Fefe Dobson Talks With Toronto’s KiSS 92.5

Taylor Kaye of Toronto’s KiSS 92.5 FM caught up with Canada’s own Fefe Dobson backstage at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards radio row in Los Angeles last week. The singer talked about the problems of hanging out with guys all the time on tour earlier in her career, how the Junos compare to the Grammys, and feeling sad about being single ahead of Valentine’s Day. Watch it via YouTube below.

Fefe Dobson Strikes A Pose

Fefe Dobson practiced posing for photos with Hallie on Radio Disney the other day. The Canadian pop singer talked about how she’s had difficulties doing a red carpet pose compared to photo shoots. Watch via YouTube below.

Fefe Dobson Talks About ‘Stutterin’

Fefe Dobson heading out to VMA 200921 Music recording artist Fefe Dobson shared the stories behind songs from her brand new album ‘Joy’. Episode one features live footage from Fefe’s album release in Toronto as well as behind the scenes details about her hit single ‘Stutterin’. “It’s about a bad relationship,” Fefe said of ‘Stutterin’. “It’s about realizing what you’re worth. It’s like hurry up and tell me the truth. If you ever really cared about me, be a man, be strong enough to tell me like it is and be real.”

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Fefe Dobson Performs ‘Stuttering’ On WIXX 101

Fefe Dobson in Green Bay

Fefe Dobson visited WIXX 101 in Green Bay, Wisconsin to perform an acoustic version of ‘Stuttering’. The song is off the Canadian pop singer’s third studio album ‘Joy’, out now on Island Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Fefe Dobson Could Never Give Up

Fefe Dobson talked with Tommy2.net about her new album ‘Joy’ and how she was able to be heard when ‘Sunday Love’ got cancelled. “I could never give it up,” the Canadian pop singer said. “I mean music is my life and I’ve been doing it since I was a kid you know. I grew up in a really poor home in a place where there was a lot of emotional noise and music was what kept me sane and happy and like a lot of teenagers, you know when they have their headphones on, sometimes they’re drowning out the everyday noise that they hear and that’s what I was like.” Read more and listen to the interview here.

Fefe Dobson ‘Stuttering’ Video

Fefe Dobson 'Stuttering' music video

Fefe Dobson is out with the music video to her new single ‘Stuttering’, the second release from the Canadian pop singer’s third studio album ‘Joy’, out November 22nd on 21 Music/Island. Watch it via YouTube below.

Fefe Dobson Discusses Songwriting And ‘Ghost’

Fefe Dobson spoke with Tatiana Diana of YoungHollywood.com about her secrets on how she writes her music as well as what’s the premise of her new music video ‘Ghost’.

“The concept is basically dating a guy, and he cheats on you and he gets caught,” Fefe said. “You decide to run away, and say it’s over and he loses his mind because he misses you so much.”

As for the premise of the song’s music video, she said, “Basically, I just catch him cheating, making out with another girl and I freak out. I leave and pack my stuff. He just starts tripping out. He can’t get me out of his head and he sees me everywhere and it makes him go crazy basically. I think a lot of people can relate to that. A lot of times you miss it when it’s gone and you can’t get it back.”

On the music video creation process, Fefe said, “Music videos are great if you have great people and I do. I have amazing people around me that make me smile and tell me I look good, or if I don’t look good, tell me I look really bad. Mostly I just have a great team.”

Watch the interview below.

Fefe Dobson ‘Ghost’ And ‘I Want You’ Acoustic Performances

Fefe Dobson visited the Mix 93.1 Lounge in Springfield, Massachusetts to perform acoustic versions of ‘Ghost’ and ‘I Want You’. Both songs are off the Canadian pop singer’s upcoming album ‘Joy’, out October 5th on Island Records. Watch both performances via YouTube below.

Fefe Dobson ‘Ghost’ Video

Fefe Dobson 'Ghost' single cover

Fefe Dobson is out with the music video to her new single ‘Ghost’, the first release from the Canadian pop singer’s upcoming album ‘Joy’, out August 17th via Island Records. Watch the Alan Ferguson directed video via YouTube below.