Emma Bunton Turns Down ‘Chicago’ Stage Role

Sky News reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has turned down the chance for a starring role in the hit musical ‘Chicago’, to instead continue along with her solo pop career. “I’ve seen the show many times and toyed with the idea of taking on the role of Roxie Hart,” Baby Spice told a friend. “But to be honest at this stage I am having too much fun doing my own music, so for the present time it has to be a ‘no’.”

Emma Bunton Unimpressed With Today’s Pop Stars

February 6, 2004 – The Sun reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has slammed the latest crop of pop stars for their lack of charisma. She says: “I watch telly and think, ‘Where’s your spark?'”

Baby Spice A Bad Ass In New Ride

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is feeling some power after picking up a new SUV. “I’ve got a Range Rover, which I love,” she said. “I feel like a beast in it. No one fu**s with me.”

BMG Stars In Video Location Rivalry

January 25, 2005 – Emma Bunton and Will Young share a record label at BMG and, according to the Daily Star, there’s a bit of friendly rivalry between the pair regarding the glamorous locations for their video shoots. After the former Spice Girl heard about the ‘Pop Idol’ champ’s video in Australia, she lobbied to be sent to Rio to shoot her new music video during Carnival. “She was jealous Will went to Australia,” a source said. “She made it clear she wanted to go somewhere exotic for her next shoot.”

Emma Bunton Celebrates 28th Birthday, Thanks Fans

January 25, 2005 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton thanked fans on her 28th birthday Wednesday (January 21), posting a message at her official website diary. Emma writes:

Hi everyone

I just had to write today to say thank you for all the lovely messages you’ve sent to wish me Happy Birthday. Thank you, you guys are awesome! I had a lovely day back at home with my mum and my family. It was so nice to chill out and catch up with everyone – especially because it’s all been so mad for the past month. And it doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon! There’s so much I’m looking forward to: the new single, the new album… I just hope you love them as much as I do. It’s been such a liberating experience to work with some great producers and experiment with all those cool ’60s sounds. We’re going to be doing something really special for the album launch, it’s all a bit hush-hush at the moment but it’s going to be fab.

Baby Spice Eyes Soccer Star… And His Brother

January 10, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton tells 19 magazine she she has her eye on Arsenal soccer star Freddie Ljungberg, and even his younger brother Filip. The 27-year-old singer says Freddie lives near her in Hampstead, North London. “Freddie’s cute,” she said. “He has a gorgeous brother too. I once had a spider in my house and I called them over to get rid of it.”

Emma Bunton’s Christmas Greeting

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton posted a Christmas message to fans on her official website. She writes:

Hi there, Emma here: just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a brilliant New Year. Hope you have a wonderful time over the holidays and get everything you hoped for! I’ve really been getting into the Christmas spirit this year – I even did most of my present shopping in advance. And Christmas In Popworld and singing ‘White Christmas’ at the Nordoff Christmas Carol Concert just got me feeling totally festive. This year, I’m going to be spending time at home with my family which I’m really looking forward to. It’s going to be very chilled, but that’s perfect because I’m going to need tons of energy for next year as it’s going to be a biggie! I can’t wait for you to hear ‘I’ll Be There’ and the rest of the album. I’m so happy with it, I reckon you’ll think it’s been worth the wait – you’ll be able to get to hear everything in the New Year. Fingers crossed you love it. I also wanted to say thanks for all your support this year, it’s been phenomenal. You’ve made ’03 such a memorable time for me and I’ll never forget it. So here’s to ’04, see you very soon.

Lots of love.
Emma xx

Baby Spice: Me And Justin Timberlake Had A Bit Of A Kiss

In an interview with GMTV, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton revealed kissing *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake last January and then again at the Rex Cinema and Bar in London in May. “I think the thing is I am a very, very private person. We had a bit of a kiss!” she said.

Emma Bunton Finds Influence In German Porn

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton says her hit song ‘Maybe’ was inspired by an LP of music from German porn films. She says, “When I listen to Maybe I hear something a little different to everyone else.”

Baby Spice Attends Nordoff – Robbins Christmas Carol Concert

December 18, 2003 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton was on hand for the Nordoff – Robbins Christmas Carol Concert on Wednesday (December 17) at St. Lukes Church in London. Check out a picture from WireImage.

