Ashlee Simpson & Hayden Panettierre Take The Presidential Pledge

Ashlee Simpson takes the presidential pledgeMySpace has partnered with Katalyst Media, founded by Ashton Kutcher, to encourage celebrities to record a pledge of service to President-elect Barack Obama. A video clip introducing the program offered examples of stars telling their plans to take actions that lead to the nationwide change motivated by Obama’s campaign.

Watch the clip, featuring Ashlee Simpson pledging “to be a great mother” and Hayden Panettierre pledging “to not give up” below.

Paparazzo Pays For Hayden Panettiere Parking Ticket

Hayden Panettiere was issued a parking ticket in West Hollywood over the weekend, but a paparazzo offered to pay for the ‘Heroes’ star’s infraction. “Since she’s always nice, I offered to pay the ticket for her (like we’ve done for Jerry Seinfeld),” Steve said. “After swearing I’d actually pay it, she gave it to me & thanked me.”

Footage via has since been removed.

Hayden Panettiere’s Dad Arrested For Allegedly Hitting Her Mom

Hayden Panettiere’s father Alan was released on $50,000 bail on Monday afternoon after the 49-year-old allegedly struck the ‘Heroes’ star’s mother Lesley Vogel. A witness at Beso restaurant in Hollywood, where the couple attended a Hollywood charity benefit for the Whaleman Foundation hosted by their daughter, spoke with People magazine about what transpired before the incident. “When they were both about to leave, they had a heated argument outside the restaurant,” the source explained. “They were doing a good amount of yelling.”

Meanwhile, TMZ has footage (since removed) of Alan and a woman that appears to be Lesley walking together, with Hayden’s pop telling paps the whole thing “was blown out of proportion.” They also hear “both may have been drinking a lot prior to the incident.”

Watch footage below. Additionally, footage of Hayden leaving Beso with boyfriend and ‘Heroes’ co-star Milo Ventimiglia as the bottom dweller paparazzi little respect is available via below.

Hayden Panettiere On The Set Of ‘Wake Up Call’ Video

‘Access Hollywood’ caught up with Hayden Panettiere on the set of her new video ‘Wake Up Call’, which also serves as the backdrop to her new Candie’s commercial. “I’ve been singing almost as long as I’ve been acting,” Hayden told ‘Access’. As for her ‘Heroes’ character Claire Bennet going bad complete with dark hair in the show’s third season, Hayden said, “She’s bad. She’s really cool.” Watch the clip below.

Hayden Panettiere Premieres ‘Wake Up Call’ On LA’s KIIS FM

Hayden Panettiere appeared on On Air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM in Los Angeles this morning to premiere her debut single ‘Wake Up Call’. Hayden spoke with Ryan about “making sure the music didn’t all sound the same” when recording her album, how she started working on the album 4 years ago, her musical influences, a “totally awesome” season three of ‘Heroes’, and more.

Hayden also discussed the continual leaking of Miley Cyrus private pictures. “I just saw what’s happened to Miley,” she said. “Those are her personal pictures that obviously she never assumed anyone else would see. These pictures that come out from people are either from a really long time ago or obviously just goofing around, and you keep them really private and they’re all over the place.”

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Hayden Panettiere Premiering ‘Wake Up Call’ On KIIS FM

Listeners in the Los Angeles area will be able to hear ‘Heroes’ star Hayden Panettiere premiereing her new single live on the air with Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday (July 15) on 102.7 KIIS FM at 8:30am. The track is entitled appropriately ‘Wake Up Call’. Audio and most likely video will be available following the interview at

Declare Yourself 2007

Former *NSYNC member Justin Timberlake, Nick Cannon, and Hayden Panettiere attended Declare Yourself’s first star-studded event of the campaign season at Wallis Annenberg Center For the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, California on Thursday (September 27). Declare Yourself is a campaign initiated during the 2004 U.S. presidential elections to encourage young people to register to vote. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Hayden Panettiere Video Update On ‘Heroes’ & Album

Hayden Panettiere posts a video update from bedHayden Panettiere checked in with a brief video blog posted on Friday (September 21), where the 18-year-old provided her fans with an update on the ‘Heroes’ World Tour, the Emmy Awards, magazine shoots, and her album.

“I just wanted to give you a little heads-up on what I’m doing,” Hayden said in the video. “I just got back recently from a world tour we did for ‘Heroes’. We went to London, Paris and Munich. It was wonderful. I just got back from a photo shoot, as you can see, I’m all done up. I’m getting ready for the Emmys. I’m gonna do the cover of Seventeen magazine. A Teen magazine shoot is coming up soon. I’m still working on the record. Hopefully it will be done soon.”

The video at MySpace can be viewed below.

Hayden Panettiere Was Excited To See Britney Perform, Quiet Afterwards

Carolina of New York’s Z100 was at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards with Hayden Panettiere in Las Vegas over the weekend, where she talked about her love for the station, the new season of ‘Heroes’, handling the paparazzi, keeping her underwear on, and being excited to see Britney Spears perform. “I used to watch her as a little girl,” the 18-year-old said, “and she always nailed it and she was always such a wonderful performer, and I’m excited to see what she pulls out. I’ve heard she’s actually really, really good.”

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Then on Monday night, the ‘Heroes’ star and Sarah Silverman, who bashed Britney immediately after her performance, arrived back in Los Angeles from Las Vegas, where each was quizzed about Britney performance. Hayden didn’t want to comment, while Sarah reiterated that no one knew what she was going to say before she took the stage. Footage from Splash News has since been removed.

Hayden Panettiere To Sing With Greg Grunberg’s Band

Hayden Panettiere tells People she’ll join her ‘Heroes’ castmate Greg Grunberg’s all-star Band From TV this weekend. “I sang with them at the wrap party for our show,” the 17-year-old said. “I saw them and said, ‘Anytime you guys want me to perform with you I’m totally up for it.'” Read more.