Jordan Pruitt Gets Her Driver’s License

Jordan Pruitt posted the following message to fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday (June 24): “Hey guys!!! So… here’s an update!! I got my License!!!! Woohoo:) I was so excited, but Really nervous when I was taking the test. My next concert Is with the Jonas Brothers on the 28th at Six Flags in St. Louis. So I hope you all come! I have another photoshoot for the same school calendar this week! And if your lucky I’ll post some more pictures!!! Well, I hope you all have a great day! Love yall Jordy”

Jordin Pruitt Checks In After Performing In San Antonio

Jordin Pruitt posted the following message to fans on her blog at MySpace on Friday (June 22):

Hey guys!
I performed yesterday at Six Flags in San Antonio, Texas with the Jonas Brothers! The crowd was amazing and so were the Jonas Brothers! When I got to Six Flags, I rode some rides. I rode a new ride called the Tony Hawk ride or something like that:) It was so much fun! My brother and I rode the bumper cars, and someone slammed into me!! lol Then we rode this water ride and I got soaked!! The last ride, was the Superman!! It was definitely the most fun roller coaster I’ve ever ridden. But I’ll only ridden two:) lol So after that I opened for the Jonas Brothers…and then they performed. I stayed and watched and let me just say, they are so AWESOME!!!!! After the concert we all went out to eat…it was good!! yum yum lol Well, today I just got back to my house. Well, since I’ve been out of town a lot, I’m now taking my drivers test. Actually, I’m taking my test in about an hour ha ha. Pray for me:)
I love you guys!!!! And thanks to everyone that came to the concert yesterday!