Jason Reeves ‘No Lies’ Video Ft. Colbie Caillat

Jason Reeves is out with the music video to his new single ‘No Lies’, featuring Colbie Caillat, off the Iowa City, Iowa singer songwriter’s new album ‘The Lovesick’, out now on Warner Bros. Records. Watch the Nathanael Matanick directed video below.

Jason Reeves ‘Helium Hearts’ Video

Jason Reeves 'Helium Hearts' music video

Jason Reeves is out with the music video to his new single ‘Helium Hearts’, off the Iowa City, Iowa singer songwriter’s major label debut album ‘The Lovesick’, out soon on Warner Bros. Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Jason Reeves 'Helium Hearts' single cover

Jason Reeves Covers ‘I Never Told You’ By Colbie Caillat

Jason Reeves performed a cover of his friend Colbie Caillat’s new single ‘I Never Told You’, which the pair wrote along with ‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi. The song is off Colbie’s latest album ‘Breakthrough’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Jason Reeves Seaside Interview & ‘Wishing Weed’ Performance

The Girls With Glasses (‘American Idol’ alum Brooke White and Summer Bellessa) interviewed Jason Reeves on the beach. He talked about working with Colbie Caillat, being a smiler when he’s singing, being part of Lenka’s hit ‘The Show’, and who inspires his songs. The singer songwriter also performed ‘Wishing Weed’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Jason Reeves & Colbie Caillat Perform ‘Wishing Weed’

Jason Reeves and his good friend Colbie Caillat teamed up on a performance of ‘Wishing Weed’. The song is featured on Jason’s 2009 EP ‘Patience For The Waiting’, out now on Warner Bros. Watch the acoustic performance via YouTube below.

Jason Reeves Falls In Love In A Garbage Truck In First Video

Jason Reeves posted some behind the scenes footage from the making of his first music video for ‘Someone Somewhere’. “I’m incredibly excited about it,” the singer songwriter says in the video. “We’re shooting the whole video in a garbage truck, so I’m getty ready to get all sorts of dirty and crazy. I wanted to push it into a weird place. I wanted it to be something strange, you know. Not necessarily normal. It’s two people kind of falling in love in a garbage truck, and how love is so magical it can get through that.”

Footage at MySpace has since been removed.

Jason Reeves & Kara Dioguardi Perform ‘Terrified’

Jason Reeves and Kara Dioguardi 'Terrified'

Jason Reeves checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonreeves) on Tuesday (January 27), posting a video ‘American Idol’ judge and songwriter Kara Dioguardi posted where he joined her in a performance of ‘Terrified’ after Kara talked about the singer songwriter. Reeves tells readers:

Hey y’all… Here’s a video of my good friend Kara Dioguardi and I singing a new song we wrote called “Terrified.” I love her and think she’s the most incredible writer/singer/person…if you haven’t heard of her before, here you go…!! ;)

Jason Reeves Hopes You Have A Grand Holiday Season

Jason Reeves performs in the street for a few fansJason Reeves checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonreeves) on Tuesday (December 23). The Iowa City singer songwriter tells readers:

Hey folks…
I hope you all have a grand holiday season. Even if simply for the brief pause from the insane speed of this world we’ve built ourselves in. I hope you use it to be with people you love. And I hope you take an instant at least to relax and let go of all the madness. You’ll see the simplicity of life that we bury beneath all the stress. Anyway, I hope you’re warm, and I hope
you’re loved…

What If You Were Earth?

Jason Reeves checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonreeves) on Sunday (December 7), talking metaphorically about the post industrial era world. The Iowa City singer songwriter asks readers:

What if tiny little beings began building miniature metropolises on your body? Multiplying into millions. Sticking structures into your skin. Painting you with pavement. Posting signs and sins. Drawing lines to trap themselves within. Trash that’s spit into the sky until it sinks and spills again. What if they laid freeways connecting like strange exterior veins? Littered them with modern machines. Meant to translate the pending pain. Turned the ride into a race and pushed it till it went insane. Would you sit serene and still beneath? Or would you shake the ground with rage? Would you leave them to their self-destruction… even if it spread beyond into your blood? Brought with breathing through your lungs? What if when their souls were dead and gone the rubble wiped away like dust..? If the only evidence of their existence were the rusted remnants of their lonely love? Floating like spirits in the sky above…

If Jason Reeves Was A Tree

Jason Reeves performsJason Reeves checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonreeves) on Tuesday (November 25), imagining if he was a tree. The Iowa City singer songwriter tells readers:

My television set screams the troubles of the times. Paying vague attention through the filters of my mind, words like “go hungry” and “crashing economy” and “turn for the worst” stab through like a blade in perfect clarity. It is strange for me to hear this with eyes locked in the other direction, lost in the patterns of the leaves. I’m going to change my machines and listen to music instead. I’m drinking tea from China. Who knew the desperation of a race could disintegrate into the sipping of a simple drink. I am an old soul circulating. I feel like if I were perched on the peak of a pristine ridge, facing the mists of the mountains of Asia, I would see the exact same thing that is printed upon the closed linings of my eyelids. I would hang like an hawk in the clouds that create them, watching for little signs of life. If I were a tree clinging to the dirt to survive, I would learn to love the light. I would dance in the rain. I would grow until I died and never once complain. I would do it all again. The green river of revelations. Sip slowly. I would move north up the coast. And build a tree house village bound by bridges. I would make a cabin home. Lost within the trees to witness heaven’s wisdom breathe and grow….