GusGus ‘Thin Ice’ Video

GusGus are out with the music video to their new single ‘Thin Ice’, from the Reykjavík, Iceland electronica group’s seventh studio album ’24/7′, out now on Kompakt. Watch the Heimir Sverrisson and Jón Atli Helgason directed video via YouTube below.

GusGus ‘Add This Song’ Video

GusGus are out with the music video to their new single ‘Add This Song’, the first release off the Reykjavík, Iceland techno group’s sixth studio effort ’24/7′, out September 14th on Kompakt. Watch it via Vimeo below.

GusGus Putting A Final Touch On ’24/7′

GusGus posted their February 2009 newsletter on their blog at MySpace (@gusgus) on Sunday (February 15). The Reykjavík, Iceland electronic act tell readers:

Today’s project is the next studio album, their sixth one. This album has been given the professional name of “24/7”, a name very typical for GusGus. GusGus is, of course, the multimedia band, an audio-visual collective that you could often describe as being a triheaded animal. Some times they remind you of an animal from a different planet or from an adventure tale, and sometimes they are like a gigantic whale that scientists follow to previously unknown, munificent fishing grounds.

…GusGus is putting a final touch on “24/7” Therefore, only a selected few have had the opportunity to listen. But among the lucky ones are record labels, international companies that have shown their pleasure, enthusiasm and even reverence for the A-100, the animal, and the whale!

GusGus Haircut Gone Bad

GusGus ‘Operation Rescue’ episode two features the Icelandic techno pop group’s stylist Klaus Sverrisson continuing to make over the trio. Klaus isn’t happy though when his assistant’s haircut wasn’t per instructions. Watch the clip below.

GusGus SoS Rescue Operation For Their Style

SoS Rescue Operation episode 1 features stylist Klaus Sverrisson. The clip is part one of a new documentary about the make-over of GusGus and the 24/7 project. “I’m very happy to have GusGus in my shop here today,” Klaus said in regards to his “SoS Rescue Operation” for their style. Watch the clip below.