Jesca Hoop Performs ‘Murder Of Birds’ On KCRW

Jesca Hoop returned to Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW in Los Angeles the other day to perform a live set and talk about her new ‘Snowglobe’ EP. Watch the full session via, featuring a ‘Murder Of Birds’ performance and an interview, below the cut. (more…)

Jesca Hoop Checks In From Eels Tour

Jesca Hoop

Jesca Hoop checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jescahoop) on Thursday (September 23), offering a tour update from Philadelphia, where the singer songwriter is appearing in support of Eels and her latest album ‘Hunting My Dress’. Hoop writes:

Arriving in Philadelphia at nighttime… driving from the airport downtown… resembles a view from a futuristic middle earth. They weren’t supposed to build any building higher than old what’s his names hat. They did anyway. I wouldn’t mind it at all if they respected the architects wishes…the old buildings here really have style. If you ever want a delicious store of ole factory delights go to the Terminal Market. I am going there for some spanikopita as soon as I finish writing you. I may compromise my shower even. The EELs surprised the hell out of me. I was not expecting such a performance!! It’s stylish… and humorous and monstrous to list a few of the surprises. The boys are incredibly smart players. E comes off as true wit on stage. Anyhow blah blah. The EELS crowd in Philly was good to me. I’m playing solo you know… It’s a character building task. I must have loads of character building to do given how many times I’ve been asked to do it!! spanikopita calling….

Jesca Hoop Covers ‘Flume’ By Bon Iver

Jesca Hoop Covers 'Flume' By Bon Iver

Jesca Hoop covered ‘Flume’ by Bon Iver for The Voice Project, which is an attempt to support the women of the peace movement in Uganda. Watch it via Vimeo below.

Jesca Hoop ‘The Kingdom’ Video & Making Of

Jesca Hoop is out with the music video to her new single ‘The Kingdom’, off the American singer songwriter’s latest album ‘Hunting My Dress’. Hoop also did has some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot. “My relationship to music is an unconditional love I would say,” Hoop says in the behind the scenes clip. “It’s not something that I can’t stop doing. It’s something that I have to do. It’s like one of your best friends that comes to visit you and you feel absolutely your best when that person is in your presence. When I’m able to write is when I feel my absolute best.” Watch the Elia Petredis directed video and making of footage below.

Jesca Hoop Begins Recording Second Album

Jesca Hoop updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jescahoop) on Wednesday (February 18), revealing that she’s begun work on a follow-up to her 2007 debut full-length album ‘Kismet’. The California singer songwriter tells readers:

Hello all !!!

I Want to let you know that I have just begun recording my second record. This is indeed very exciting!!!

It is always sort of torturous starting a record….a pleasurable pain….and I am happy to say that the first sessions went swimmingly!!! I am very happy to be creating a fresh work.

I will keep you tuned as things progress


Jesca Hoop Sad Her Tour With Elbow Has Ended

Jesca Hoop checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday (November 16) after wrapping up her tour supporting Elbow. The American folk pop artist tells readers:

This past tour was my absolute favorite tour!!! The Elbow crew is amazing!!! Friends for life!!! Each day such laughter!!! A gorgeous bunch. The cities, the food, the shows, all ACE. I’m terribly sad that I am now so far away from them all and one in particular. But let’s not be pathetic about it. Rather let’s feel overjoyed by the blessing and savour this bitter sweet circumstance until time brings us together again as it always does for true friends.

Jesca Hoop ‘Summertime’ Performance & Interview

Jesca Hoop sitting wearing blue jeans, t-shirt and black leather coat

Yahoo! Music’s Who’s Next? features Jesca Hoop, where the American singer songwriter talked about religion’s role in her music, breaking free of a mountain living lifestyle and getting a career break with the help of Tom Waits.

“Music was absolutely central in the religion I was raised in, also just everyday life,” Hoop said about her family’s Mormonism. “My favorite of what they exposed me to, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell, the early Beatles, because my mom didn’t like the later Beatles. I think one thing that’s good about religion is most religions celebrate music and the expression of it. I think it was part of how we become so musical.”

“I think I knew I wanted to do this when I was a little kid and then I lost track of it for quite a while,” Hoop observed about pursuing a music profession. “I lost all ambition really. I was like screw it, I’m just gonna live out here. Way out here and forget about all y’all. I was living in the mountains. Living in the woods. Growing food and keeping it simple. I was always making music, but I wasn’t performing it in a listen to me kind of fashion, always singing around the fire. Not for money. Not for attention, I was just doing it in an informal way. I had to quit eventually because I was like what am I doing up here? I’m being stabbed by cactuses, smoking cow pie to get flies away from me. This is great and this is what needs to happen, but I’m a singer and I’ve been singing since I was a kid and I’m writing songs and it needs to go further than this campfire. I want to do something more, so I came back. I had to decide what of this world I wanted and what I didn’t. I had to decide on my own terms and that was very difficult for my mother in particular. She had a hard time with that. I was listening to the White Album, what are you gonna do?”

She then became a nanny for Tom Waits, who got her career in gear. “Eventually when I was serious about making changes in my live, they were ready to offer me whatever they could.”

Video of her performance of ‘Summertime’ and an interview has since been removed at