Jeremy Greene ‘Fireproof’ Video

Jeremy Greene is out with the music video to his new single ‘Fireproof’, off the Waterville, Maine artist’s upcoming debut album on Bad Boy Records. Watch it below.

Jeremy Greene Twitter Update

Jeremy Greene talks about TwitterJeremy Greene checked in with fans on his MySpace with a video message, talking about how he’s got a new page on Twitter (@JeremyGreene).

“Make sure you come check me out,” Greene said. “Follow me and see my updates. Whatever I’m doing I’ll be talking about it. It’s a new thing for me, I just got involved in the Twitter game but I really need to get some friends on it to follow me around.”

The video report from TMZ at MySpace has since been removed.

Jeremy Greene ‘Rain’ Video Ft. Pitbull

Jeremy Greene is out with the music video to his new single ‘Rain’, featuring Pitbull, off the Waterville, Maine singer’s upcoming debut on MySpace Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Jeremy Greene ‘Rain’ Video Behind The Scenes

Jeremy Greene behind the scenes shooting his 'Rain' music video with PitbullJeremy Greene posted some behind-the-scenes footage from the music video shoot for his new single ‘Rain’, featuring Pitbull.

“I want to thank you guys for checking into my official video,” Greene said on the set. “Pitbull just got done rapping a spot with us. We had two, three or four crazy hot girls. Lot of stuff going on right now. Please make sure you call and vote that record ‘Rain’.”

Video at the singer’s MySpace has since been removed.

Jeremy Greene & Kevin Rudolf Let It Rock Tour Update

Jeremy Greene and Kevin RudolfJeremy Greene and Kevin Rudolf posted a video blog update while on the Let It Rock tour while in Kentucky. Kevin promised a ton of blog postings, while Jeremy thanked fans who have been coming out to the shows.

“We want to thank you guys on MySpace for checking it out, coming out and checking the show,” Greene said. “Keep posting. Kevin’s gonna start doing blogging everyday now. Right now we’re in Kentucky. Southern Belles. Stay up, keep checking in with the MySpace page.”

Watch the message via Jeremy’s MySpace below.

Jeremy Greene Prepares To Shoot ‘Rain’ Video

Jeremy Greene heads to shoot his 'Rain' music videoJeremy Greene checked in from the back of an SUV in New York City getting ready to shoot the ‘Rain’ video featuring Pitbull, talking about touring with Kevin Rudolf and being tired.

“We’re going to get fitted for my video,” Greene said when asked about the day’s plans. “Meeting my stylist. Going up to Billionaire Boys Club, love their clothes. Stopping by Niketown and get some new fresh kicks. Basically trying to get all suited up for my video then headed out on tour on the 2nd with Kevin Rudolf, make sure you come check that out… I’m excited but I am tired though.”

Video at Green’s MySpace can be viewed below.

Jeremy Greene In The Studio Recording ‘Rain’

Jeremy Greene in the studioA behind-the-scenes look at Jeremy Greene in the studio recording his single ‘Rain’ has been posted at the Waterville, Maine pop singer’s MySpace TV channel.

“It’s a blessing man, to even get this far, to be in this room,” Greene says in the clip. “I guess it all started when I started writing my own stuff and Tobin [Watkinson] hit me up on MySpace and said call me immediately, so I called him like 10 seconds later, literally. We got on the phone and started chopping it up, and he asked me to send him some records. I sent him like 10 records. Everybody seemed to like it I guess. So I got signed and here I am, working on this. I mean, it’s been like 10 years trying to get a deal. And finally the day I signed, literally I was out here the next day with a single.”

Watch the clip below.