Kid British ‘Winner’ Video

Kid British are out with the music video to their new single ‘Winner’, off the British ska pop band’s debut album ‘To Get Nowhere, Follow The Crowd’, out soon on Mercury Records. The jingle is out June 28th in the UK through Modern English Music. The Phil Hawkins directed treatment features Sir Geoff Hurst, Nedem Onuoha, Clint Boon, Gareth Brooks, Jessie Rose, The Minx Boys and the RAC boys. Watch it via YouTube below.

Simeon Mclean Gets Inked

Kid British vocalist Simeon Mclean was videotaped in pain as he was getting a tattoo on his chest by Carol at Studio 81 in Manchester, England. Watch it via YouTube below.

Kid British’s Crib

James Mayer of Kid BritishThe latest Kid British video features the Adio showing off band’s crib and Sean in the studio hyping their equipment, before they surprised bandmate Simeon on the toilet. James then showed off what they had in the kitchen.

“Welcome players, this is the kitchen,” James said. “This is where I do all my cooking. I’ll hook you up some real nice food around here. The only things you need in the fridge are some ketchup, some mayonnaise, you know you gotta have that Jif. Anybody like toast? I’m the host that’s gonna cook your toast on the toaster. Anyway this is the kitchen, before you leave, make sure you do my dishes, because they ain’t done and I don’t wanna do them, so you do my dishes.”

Watch the clip, ending with a look at their A-Team tour bus, below.

Beatboxing With Kid British

Kid British were messing around in the rehearsal room and started trying to beatbox the names of all the different songs which will be on the British indie pop act’s debut album.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Kid British ‘Sunny Days’ Video

Kid British 'Sunny Days' single cover

Kid British are out with the music video to their new single ‘Sunny Days’, off the Manchester, England indie pop group’s upcoming debut album on Mercury. Watch it via Vimeo below.

Kid British In The Last Stages Of Recording Their Album

Kid British checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@kidbritishmusic) on Tuesday (December 16). The Manchester indie pop act tell readers:

Well the last two weeks have been kinda crazy but fun at the same time! We recently opened up Xfm Winter Wonderland which was wicked, we were on as soon as the doors opened so we still a gud turn out as we thought we would only be playing to bar staff lol.

It was a top laugh, we had a to share a room with ‘cage the elephant’. Don’t worry nobody was hurt! ha. Anyway we watched the rest of the bands and got kinda drunk – you know how it is when you go to a gig! We have also got a live show to do for Channel M TV which should be fun so we will have to be on our best behavior no doubt. Soon when they get us on one of them daytime TV shows where everybody mimes I’m gunna go on stage with a golf club instead of my mic lol.

Anyway besides the madness we are at the last stages of recording our album which is shaping up real nicely, look out for a song called ‘Friday Takeaway’ remember who told ya first! Anyway until nxt time be cool and remember that rome wasn’t built in a day!