Kate Earl Ponders Volunteer Work

Kate Earl checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@kateearl) on Monday (October 19), talking about plans to do some volunteer work and having Tristan Prettyman in the audience for her last show. The Alaskan singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m exploring non-profits to get involved with. I find the work inspiring. Nothing like a cold call eh? There’s just so much to be done to make the world a better place. I better roll up my sleeves and pitch in, carry my weight as a citizen of the planet. It’s a mad storm out there and I’d like to offer a little shelter. No harm in that. I do declare.

Kate Earl Celebrates Her Birthday Fishing

Kate Earl checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@kateearl) on Monday (October 12), discussing how she spent her 28th birthday, which took place October 8th. The Alaskan singer songwriter tells readers:

Another fantastic birthday. My man organized a camping weekend out at Cachuma Lake. We had a great time. You must understand that an Alaskan girl loves this kind of birthday. He kitted me out with a new trout pole and everything. I caught a perch and a bass, cleaned and gutted them on a tree stump and shortly thereafter served up some darn tasty fish taco’s for dinner. It was great to be with friends and share wine from the local winery under the belly of the moon. To top it all off my best friend wrote from Belize that she got “Katie” tattooed. It’s an answer to the “Angelina” I got on a past new years day. Here’s to new beginnings, It’s going to be magical year because I’m blanketed in love!

Kate Earl ‘Melody’ Video Behind The Scenes

Younghollywood.com was behind the scenes with Kate Earl on the set of her ‘Melody’ music video in the heat and the wilderness. The Alaskan singer songwriter offered a look inside her teepee before moving inside a vintage bus and talking about the video’s storyline and how she picked out her outfit. Watch it below the cut. (more…)

Kate Earl Attends KPND Backyard BBQ

Kate Earl posted footage from her night at a gas station backyard KPND radio event overlooking a lake in Sandpoint, Idaho. “There was cornbread and BBQ and and we had a real good time,” the singer songwriter said. “Almost felt like I was back home in my beloved Alaska.”

Footage of Kate dancing to the music of another band performing at the event at YouTube has since been removed.

Kate Earl ‘Melody’ Video

Kate Earl is out with the music video to her new single ‘Melody’, off the Alaskan singer songwriter’s self-titled album, out today on iTunes/Amazon/Zune thru Universal Republic / Casablanca Music. Watch it via YouTube below.

Kate Earl ‘Melody’ To Be iTunes Single Of The Week

Kate Earl checked in with fans on her YouTube channel, joined by her dog to announce her song ‘Melody’ will be the iTunes song of the week next Tuesday, available for free download. The Alaska singer songwriter is also rehearsing for some acoustic performances for Yahoo! and Vimby which will be taped Tuesday. Kate finished the ‘Melody’ music video as well and thanked those who helped make it happen.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Kate Earl Searching For Band Mates

Kate Earl checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@kateearl) on Thursday (July 9), talking about her search for bandmates before her Hotel café gig next Thursday. The Alaskan singer songwriter tells readers:

I’ve been searching for a mate. Well a few in fact. To be more specific, band mates. My entire career I have had seldom occasion with a proper band. It was more often than not, friends stepping in for a date here and there. But no long termers. It is complicated finding prime mates. It could be compared to a romantic relationship. Like anyone, I have a long list of requirements for a match.

Happy 4th Of July From Kate Earl

Kate Earl updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@kateearl) on Saturday (July 4), wishing them a happy Independence Day. The Alaska singer songwriter tells readers:

Happy 4th Of July my pretties. I hope your bellies are full of chuckles and watermelon. I’m still at the cabin. Love how Hendrix did ” Star Spangled Banner “. We got a bag full of fireworks. I picked out one that is supposed to shoot 9 glowing orbs of color that split into 4 more neon flares each. There are also ground spinners and giant sparklers to go around. Tonight the lake community will display a fireworks show from the island in the middle of the lake. We’ve been talking about camping out there for a night. Maybe tomorrow. Will let you know what comes of it. Sparkle on!

Kate Earl Encouraged By Response To Debut EP

Kate Earl updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@kateearl) on Wednesday (June 10) following the release of her self-titled debut EP yesterday. The Alaskan singer songwriter tells readers:

It was great to see such a nice response to my debut! Thank you everyone who is buying my EP and thank you to all who are hustling on my behalf and spreading the word for me. It is so crucial to have this support as an artist. An artist. I get to be one. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I get to think about silly and important things like what colors represent me, what textures I want my audience to encounter, how I would like to emote. I make a living thinking such thoughts. Strange and wonderful reality. Been listening to Joni Mitchell today. She had a tremendous impact on me during the making of my first record. To avoid repeating myself I mostly abandoned folk music until this project was closed. Listening to her again after walking this journey this long was like sliding into a coveted bath.

Kate Earl On Growing Up In Alaska & Her New Album

Kate Earl from AlaskaMySpace Celebrity caught up with Kate Earl, where the singer songwriter talked about growing up in Alaska and working at the family gas station, traveling yearly to the Philippines where her mother is from, pushing herself as a writer by selecting from 50 songs she wrote for her record, and her dog James.

“I was really fascinated with the gospel music coming out of the south,” Kate explained. “Alaska was so far from it. I went to Atlanta and found Ben Allen, who produced Cee-Lo’s solo stuff and engineered ‘St. Elsewhere’, and he helped me write this batch of songs that were hopeful and soulful and I was trying to do something fresh but made you feel like you had been there before. It’s been a long journey but it was worth the wait. All this time I spent turning in songs. I’ve written 50 songs for this record, and I think it’s really pushed me as a writer and really shown me what I was capable of.”

Video at MySpace has since been removed.