Emma Bunton Secretly Still Seeing Ex Jade Jones

The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton and her supposed ex-boyfriend Jade Jones both went to nightclub 57 Jermyn Street on Saturday night. In a desperate bid not to be seen “together” they left the club separately only to meet up outside a few minutes later.

Update: Sources tell The Mirror that former Spice Girl Emma Bunton and Jade Jones, who split last summer after a four-year relationship, are back together. “It’s great news,” revealed one pal. “Now they’re going great guns again. They just didn’t see the point of living apart. Emma and Jade are really mad about each other and are so happy that things are back on track.”

Emma Bunton Tries To Break Baby Spice Image

Hermione Eyre of Living Abroad Magazine caught up with former Spice Girl Emma Bunton who admits it’s hard shedding her Baby Spice image. “It was my trademark for a long time and she’ll always be part of me, ‘cos it was me,” she said. “But now I’m a 27-year-old woman, I’m a lot more confident about things. I was walking in the street and a mum said, ‘Look, there’s Baby Spice,’ and her little girl said, ‘No, it’s not. It’s Emma Bunton.’ But if people still want to call me Baby that’s fine.”

DJ Baby Spice

September 23, 2003 – The Sun reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton was a guest DJ on Toby Anstits’ show on Heart FM on Saturday and enjoyed it so much she told pals she would consider taking it up when her music career is finally over.

Baby Spice To Perform ‘Maybe’ At Lycra Style Awards

September 19, 2003 – The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton’s new single, ‘Maybe’, is out in a couple of weeks – and she has been chosen to perform it live for the first time at the Lycra Style Awards in London next Thursday. The ex-Baby Spice will be tossing out that image by gyrating on stage with 12 male dancers.

Hairy Spice Ribbing Prompts Trimming

September 18, 2003 – The Mirror reports Emma Bunton has revealed that one of the Spice Girls got mercilessly ribbed for having hairy nether-regions. “We called her Hairy Spice but then she got the message and trimmed it to a nice little strip,” the singer said.

Emma Bunton’s Hot For Orlando Bloom

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has confessed to having a fetish for leather and revealed she’s hot for actor Orlando Bloom. “It might be to do with all that leather Orlando wears in Pirates Of The Caribbean,” Bunton said. “He looks really sexy. I love that rough and ready look.”

Emma Bunton In Royal Rap Over T-Shirt

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton was confronted by Prince Harry after she was spotted wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Prince William is a Fox’. “I met Harry at a polo match and he told me he was upset I hadn’t worn a ‘Harry the Fox’ T-shirt,” the former Baby Spice explained. “He also said I’d made William insufferable, his head was so swollen.”

Baby Spice Sports Bigger Backside

July 21, 2003 – The Sun had photos, since removed, of former Spice Girl Emma Bunton showing off a larger behind than the digitally slimmed photo promoting her single ‘Free Me’. Bunton was out for a stroll near her North London home with a male friend this weekend.

Emma Bunton Wants Justin Timberlake Online

Contributed by britney4ever:

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton was recently interviewed by BBC, and the main subject of the interview was the internet. One of the questions was “if you could flirt with anyone in cyberspace, who would it be?”, to which she answered: “It would have to be Elvis Presley – when he was young and sexy and in his prime – and Justin Timberlake.”

‘Justified’ Becomes 3 Times Platinum In The UK

June 16, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake first released his first solo album ‘Justified’ a few months ago in the UK and since then his album has become 3X Platinum and is currently one of the UK’s best selling album of the year. In the US, ‘Justified’ holds the number 41 spot on the Billboard charts.

Emma Bunton Has Yet Another New Fella

June 4, 2003 – The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has moved on after short flings with Blue’s Simon Webbe and Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC. The singer now is dating model Callum Best. Baby Spice reportedly told pals, “We have enjoyed some quality time together but I don’t really know if I can trust him. When we are out or alone together it seems fine but then all my girlfriends tell me these stories about his womanizing. I’m just hanging in there.”

Baby Spice Secretly Dating Blue’s Simon Webbe

June 2, 2003 – The Sunday People reports former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is secretly dating Simon Webbe of Blue. Baby Spice tried disguising herself by pulling a cap over her face while dancing with Webbe at London’s Funky Buddha. Afterwards, Emma couldn’t keep her hands off of Simon when the couple sat down.