she gives listeners a few fashion tips on how to achieve her sexy 60s look and why she’s single and lovin’ every minute of it. Audio at has since been removed.

Emma Bunton Happy With Her Curves

February 11, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton tells Now magazine that she is happy with her curves. “I exercise but I’m not obsessive about it,” she said. “There’s huge pressure to be slim in the music industry but I’m comfortable with the way I look.”

Emma Bunton Back Together With Jade Jones

February 8, 2004 – The Sunday Mirror reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton appears to be back with her ex Jade Jones after the pair were all over each other at Pangaea nightclub. Even though Baby Spice left the trendy spot on her own, Jade made it very obvious where he was going when he left soon afterwards.