Katie Price Vows To Release More Music

Katie Price says she’ll release more music, despite the fact her recent single ‘Free To Love Again’ only made it to number 60 in the UK singles chart. “I will bring out another one just because I can, and I will,” Price told ITN. “I’ll definitely go in the studio and release something on iTunes once again. Absolutely. Why not? I love doing it. It’s not a career move for me at all, so people have got to get it out of there heads. Music is not a career move, it’s something I want to do, I can do, and if I want to release it I will. If people don’t like it, don’t buy it, don’t listen to it.”

Katie Price Debuts At #60 With ‘Free To Love Again’

Katie Price’s debut single ‘Free To Love Again’ has only got to number 60 in the charts, selling 3,000 copies in its opening week. “I’m not a singer, this is just something I do for fun. I’m not interested in chart positions or number ones – whether people like it or not I’m doing it,” the pin-up, who is also known as Jordan said. “It’s not like it’s my main job and I need to get signed up by a record company.” Watch a report from ITN below.

Michelle Heaton And Katie Price’s Girls Night Out

Katie Price and Liberty X star Michelle Heaton had a girls night out at Sanderson Hotel with friends in London, England on Thursday (August 2). Katie, better known as Jordan, was in a yellow mini dress while Michelle opted for a backless gray outfit that showed off a lower back tattoo. Check out pictures from PRPhotos.

Michelle Heaton’s Forgettable Karaoke Performance

December 4, 2006 – Liberty X star Michelle’s attempt at karaoke on Thursday night (November 30) was greeted with boos at the Embassy’s Glamour:oke bash in London. “She tried to sing Madness’s ‘It Must Be Love’,” a source said. “It was bad enough to make people cringe – and boo.”

Breadwinner Michelle Heaton Not Happy About Pre-Nup

October 26, 2006 – The Liberty X star Michelle, who was married to Andy Scott-Lee in Hertfordshire last weekend, is upset that her new hubby forced her to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, telling OK! magazine: “It was Andy’s idea and I went mad. I didn’t like it all.” Andy interjected: “Obviously Michelle is more well off than I am and it’s also to protect the property I have with my brother. Whatever we buy together will be split according to the contributions we make. It’s a wise move.” Andy then cautioned, “Hopefully it will be forever, but you never know.”

Michelle Heaton & Andy Scott Lee Joint Hen & Stag Party

September 9, 2006 – Former Steps star Lisa was on hand for Liberty X star Michelle and fiance Andy’s joint hen and stag party in London, England on Tuesday (September 5).

Michelle Heaton Plans V Festival Bachelorette Bash

August 7, 2006 – The Sun reports Liberty X star Michelle is getting hitched to fiance Andy Scott-Lee before the end of the year and wants to take her friends on a booze-fuelled weekend of camping at the Virgin Mobile V Festival at Chelmsford later this month. “Michelle has asked for lots of tickets because she wants to spend the weekend camping with her female friends as an alternative hen party,” a festival source told the tabloid. “She’ll be coming to the Virgin Mobile Louder Lounge which will have plenty of food, drinks and even the hunky Cuban Brothers. She’ll have the craziest hen bash ever.”

The story at thesun.co.uk has since been removed.

Michelle Heaton Brands Madonna An ‘Idiot’

August 4, 2006 – Liberty X star Michelle was not impressed to see Madonna swimming in the sea wearing a t-shirt instead of a bikini. “Why would you go into the sea with shorts and a T-shirt on? She looked like a bloody idiot,” she told the UK edition of OK! magazine. “Either take your swimming costume or don’t go in at all – even if you are the Queen of Pop!”

Jordan Plans Tour With Peter Andre

Jordan spoke with Neil Sean of Sky News on how she and husband Peter Andre will convince doubters the couple can sing as they prepare to release their duets album next month. “We’re talking about touring next year,” the balloon boobed pin-up, real name Katie Price, revealed. “Just small, intimate venues to start with, but the whole show will be both of us, singing live. Hopefully, that will shut up the doubters.”

Jordan To Appear In ‘Celebrity X Factor’

The People reports Jordan, aka Katie Price, is set to appear on this summer’s ‘Celebrity X Factor’ in a bid to re-launch her pop career. “She jumped at the chance and can’t wait to get started,” an insider said. Read more.

‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’ London Premiere

Tammin Sursok, Peter Andre, Jordan (aka Katie Price), and Jessica Simpson were amongst those attending ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’ UK Premiere at the Vue Theater in London, England on Monday (August 22). Check out pictures from FilmMagic (premiere / afterparty), RexFeatures (premiere / afterparty) and GettyImages (premiere / afterparty).

Jessica Simpson Looks For Role On London Stage

August 27, 2005 – ContactMusic.com reports that Jessica Simpson is eyeing a role on the London stage in a bid to overcome her dumb blonde image. “When I arrived in England the first thing I did was go straight to the Globe Theatre,” the ‘Dukes’ star said. “For me that is the home of acting and writing. I have always loved Shakespeare. That’s the job I want – anything at the Globe.”

Heated Words Between Jordan And Javine

The Sun reports that Katie Price, aka Jordan, taunted her Eurovision rival Javine Hylton at a club the other night, saying: “This from last, third from last. You lost Eurovision, you lost it. What’s happening to your music career now?” That prompted Javine to respond, “At least I’ve got an album coming out next year.” Fortunately, Jordan’s boyfriend was able to keep things from becoming violent. “Peter Andre had to hold [Jordan] back,” an onlooker revealed. “It got very heated.”

Simon Cowell Still Backing Jordan’s Pop Hopes

Simon Cowell and Katie Price, aka Jordan, are working on a series of club tracks which they plan to release using fake names, Neil Sean of Sky News reports. The track that receives the best reaction will be released as a single. “He really has faith in me and told me that after seeing me sing with Westlife last year he knew I had star potential in bucketloads,” she said.

Jordan Complains After Losing Eurovision Bid

Jordan (aka Katie Price) spoke with News of the World after losing her bid to represent the Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest to Girls Aloud reject Javine Hylton. “I know I’m the best performer of the lot but there’s been so much bitching about me from the other contestants the country’s been swayed to vote against me,” the balloon-boobed pin-up complained. “Javine said I shouldn’t enter because I’m pregnant and Gina G has been just as bitchy, going on about my boob job as if having big boobs is a crime. She’s obviously just ridiculously jealous. It made me even more determined to win so naturally I’m disappointed. But I’m a fighter and I always get what I want. I’d love to fly the flag for the UK. And if I can’t do that I’ll just have to wear it!”