Eva Avila Filming ‘No More Coming Back’ Video Soon

Eva Avila

Eva Avila updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@evaavilamusic) on Saturday (May 9), talking about the video to her next single, joining the cast of the ‘Robin Hood’ musical, and Q&As on her Facebook. The ‘Canadian Idol’ season four winner writes:

I’ve had a good week, I’m getting ready to shoot the new video for “No more coming back”, which will be the next single, yay! I also have a nutty week ahead of me. I have the video shoot, then a rehearsal with my band, a gig on Thursday, and I leave for PEI from Friday to Sunday for a ONE X ONE benefit concert. I’m so excited about that, what a great cause. And I love PEI :)

Eva Avila Honored To Share The Stage With Beyonce

Eva Avila

Eva Avila updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@evaavilamusic) on Friday (April 3), after opening for Beyonce Knowles during a string of Canadian tour dates. The ‘Canadian Idol’ season four winner writes:

So, I’m back! What a mental week this has been. Definitely one of the best in my life. Despite the very early flights every morning (think 5am lobby calls 6 days in a row!), the whole adventure, yet very short, was so very enriching. I had so much fun on the road with my band and my crew who are becoming my family. Watching Beyoncé perform made me want to reach for the stars, even more than before if that’s even possible! I cannot begin to express how inspiring her concert is. What an honor it was to share the same stage with an artist like her. Wow wow wow. Her band was just stellar as well, and the dancers! Woah, so much ear and eye candy in that show lol. If you don’t have her album yet, go get it! My favorite songs are Diva, Hello, Single Ladies, and Halo.

Eva Avila Opening For Beyonce On 4 Canadian Tour Dates

Eva Avila

Eva Avila updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@evaavilamusic) on Friday (March 20), talking about landing the opener slot on some Beyonce Knowles tour dates. The ‘Canadian Idol’ season four winner writes:

I have crazy awesome fantabulous news that I absolutely wanted to share with you. I will be opening for Beyoncé’s western Canadian show dates!!! Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Vancouver. I will be going to the Junos as well, so you will see me on the red carpet ;) Heehee!! I am so excited, I mean come on, Beyoncé????!?!? Woah. She’s one of the most successful female artists in the world right now. I can hardly believe I will be on the same stage as her during the same event! :D

Eva Avila Attends ‘The American Idol Experience’ Launch

Eva Avila

Eva Avila checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@evaavilamusic) on Thursday (February 19), where the ‘Canadian Idol’ season four winner talked about attending The American Idol Experience launch in Orlando, Florida. The 21-year-old writes:

Also, just wanted to tell you a little bit about my recent trip to Disney World! I got to hang out with my boy Mickey, and pretty much the whole gang!!! For those of you who don’t know, there is now a new attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, called “The American Idol Experience”. They launched it last week and I was lucky enough to get invited and to get some media coverage. Plus, I felt like a little girl all over again, went on tons of awesome rides and attractions, had lunch in Paris… well, the Epcot French Pavillion ;)… visited Germany, and even got a marriage proposal from Goofy! Heeheehee… Unfortunately the fact that he never talks was a bit of an issue for me, so I had to refuse :( LOL

Eva Avila Talks About Her Second Album ‘Give Me The Music’

‘Canadian Idol’ season four winner Eva Avila spoke with andPOP about life after being on the show, how her second album ‘Give Me The Music’ is a better reflection of her true character, the work behind creating the disc, and that her singing career was always her dream job.

Asked about what she’s thinking to see her album in physical form, Eva said, “I’m thinking it’s finally here. It’s kind of weird thinking I have a second album out. The first time around was my first ever, so it was a great, great feeling. Pretty radical. This time around, I’ve been working towards this for over a year and a half, whereas the first one happened so fast I didn’t get a chance to be excited. This time around there’s room for anticipation and excitement.”

Watch the interview below.

Eva Avila Finishes Recording Second Album

Eva Avila

Eva Avila checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@evaavilamusic) on Thursday (September 18), returning to Canada following a stint in Los Angeles to record her second studio album. The ‘Canadian Idol’ winner writes:

Aaaaahhhhhh! I feel so relieved to be done recording. My part is done, I am extremely happy with everything. Matt was fantastic to work with, such a nice guy. We had tons of fun these past 2 weeks, but we also worked very hard. I am expecting to hear lots of mixes of the songs for the next few days. I truly feel this album is genuine, honest, and different… I don’t wanna sound cocky, but to me, it sounds really unique. I can’t think of anything to compare it to specifically, so that’s a good sign right? :) I love that it sounds like a perfect balance of organic live instruments and contemporary urban-pop sounds… can’t wait to know what you guys all think :)

Eva Avila: New Album Is Coming Soon

Eva Avila

‘Canadian Idol’ season four winner Eva Avila checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Thursday (August 7) with an upcoming on the follow-up to her 2006 debut album ‘Somewhere Else’. The 21-year-old writes:

Hey you guys… I hope you are all happy and healthy!! :)

Just wanna let you know the album is coming, and soon!!! My first single will be released to radio in just a matter of days! :D

I am so excited about this album. Be sure to keep an eye on E-talk whenever you can, there will be a piece about the recording of my single :) Heehee!!!

I’ve just spent several days with my family in Luskville, a little town right outside of Hull, Quebec. We rented a cottage and it was so relaxing… I am so fortunate to be able to spend time with my loved ones, especially right before my life and schedule start going crazy!! lol

I am working very hard to bring you guys the best record possible…I hope you will like it, please don’t stop sending me messages, comments, love, criticism, etc… I am reading all of your messages!

Much love and peace to you guys, thank you so so much for sticking around and for showing me your support. That’s all an artist could ever want :) You guys are the best fans EVER! Heeheee!!!

Eva xoxoxo

Eva Avila Crowned As The Newest ‘Canadian Idol’

Eva Avila

The Canadian Press reports Eva Avila of Gatineau, Quebec has been crowned the new ‘Canadian Idol’. The 19-year-old edged her younger competitor Craig Sharpe by just over 131,000 votes in a tight race that CTV officials say was determined by fans in western Canada. “I’m just one tiny person on this planet but thanks to you guys, I’m feeling like I’m sitting on top of the world,” said Avila.