Jentina Talks Girls Aloud Smack

In an interview with Radio 1, Jentina hit out at chart rivals Girls Aloud. “Girls Aloud, I just want to knock ’em all over with my finger,” she complained. “Ping, ping ping, one by one. I just can’t stand them. They’re just crap.” As for the Sugababes? “Things get twisted, you know what I mean,” Jentina said. “I said once maybe the girl from the Sugababes was wearing a dodgy outfit. But we all end up in Heat Magazine once in a while in ‘What were you Thinking’. I love the Sugababes new tune, you know.”

Jentina ‘French Kisses’ Video

Jentina 'French Kisses' single cover

After her hip hop debut ‘Bad Ass Strippa’ flopped, it appears Jentina has scrapped rap for pop on her second effort, ‘French Kisses’. Watch the video below.

Jentina Eyes Blue’s Lee Ryan

Rap newcomer Jentina tells Top of the Pops she’s attracted to Blue star Lee Ryan. “There’s only one lad I fancy, and that’s Lee from Blue,” she admitted to the surprise of the interviewer. “You know what I like about him? His smell. He sat next to me the other day and I nearly fainted. I love his eyes and his cheeky little smile. Me and him wouldn’t get on well though. We’re the same. We’re both loudmouth attention seekers and it’d all kick off.”