Joe Brooks Releasing ‘Holes Inside’ Music Video Soon

Joe Brooks

Joe Brooks checked in with his Facebook followers with news on a music video for ‘Holes Inside’, his first release since announcing in June that he had been dropped from Lava Records. The 24-year-old British singer songwriter tells fans:

The Official ‘Holes Inside’ Music Video is being colored tomorrow… just got done editing today… this will be my first independent music video! Ok ok so we didn’t have the budget we did for the ‘Superman’ video… BUT this was paid for by YOU GUYS, i.e. Pledgers! So everyone thank the pledgers and pledgers pat your selves on the back… it will be up soon!

Joe Brooks Breaks His Ankle

Joe Brooks

Joe Brooks checked in with fans on his Facebook last week, talking about an injury he sustained playing soccer. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Football injury. Diagnosis: broken ankle. Crutches it is. Don’t worry it takes more than broken bones to stop me from putting on a show, bring on the Xmas special!

my ankle’s the size of an aappllleeeeeee well you don’t even know how your feelings hurt so deep.

No Room For Comfort In Joe Brooks’ Musical Carivan

Joe Brooks

Popeater spoke with Joe Brooks in a Q&A, asking the 23-year-old singer songwriter if he had any crazy or embarrassing career-related stories to share. “Well, right now I’m driving along in my regular-sized car with two other guys, three suitcases, a merch box, a kick drum, snare and cymbal, an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and pedals – and we’re halfway through a 15,000-mile tour of America,” the young Brit said. “This is certainly a crazy chapter in the story that is my career.” Read more.

Joe Brooks ‘Superman’ Video

Joe Brooks 'Superman' single cover

Joe Brooks is out with the music video to his new single ‘Superman’, the first release from his major label debut album ‘Constellation Me’, out September 21st on Lava Records/Universal. Watch it via YouTube below.