One More Solo Shot For Jenny Frost

After Jenny Frost’s unfortunately titled solo debut ‘Crash Landing’ debuted at #54 in the UK singles charts, the former Atomic Kitten, now starring in ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ will get one more attempt at solo success. Her label All Around The World records tells Neil Sean of Sky News that it’s “make or break time for her as a solo star.”

Jenny Frost’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Paycheck Enrages Castmates

The Sunday Mirror reports that former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost is set to earn £100,000 for appearing in the new ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!’ series – causing fury among fellow contestants who are being paid far less. “After all the hoo-ha with Jordan being paid so much more when she appeared, we thought it was a flat rate of £25,000 and nothing more,” explained one of the stars, who asked not to be named. “To find out Jenny is earning so much more from the show is just astonishing. It’s created a lot of bad blood before any of the celebs have even got on the plane.”

The story at has since been removed.

Jenny Frost Comments On Her Heat Sensitive Breasts

Speaking out her breasts, former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost told Hot Stars magazine: “They’re fine when they’re cold, but when they’re warm they go a bit like Tetley tea bags after they’ve been dunked. Actually, they’re more like PG Tips pyramids.”

Book Deal For Jenny Frost?

The Daily Star reports that Jenny Frost signed a big book deal to write romantic novels, with the publisher believing the singer has good material to draw from being part of Atomic Kitten. “She told her publisher Faber And Faber, her life is one big Mills And Boon novel,” a source said.

Jenny Frost Visits London Hospital

Former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost and author Gail Carson Levine visited Great Ormond Street Hospital in central London on Friday (October 14) to launch Levine’s book ‘Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg’ – the first in a series of books expanding the fairy world of Disney character Tinker Bell, as a boardroom is transformed into a magical fairy grotto for a special children’s party at the hospital. Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

Jenny Frost’s Nipple Ring On Full Display

Former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost suffered from a wardrobe malfunction while out at The Wellington in Knightsbridge with fiance DJ Dominic Thrupp. “You could see her nipple ring very clearly through her black shirt,” an onlooker told The Mirror. “It was positively pornographic… She must want everyone to know about her latest piece of jewellery.”

Jenny Frost’s Solo Debut Tanks

Chances for a quick Atomic Kitten reunion are looking likely with news that Jenny Frost’s solo debut ‘Crash Landing’ is literally crash landing onto the singles charts, with mid-week sales putting her at #50.

Jenny Frost Puts Her Own Slant On Pop With Debut

Former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost spoke with GMTV about her solo debut ‘Crash Landing’, a collaboration with dance collective Route One. “This is me, it’s what I would listen to, what my girlfriends would have on in their cars, what we’d all get ready to,” she said. “There’s nothing wrong with pop, but I wanted to put my own slant on it. I wanted everyone to know I’ve grown up. I’d been writing poetry from my early teens, something nobody really knew much about, now I’ve got a big outlet to write about what I want.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Jenny Frost Takes A New Musical Direction

Moving away from Atomic Kitten’s young fan base isn’t something Jenny Frost is worried about as she moves in a new musical direction with her solo debut, insisting to the Liverpool Daily Post they like her new sound just as much as the trio’s sugar-sweet candy pop. “I’ve had a lot of good feedback from the Kitten fans, who have been pleasantly surprised at my new music,” she said. “Hopefully it will appeal to a wider audience too, and a lot of my friends who didn’t like the Kittens’ music like what I’ve done now.”