Jessie Baylin Chats With Gibson

Jessie Baylin was interviewed at the Gibson Showroom in Seattle, where the singer songwriter talked about how she got started in the music industry, learning music was her passion at a very young age, and playing guitar for a couple songs on this tour for the first time. Watch via YouTube below.

Jessie Baylin Catches A Bug, Apologizes For Canceling Shows

Jessie Baylin checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jessiebaylin) on Friday (January 30), apologizing for having to cancel her Colorado shows in Ft. Collins and Aspen. Baylin tells readers:

Hello boys, hello girls. I caught a bug hanging out in the hospital 24/7.. It’s not looking or sounding good. I went to a throat specialist yesterday in New York City, and I am on complete vocal rest till the show in Boulder, Colorado Sunday evening. I have never cancelled a show in my life up until this past week, and again, I assure you this is not the norm. I normally would sing through this sh**, but I am a mute right now and I’ve been warned that if I do sing in this condition, I could do permanent damage or at least a few months recovery… Love to you all, and I’m sorry Ft. Collins & Aspen… Ur loving songstress, Jessie Sent from my iPhone

Jessie Baylin Cancels Tour Dates To Be With Ill Grandmother

Jessie Baylin checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jessiebaylin) on Sunday (January 25), talking about her grandmother’s battle with leukemia and the shows she’ll have to miss to be by her side. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

Hello my sweets… I am writing this blog from my iPhone so I apologize if it is short and a bit messy. I just landed in NYC… I flew back home because my grandma Dill (like the pickle) has been diagnosed with leukemia. She and I have a very special relationship. She’s one of my best friends and I need to be with her and my family during this difficult emotional time.. She has started her second round of chemo and I are here to help her heal. I have so much hope in my heart that she will go into remission, though she is elderly and the disease is aggressive, I know that she does not want to leave this world yet. I am praying all day everyday. I’m going to be missing tonight’s show in Spokane, as well as Boise and Teton Village (Jackson Hole)… I’ll be back for the remainder of the tour starting the 30th in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Thank you for understanding and I promise you, cross my heart, I’ll be back to ur city soon to sing you songs… All my love, J

Happy New Year From Jessie Baylin

Jessie Baylin 'Firesight'

Jessie Baylin checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jessiebaylin) on Friday (January 2). The Los Angeles based folk pop singer tells readers:

I hope you all had a bloody fabulous new year. I had gotten all of my partying ways out of my system in St. Barths the week before, so I took NYE as a night to just sit back, sip champagne, light fireworks, and go to bed early. It was perfect for me.

Was it perfect for you? Are ready for this new year?

I am. I have to be. It’s a clean slate, and lord knows I need this. I have been at a major cross roads lately, and I’ve made a lot of decisions in my heart and in my head. I am beginning to write the next record. I don’t know how long it will take me, but I’m not worried about that. I just want it to feel right. To sound right. For it to be honest, as evermore. I’m about to go on the road again, for a month. I really hope that I get to see loads of you out there, because it’s always nice to see a familiar face.

Jessie Baylin Records ‘That’s What I Want For Christmas’

Jessie Baylin checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jessiebaylin) on Monday (December 8), discussing her visit to the UK and her new song ‘That’s What I Want For Christmas’. The Los Angeles based folk pop singer songwriter tells readers:

I’ve been invisible for the past few weeks, decompressing from two months on the road – looking in, figuring lots out, eating yummy things, and traveling through the UK. Yesterday I was in Scotland, and I walked along the sea collecting shells. It was freezing, but so beautiful. I tried to play golf at St. Andrews (the 1st golf course in the WORLD) but it was just too damn cold. So instead, I bought gifts for family in the clubhouse and had delicious lentil soup :-) I am VERY impressed with the soups in the UK. I’m a huge fan of soup.

I wanted to let you know that I have recorded a Christmas song! It is up on my player, and it is available for download on iTunes!! I am really excited about this track. It is one of my favorite classic Christmas songs, and I hope that you will love my rendition of it, and that it will keep you and your family company during this holiday season and the many holiday seasons to come… Joe Pisapia from Guster produced the track and lent much of his magical skills – so give it a listen, and as always – please spread the word.

Jessie Baylin On Life Outside The Real World

Jessie Baylin 'Firesight'

Jessie Baylin updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jessiebaylin) on Tuesday (November 11), discussing what she’s been missing out on while on the road in support of her debut album ‘You’. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

There are certain things you end up missing when you’re not living in the real world. I’ve missed many a wedding, birthday party, anniversaries, baptisms, family BBQ’s, nights on the couch with popcorn – though I am experiencing some amazing stuff out here on the road, I can’t help but feel like sometimes I am not there for my loved ones… and that pains me in such a way. It’s a sacrifice and it is absolutely worth it, but this past weekend I realized that sometimes you have to make a choice. And also find a way to make it work.

Jessie Baylin Excited To Return Home To Cali

Jessie Baylin 'Firesight'

Jessie Baylin checked in from her tour with Matt Nathanson on her blog at MySpace (@jessiebaylin) on Tuesday (October 28). The Los Angeles based folk pop singer tells readers:

I am now making my way back to Cali, SO EXCITED to be back on MY coast, with some of my crowd. I love playing to new faces in new places, but there’s nothing quite like playing for my friends in California. Come to my show tomorrow night at House Of Blues on Sunset!!! Come come, come come!! & buy the tix quick because this will sell out within a few hours…

Jessie Baylin At NBC10 Philadelphia Green Room

Jessie BaylinJessie Baylin woke up extra extra early to perform on NBC10 Philadelphia, posting a video blog from the station’s green room.

“It is very, very, very early here in Philadelphia, and I am doing the NBC morning show. In the green room I sit and I’m wrecked. We had to drive through the night, and I’m not a good person right now,” Baylin said. “I don’t wanna be here.”

After performing on the morning show, Jessie is heading to her parents home in New Jersey. Watch the message via YouTube below.

Jessie Baylin Previews Philly/Recaps New York Shows

Jessie Baylin checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jessiebaylin) on Friday (October 3). The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

Just rolled into Philly, playing one of my favorite venues tonight – Theatre of The Living Arts. Part of the reason I love this place is because Ishkabibbles is across the street and they make my favorite cheesesteak in Philadelphia as well as some bangin’ crispy french fries :-) so you know I’ll be caught there late night after my 3rd glass of chard, with ketchup in my eyebrows….

NYC was wild as always. Though the show was hard for me, the room was so dead (sound wise) it was as if as soon as I opened my mouth to sing – the sound got sucked away into the padding of the ceiling… never fun. But the crowd was massive and responsive and probably didn’t notice those little things that drive most artists crazy. And then there was the after party. Eventful.

Jessie Baylin Gets Her Song In A Meg Ryan Film

Jessie Baylin 'Firesight'

Jessie Baylin checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jessiebaylin) on Friday (September 5), talking about scary computer troubles as well as some news about her music career. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

In other GREAT news, my song “I’ll Cry For The Both of Us” will be in the upcoming film “The Women”! I will also be on the soundtrack – also on the record – Feist, Annie Lennox, The Bird & The Bee, KT Tunstall, Lucy Schwartz, Goldfrapp and more. The fact that my song is going to be in a Meg Ryan film, puts me into giggling hysteria… and to be a part of something that is all women, all the time – that feels good too :) It comes out next Friday, the 12th, so get your girls together and check it out. I actually was able to see it a few months ago and I really loved it.