Jenny And Liz Say Showbiz Parties Are Stupid

Jenny Frost and Liz McLarnon from Atomic Kitten chatted with Radio 1 and revealed that showbiz parties aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. “They just make you realize, in case you for one second forget, how stupid they really are. They’re just like so nothing you think they’d be. And all your mates are just like ‘that was absolutely crap – let’s go home and go to the pubs!'”

Nipple Slip At Party In The Park For Jenny Frost

Atomic Kitten hottie Jenny Frost gave Party in the Park attendees a special treat as her nipple managed to pop out during the group’s performance on Sunday. Jenny said afterwards, “It’s quite embarrassing but I suppose these things happen.” The moment almost didn’t happen when security guards, who didn’t recognize the Kittens, didn’t let the trio onstage. Natasha Hamilton explained how Pop Idol winner Will Young saved the day: “They didn’t have a clue who we were. I think they thought we were over-zealous fans trying to storm the stage. Luckily Will saved the day.”

Jenny Frost Slaps Assistant In The Face

The Mirror reports Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost went on a rampage during an appearance on SM:tv Live, which happened to be host Cat Deeley’s final show. Jenny’s assistant Michelle Barrett managed to infuriate the already upset Frost due to a camera position that had her upset. Michelle said there was nothing that could be done, and raging Frost slapped her in the face, causing both to be reduced to tears before a stunned crowd. The remaining two Kittens Natasha and Liz did the interview without Jenny.

Atomic Kitten’s Jenny Frost To Marry DJ Boyfriend

The Sun reports Atomic Kitten’s Jenny Frost is set to marry her DJ boyfriend Dom T who proposed to the sexy singer in Thailand over the New Year break. A friend of Frost’s told the Sun, “They are both thrilled and have been phoning all their friends from Thailand. They have been talking about marriage for some time but Jenny was still really shocked when it finally happened. They have not thought about a wedding date yet but they want to get married as soon as Jenny can fit a ceremony into her busy schedule.”