Kris Allen Discusses ‘The Vision Of Love’, Jessica Sanchez

Kris Allen

Pacific Rim Video correspondent Chris Trondsen interviewed Kris Allen after his performance on ‘American Idol’. The singer talked about performing his new song ‘The Vision of Love’, what the song says about what can be expected on the album ‘Thank You Camellia’, his views on season eleven contestant Jessica Sanchez, and what he sleeps in.

“It was fun. It was the first time I got to perform the song on a big stage. There was a lot of different production and it’s awesome that everything kind of came together and it was a lot of fun. I got the crowd involved and it’s good to be back.”

On what the single says about the new album, Kris said, “I think it’s the best move from the last album. It’s not gonna be, ‘Oh my gosh, Kris Allen is doing something completely different.’ But it a little bit different, but the message is still kind of the same. Let’s just be nice to everybody, you know.”

Asked about Jessica Sanchez and her benefiting from the save on the show, Kris said, “She’s one of my favorites. I think she’s one of the best singers that has ever been on the show, and that’s really hard to say, but she’s incredible and it was weird to see her in the bottom and she was going home, but there was no doubt they were going to save her. She has so much potential. This week is a little bit weirder because the save is not there but everyone is so good, so from here on out it’s gonna feel like a surprise every time someone goes home.”

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Happy Holidays From Kris Allen

Kris Allen with his dog Zorro and a Christmas tree wishing fans Happy HolidaysTo celebrate the holiday season, Kris Allen has recorded a special video message to all his fans, which includes a special guest – his dog Zorro.

“Happy Holidays from my house to your house,” the ‘American Idol’ winner said. “It’s been an awesome year. Hope you guys had a great time, and I got a little friend here who wants to say Happy Holidays too. Zorro, what do you have to say? (silence) Oh, Zorro, you crack me up sometimes. Do you know what I’m sayin? Anyways, Happy Holidays everybody from me to Zorro to you.”

Watch the message below the cut.

Kris Allen Visits The Billy Bush Show

Kris Allen

Kris Allen visited Bill Bush the other day to talk about the success of ‘Live Like We’re Dying’, how things have changed for him since winning ‘American Idol’, the new single ‘Alright With Me’, what it’s like working with Lifehouse, staying in touch with the other ‘Idol’ finalists from his season, eating big on Thanksgiving and holiday traditions. Watch the interview below the cut. (more…)

Kris Allen ‘The Truth’ Video Ft. Pat Monahan

Singer Kris Allen

Kris Allen is out with the music video to his new single ‘The Truth’, featuring Pat Monahan, off the ‘American Idol’ season eight winner’s self-titled album on Jive Records.

“Their idea was that Pat wrote the song, so why not get him involved in it in some way,” Allen told Entertainment Weekly. “And obviously Train is doing really well right now, and I don’t think that can be ignored. Everyone thought it was a good idea.”

Watch it via Vevo below the cut. (more…)

Kris Allen’s Wife Has Tiger Woods Syndrome

Tiger Woods Syndrome apparently is an epidemic sweeping the nation, where paranoid wives constantly worry that their “nice guy” husbands are secretly cheating on them every time they leave the house.

“She always keeps having bad dreams,” ‘American Idol’ season eight winner Kris Allen confessed to TMZ when asked if his wife Katy has voiced any concern following the golf great’s marital infidelity. “She’s like, ‘I keep reading all this stuff about Tiger and I keep having bad dreams.'”

Watch the segment via YouTube below.

Kris Allen’s Memorable Day On The Beach

Twist magazine hung out with Kris Allen backstage at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, where the ‘American Idol’ winner explained what his favorite summer memory from 2009 has been. “I had one day on the beach, and just laid out and fell asleep listening to music. Listened to the waves.”

Kris Allen Discusses Legacy & Childhood Concerts interviewed Kris Allen, asking the ‘American Idol’ season eight winner if he ever thinks about legacy and concerts he remembers going to growing up in Arkansas. Watch the brief interview below.

Kris Allen At Robeks Juice

Kris Allen of 'American Idol'

Kris Allen stopped in at Robeks Juice with a friend in Burbank, California on Thursday (June 18). The ‘American Idol’ season eight winner then visited the Center Staging studio to continue work on his debut album. Check out pictures from JustJared.

Kris Allen & Adam Lambert Perform On ‘Today’

The ‘Today’ show co-anchor Natalie Morales talked to this season’s ‘American Idol’ winner, Kris Allen, and the runner-up, Adam Lambert, about how the competition changed their lives, how neither cared who won, the voting controversy involving AT&T, and how both will be recording albums while on the Idols tour. Allen then performed a cover of ‘Heartless’ by Kanye West and his new single ‘No Boundaries’, while Adam performed ‘Mad World’ by Tears for Fears. Kris and Adam also answered questions from fans in a web extra clip. Watch it all, aired Thursday (May 28), below.