Enrique Iglesias Discusses ‘I Like It’

Enrique Iglesias offered commentary for his song ‘I Like It’, off the pop singer’s new album ‘Euphoria’, in a YouTube video. “It’s the type of song I always wanted to write,” Enrique said of the track that features Pitbull and Lionel Richie. “It’s fun. I think it’s gonna be a great song for my show, and it’s a grower. I always felt good about it. The minute I heard the first few chords, then I started singing the melody… I just liked it.” Watch the comments below.

Enrique Iglesias: I’m Really Proud Of ‘Euphoria’

Enrique Iglesias AMA

Enrique Iglesias checked in with his SayNow followers on Tuesday (June 29) after returning to the U.S. doing promotion for his upcoming album ‘Euphoria’. “I wanted to thank everyone in the UK, Europe – France, Span, all over Europe for your support and I hope you guys are liking the songs. I think you guys are gonna be happy with the album. It’s fun and you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised. Again, thanks for all the support you guys have given me with the songs. I’m glad you guys, from what I can tell with the response has been really positive. So I’m glad you guys are liking the songs. I really feel proud of this album.”

Audio at SayNow.com has since been removed after the company was acquired by Google.

Enrique Iglesias Chat

Enrique Iglesias popped into the MySpace London office for a web chat to promote his new Spanish/English album. Enrique talked about peeing being the first thing he does after waking up, who he hopes wins the World Cup, “moody, loyal and stupid” being the three words he’d use to describe himself, how signing his first record contract was the best day of his life, if he really believes in the words he’s writing when composing songs, wanting to be serenaded by RuPaul, and that his refrigerator is his favorite possession.

Video at MySpace has since been removed.

Enrique Iglesias: I Was Lucky To Have Found Anna Kournikova

Enrique Iglesias 'Euphoria'

Enrique Iglesias graces the cover of the June/July issue of Para Todos magazine, where the pop singer talked about his new album ‘Euphoria’, tour plans and his longtime relationship with former tennis star Anna Kournikova. “In terms of my personal life, the sea is calm, with waves, occasionally a tsunami, but even in that, I was lucky to have found Anna,” Enrique said. “She’s a great girl, smart and it’s our degree of independence and freedom that allows us to be so close.” Check out the interview at paratodos.com.

Enrique Iglesias ‘Cuando Me Enamoro’ Video Ft. Juan Luis Guerra

Enrique Iglesias is out with the music video to his new single ‘Cuando Me Enamoro’, featuring Juan Luis Guerra, off the 35-year-old pop singer’s first bilingual album ‘Euphoria’, out July 5th on Universal Music. Iglesias and Guerra are the guest stars to sing at a school in the Jessy Terrero directed treatment. Watch it via YouTube below.

Enrique Iglesias ‘Cuando Me Enamoro’ Video Behind The Scenes

Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis GuerraEnrique Iglesias posted behind the scenes footage from his ‘Cuando Me Enamoro’ music video, featuring Juan Luis Guerra.

“It’s been an honor to be able to record this song with him,” Enrique says in the video with Guerra by his side. “We’re about to shoot the last scene of the video,” Enrique said. “Everyone is tired and we’re about to wrap things up. You are about to see all the children dancing.”

The song is off the pop singer’s upcoming bilingual album ‘Euphoria’, out July 5th via Universal. Watch it via Enrique’s YouTube below.

Enrique Iglesias Discusses New Singles & Upcoming Album

Enrique Iglesias 'Euphoria'

Enrique Iglesias checked in on his SayNow player while in Miami doing press, where he talked about the new Spanish and English singles ‘Cuando Me Enamoro’ and ‘I Like It’ respectively, how they are “two different worlds” in terms of the tempo. “I did that on purpose, I wanted to make sure you guys get two different worlds,” Enrique explained. He added that his upcoming album is his “most eclectic, most diverse album, mainly due to I combined Spanish and English.”

Audio for the message at Saynow.com has since been removed.

Enrique Iglesias And Pitbull Shoot ‘I Like It’ Video

Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull checked in while shooting the video to Enrique’s new English language single ‘I Like It’, which features Mr. 305. The song is off Enrique’s upcoming bilingual album. Watch the brief clip via YouTube below.

Enrique Iglesias Thanks Fans For ‘Cuando me Enamoro’ Support

Enrique Iglesias and a brick wall

Enrique Iglesias checked in with fans on his official web site to thank them for the support since he premiered his new Spanish single ‘Cuando me Enamoro’, featuring Juan Luis Guerra. The 34-year-old writes:

We started with Cuando Me Enamoro just yesterday and the reaction has been great. Thanks a lot to all the fans out there for your unconditional support! Thanks also to the radio stations for their help. I have been reading the comments on itunes Spain , Mexico, US, etc. I’m so happy that you like it! We are aware that in some countries song is not available yet and we are working on that. Thanks again for all your support!