Evan And Jaron ‘Party Session’ Produces ‘Amanda Lynne’

Evan Lowenstein of Evan and Jaron checked in with fans on Sunday (August 24) after posting the new song ‘Amanda Lynne’ on the sibling duo’s MySpace page (@evanandjaron). The track is the 48th song posted in their ’52 Sundays’ project, where they’ve been releasing a new song every Sunday on their MySpace page. Evan writes:

Every songwriting session starts with a little socializing. If you know the person you’re writing with, it’s more of a catch up sesh. If you don’t know the person, it’s about getting to know them… heck, you’re about to get really intimate with them and share personal information, you better feel comfortable!

A typical writing session for me consists of myself and another writer. On a rare occasion we’ll have three people. Sometimes we’ll go hip-hop and have a party–4 writers. I’ve done that a few times and it’s actually quite fun.

“Amanda Lynne” is the result of one of those “party sessions”. The upside, of course, is when you’re ready to demo the song at the end, you have a choir of people to sing on the song.

Equinox Fitness Club Westwood Location Grand Opening

Jaron Lowenstein of Evan & Jaron, Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, and Sophie Monk were amongst the stars on hand for the Grand Opening Of Equinox Fitness Club at their facilities in Westwood, California. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party

Jaron Lowenstein of Evan & Jaron attended the Third Annual Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party at Cabana Club in Hollywood, California on September 17th.

Disneyland 50th Collection

Jaron Lowenstein of Evan And Jaron attended the unveiling of the limited edition Disneyland 50th Collection at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, California on Wednesday (July 13). Check out pictures from FilmMagic and RexFeatures.

Evan And Jaron Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

Amy Klein of The Jewish Journal caught up with Jaron Lowenstein of Evan and Jaron, who admits in the last three years, he and his brother have learned not to take themselves too seriously. Fame and its fleeting nature is the premise of the sitcom they’re pitching to Fox, based on their lives. “We were in Lawrence, Kansas playing a car dealership for 13 people and a Bozo the Clown look-alike. And we locked ourselves in the car and we’re like, ‘We’re not gettin’ out, we are not gettin’ out,’ and we’re like, ‘You know what? We are getting out’,” Jaron says, punctuating his story with high-pitched melodic giggles. “And that’s the reality. It’s like a microcosm of the real roller coaster life.” Read more.

Evan And Jaron Go Retro

TV Guide Online caught up with pop rockers Evan and Jaron to talk about their role on this weekend’s ‘American Dreams’ episode, where they’ll play as the Everly Brothers. “Ever since American Dreams came out, everybody’s been saying, ‘You guys are a shoo-in to play the Everly Brothers! What a no-brainer!'” Jaron said. “We’ve done their tunes for 10 years, so we walked in and recorded [‘Wake Up, Little Susie’] in literally one hour, including setup.” Added Evan with a laugh: “Yeah, we were well-prepared, so if we suck, we have no excuse!”

On TV: Jessica Simpson, Evan And Jaron, Christina Aguilera

Pop acts on television this week include Jessica Simpson, who appears on ‘The View’ with her husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees on Tuesday and alone on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Wednesday; Evan and Jaron, who perform on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn’ on Wednesday and appear as the Everly Brothers on ‘American Dreams’ next Sunday; Britney Spears, who makes another appearance on MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ on Wednesday; the first ‘American Idol’ finalist to be eliminated will be on ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ on Thursday; and Christina Aguilera, who will be performing on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Friday. Also this week will be a Spring Break special on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’, including re-runs of a Britney Spears appearance on Monday, Pink and Hilary Duff on Tuesday, and Mandy Moore and Dido on Wednesday.

Evan And Jaron Set For Independent Album Release

Evan and Jaron 'Half Dozen' album cover

Evan and Jaron posted a lengthy message on their official website Thursday (March 11) to lay out their plans in releasing their new album ‘Half Dozen’ on April 13th independently after exiting Columbia Records. The duo had hoped to release the album for free with advertisements on the CD, but ran into resistance. Instead, they’ll sell the album for $5.98 for the first 60 days, and $9.98 from that point forward. Read on for the complete message.

Evan And Jaron Excited About New Album

Evan Lowenstein of Evan and Jaron checked in with fans on his official website earlier today saying, “One good thing about not having gone into the studio yet is that we’re STILL writing more songs and we’ll have a plethora to choose from when deciding what actually goes on the record. In the meantime, we’ve been doing some recording at a friend’s studio, and some in mine, and it all seems to be coming together quite nicely. We’re really excited about making this new album!”