Jeff Timmons Performs ‘Turn You Out’ On ‘Good Day Atlanta’

Jeff Timmons visited Fox 5 on Monday morning (April 26) to perform ‘Turn You Out’, a new song off his album, while convincing the crew from ‘Good Day Atlanta’ to dance along. The appearance was to promote the former 98 Degrees singer’s show at Primal tonight.

Rich Cronin & Jeff Timmons Get The Same Line, Ring From J.Love

Former LFO singer Rich Cronin visited Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show Wednesday, where he spent a lot of time talking about his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt. Cronin said that the ‘Ghost Whisperer’ star purchased him a Cartier ring and told him, “Listen, I want to marry you. We’re going to be together forever.”

But after learning the actress cheated on him with other guys, including Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, their 2-year romance came to a crashing end. “Jeff goes, ‘Hey, you and me have something in common… Jennifer Love Hewitt’,” recalled Cronin, who said Timmons also got a Cartier ring and a similar together forever line from J.Love. “I had always asked her about that. ‘Did you ever get with this guy?’ [And she was like,] ‘No, no, no.’ So when that happened, I was lost. This was two years ago. It was rough, man.”, who has Hewitt as their cover story this week, has more details.

Jeff Timmons Shoots Down 98 Degrees Reunion Rumors

Jeff Timmons checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jefftimmons) on January 11th. Timmons writes:

I’ve been hearing that rumors are being spread regarding a 98 Degrees reunion. Although the possibility always exists that we may get together and do something again, there is no truth to the rumor going around that we are getting together soon. Sorry about that.

The singer added, “2008 is going to be a fantastic year. I’m dropping a new album, doing a couple of TV shows, working on a film, and producing other acts. I will also soon be touring again on a worldwide scale.

Prior DUI Could Lead To Lengthy Jail Term For Jeff Timmons

TMZ reports former 98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons, who was arrested April 23rd in Florida for DUI and for driving with a suspended license, could face jail time in two states because of a prior DUI conviction in California. If he’s convicted on all counts in Florida, Timmons could go to jail for as long as 15 months. Footage of Timmons arrest from the officer’s dash cam has since been removed from

Jeff Timmons Mug Shot And Police Report obtained the police report from Jeff Timmons arrest on April 23rd for alleged drunk driving and driving without a valid license. The 98 Degrees star was allegedly driving with two “very intoxicated” passengers, one of whom Timmons identified as Mitch English, host of the syndicated tv show ‘The Daily Buzz’.

Jeff Timmons Busted For DUI

CanWest News Service reports Jeff Timmons was busted last month for allegedly driving drunk. Officers from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office pulled the 98 Degrees singer over after he left a celebrity softball game in Melbourne, Florida. Read more.

Jeff Timmons Holiday Concert

Contributed anonymously:

98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons is crisscrossing the country with Jim Brickman and Friends, performing a holiday concert through the month of December. They landed in San Jose Sunday, November 28. Bottom line, I loved finally seeing him live (I missed the last 98 Degrees tour), and he was the best thing about the show (the French-cuff lavender shirt and black velvet pants he sported at the start of Act 2 were practically worth the price of admission). His voice was in fine form and demonstrated a gravity and resonance absent from the other vocalists. The good is it’s all new material that you haven’t heard before; the bad is there none of his solo album (‘Whisper That Way’) on the program.

Jeff Timmons Says 98 Degrees ‘Special Bond’ Remains

Mark Bialczak of The Post-Standard spoke with 98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons who was in Syracuse to promote his upcoming holiday show. Asked about the status of the #3 boyband, Timmons said, “We’re still calling it a hiatus.”

As for bandmate Nick Lachey’s rising fame following the MTV reality show ‘Newlyweds’ with wife Jessica Simpson, Timmons says, “I don’t think I could have done it. For any young couple, it’s hard during the first two years of married life. It’s especially hard for two young celebrities.”

98 Degrees Nightmare Turns Jeff Timmons Off Major Labels

98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons is featured in an interview on Melt magazine where he talked about his solo album ‘Whisper That Way’. Asked what happened with the boy band’s experience on a major label that made him want to do every aspect of his solo CD on his own, Timmons explained, “When we got signed, we were the only white ‘singing’ group to ever be signed (with that Record Label). We were all from the Midwest, and when we went to New York, the current President (of the Record Label) said, ‘You’ll never have to move to New York.’ The next week, he said, ‘You have to move to New York or your record will never come out.’ So we get a U-haul, drive across the country and move to New York. They picked an apartment on the Upper Westside for us ($3000, a month) and we had to pay for it. Then, they didn’t like the fact that we were too ‘white.’ So, he (the President of the Record Label) moved us to a bad part of Brooklyn. We lived in a bad, bad, part of Brooklyn. The four of us had bought a big-screen TV together, and we had guys camped outside our U-haul, casing the place. The convenience store across the street, got held up at gunpoint. All this… for a record deal.” The full story at has since been removed.