Kate Miller-Heidke Performs ‘Space They Cannot Touch’ On ‘Sunrise’

Kate Miller-Heidke visited Seven’s ‘Sunrise’ the other morning in Sydney, Australia to perform ‘Space They Cannot Touch’. Afterwards, she spoke with co-hosts Melissa Doyle and David Koch about what she’s been up to since her previous visit, supporting Cyndi Lauper on tour and singing ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ with her, and what she has planned next.

The performance and interview at YouTube has since been removed.

Kate Miller-Heidke Blogs After Opening For Cyndi Lauper

Kate Miller-Heidke checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katemillerheidke) on Monday (March 3) after opening for Cyndi Lauper in King’s Park, Perth on February 22nd, calling it “one of the most memorable nights of my life.” The Australian singer writes, “She gave a heart-stoppingly brilliant, energetic, moving performance. ‘True Colours’ made me cry – I think it’s the most perfect pop ballad ever written. Before her encore, she came over to where we were watching side of stage and said in her funny little accent, ‘Hey, did you guys play just before?’ ‘Yees’ we wobbled. ‘Well do you wanna come up and sing Girls with me?’ There was a silence. ‘Yes please, that would be great’ Nicole and I said (or something like that).”

Kate Miller-Heidke Live ‘N Local Up Close Featuring ‘Toxic’ Cover

Kate Miller-Heidke is featured in Coca-Cola’s Live ‘N Local Up Close gig at Yahoo!7 Music. Watch performances of ‘Words’, ‘Make It Last’, ‘Mama’, and a cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’. There’s also some backstage footage of the Brisbane, Australia singer-songwriter introducing her band, talking about trusting her intuition, the differences between live and studio music, and prepping for their entrance. Video at au.launch.yahoo.com has since been removed.

Kate Miller-Heidke: Stop Calling Me ‘Quirky’

Kate Miller-Heidke music

Kate Miller-Heidke tells Time Off magazine there’s a word she keeps reading to describe herself that’s really getting on her nerves. “I think the word quirky is the most boring, over-used word ever,” the Brisbane singer protested. “Nearly every article or review about me has used the word quirky. It’s so over-used that it’s a really bland, non-quirky word. I think it’s probably because my personality comes through my lyrics and so some people find that quirky because the lyrics aren’t just generalized things. I often come down to real, specific things, so it’s automatically quirky. I think people need to find a new word to replace that.” Timeoff.com.au has since removed the full article.