Gary Go Covers ‘Just Dance’ By Lady Gaga

Gary Go has covered ‘Just Dance’ by Lady Gaga, which prompted her to tell her Twitter followers (@ladygaga) that the British singer is “my favorite new artist this year.” A Sun Sessions live version at has since been removed.

Gary Go Live At London’s Brixton Academy

Gary Go

Gary Go posted footage from his recent Brixton Academy performance in London, opening for Lady Gaga. The British singer wrote on his blog at MySpace (@garygo):

Lady Gaga tour has been immense. Traveling around Europe on the Go Bus has led to many adventures including The Field Of Dreams, sniffer dogs, a roadie with a broken leg, a McCafĂ© mecca, getting stuck between two countries in a lawless no man’s land, peddling pedal boats backwards through ‘no pedal boat zones’ of Amsterdam canals, the (re)discovery of Crocs (the new clog…let your judgment go!), meeting with top Swiss glasses company for some special GG specs and making a music video on a rooftop in Berlin! And this was all done on just the first day!!

Watch the video below.

Gary Go Very Very Saddened By Michael Jackson Death

Gary Go

Gary Go shared his thoughts following the death of Michael Jackson earlier today on his blog at MySpace (@garygo). The British pop rock singer writes:

Very very saddened by the news of one of my biggest musical idols.
An ocean of inspiration.
I remember cutting up a white gym sock and sticking glitter to it, so I could have my own MJ glove.
I remember practicing the moonwalk.
I remember my first concert at Wembley Stadium and how MJ arrived on the stage in a rocket ship.
I remember listening to all his albums on loop.
I remember pausing the “Scream” video frame by frame, trying to figure out the steps.
I hope this day becomes MJ Memorial Day.
He transcended cultural boundaries.
His message was universal.
His songs are eternal.
He was indefinable.
The ultimate artist, up there with the very best of all time.
Thank you Michael for everything you gave to music, the world and to me.
Sad Emoticon.

Gary Go On How He Landed Take That Tour Slot

ITN caught up with virtual unknown singer Gary Go to find out how he ended up on the line-up to support Take That on their huge summer tour. The singer songwriter credit a chance run-in with Gary Barlow at a pub. “The band just seemed to get into my music, which is great,” Gary said. “I guess I kinda got to know them, they got to know me a little bit, and it seemed like they were into my music enough to ask me to go on the road with them which was amazing.” Watch the interview below.

Gary Go Wrapping Up Debut Album

Gary Go updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@davidarchuleta) on Monday (February 2), talking about working on his debut album at Peter Gabriel’s studio. He tells readers:

Hello! How are you? February has welcomed London with beautiful snow. I did not make anything from snow today. Snow is Wonderful! Louise, you asked me “How do I enjoy the snow?”…I think play fighting in the snow with a loved one is the best….or sledding! I love sledding.

It’s been busy here at The Canvas Room. Mastering the Napster session tomorrow which should be cool. It’s so great exploring the songs in new ways.

I recorded drums at Peter Gabriel’s studio on two new songs last week. Maybe I’ll even sneak a new song onto the album, if time allows it!! I’ve got to finish vocals on the songs tomorrow.

Gary Go Records Napster Session

Gary Go

Gary Go checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@garygo) on Wednesday (January 28), talking about a session he recorded for Napster, Post-It Notes, and recording new material today. The London, England singer songwriter tells readers:

Spent today in the studio recording a one-off session for Napster which should be on their site soon. Got some quirky acoustic versions of Wonderful, So So and Open Arms as well as a cover of Black & Gold going for them. I love Black & Gold, what a fantastic song. Amazing!! Napster asked me for a list of my 20 favorite songs of all time…that is one hard list to compile, but I think I represented my best of…sort of. I knew I had to have a Bowie and NIN song on there! Could you pick your one favorite song of all time?? Quite a few to choose from!

Gary Go Busy Doing ‘Wonderful’ Radio Promo

Gary Go

Gary Go updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@garygo) on Monday (January 26). The London pop singer tells readers:

Hope all is well and you’re enjoying the year so far. Have been enjoying visiting radio stations around the UK to let people know about the ‘Wonderful’ single release on Feb 16th – am doing a show in London at the Luminaire on Feb 17th to mark the release of the single…I know some road trips have already been planned (love your work Anticelebrity). If you’d like to join me in London on Feb 17th, there’s a link to tix on my page and I look forward to seeing you.

I’ve also set up IAMWONDERFUL.TV – a website where you can share your wonderful words with the world (wide web). Thanks to everyone who has already shared a message on the site… some very honest, inspiring words.

Gary Go ‘Wonderful’ Video

Gary Go 'Wonderful' music video

Gary Go is out with the video to his first single ‘Wonderful’, off the London, England singer songwriter’s self-titled debut album, out later this year on Polydor. Watch it below.