La Toya Jackson Doesn’t Doubt Michael Jackson Was “Murdered”

As jury selection begins for Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson, La Toya Jackson sat down with TV Guide’s ‘Hollywood 411’ to remember her brother. See what LaToya has to say about the trial, Michael’s children and the memory of her brother in part one. When asked if she still believes the King of Pop was murdered, La Toya said, “Absolutely, absolutely. I don’t doubt that any second.”

The interview continued with La Toya offering an intimate look into the lives of children Paris, Prince and Blanket and the connection to their father. The interview video at DailyMotion has since been removed.

La Toya Jackson Denies Jaafar Pointed Stun Gun At Michael’s Kids

La Toya Jackson was spotted leaving Philippe Chow In West Hollywood, California the other night, where she said it was “all rumors” that Jermaine Jackson’s 13 year old son Jaafar had a stun gun confiscated by Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) at Katherine’s home and was accused of pointing the gun at Michael Jackson’s sons, Prince and Blanket. La Toya said “he would never do that”. Watch footage via below.

Name Change Key To La Toya Success?

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “According to the Globe, you know La Toya Jackson? You know La Toya? She’s dropping the ‘La’ from her name. She just wants to be Toya Jackson, now. [Light laughter] Yeah, that’s why her career never took off. It was the ‘La.’ [Laughter] The ‘La’ was screwing her over. The phone should be ringing off the hook now! She should drop the Jackson part, actually.”

Toy’s Trick

La Toya Jackson spoke with Liz Smith of The New York Post about how she sent DJs her new single ‘Just Wanna Dance’ with the pseudonym ‘Toy,’ her family nickname. She laughs, “We said I was a European artist, and it just took off. When I revealed it was me, they couldn’t believe it, and some even told me they would never have touched the record had they known the truth!” The song, which she co-wrote and co-produced with Jeffre Phillips, is No. 13 on Billboard’s dance charts.

La Toya Jackson Shapes Up For New Album

A source tells Jeannette Walls of that La Toya Jackson has quietly been putting finishing touches on her next album. “She’s working out and getting in shape,” the source revealed, “and has been enjoying this period where she’s not known as the loud-mouthed, trouble-making member of the family.”

La Toya Jackson Breaks Toe Shooting Video

La Toya Jackson’s official site reports that on Saturday, January 10th during dance rehearsal for her upcoming music video, ‘Just Wanna Dance’, the first single off her forthcoming album, ‘Startin’ Over’, La Toya unfortunately broke her toe. While she was dancing the microphone base dropped on her big toe and broke it. La Toya was taken to the hospital in Las Vegas and is currently under doctor’s orders to remain off her feet for 2 weeks.

LaToya Jackson Interview And Song Debut

LaToya Jackson phoned in to the Steve and DC show on June 5th to debut her new single ‘Just Wanna Dance’. She talked about how she keeps in such good shape, cleaning out everything that was negative in her live — including her divorce from Jack Gordon — during her near 7 year break from the scene, the incident involving her brother Michael Jackson dangling the baby out the hotel room in Germany, and more. The interview/song audio has since been removed.

Fans Convince LaToya Jackson To Sing

Pat O’Brien of Access Hollywood caught up with La Toya Jackson and asked her what inspired her to return to singing. “Basically, the fans that gave me lots of encouragement because remember, there was so much going on in my life,” she said. “There were always things that were said, ‘Oh she can’t sing, she can’t dance, she has no talent.’ And so I started believing that, but the fans kept on saying, ‘We want to hear this, we want to hear your music, we want to hear what you’re doing,’ and I just starting writing.”

LaToya Jackson On Larry King Live

LaToya Jackson was on Larry King Live last night to talk about her brother Michael Jackson’s latest troubles and also revealed plans to revive her singing career. Asked if she was going to tour by herself or with her brothers, LaToya said, “Well, I’m hoping to do a little bit of both. I’m definitely going to tour by myself, of course, with — oh, after the summer. And with my family, of course, I hope that we can do something together. We’re working on that at the moment.” Read the entire transcript here.