‘The Ketchup Song’ Makes Way For ‘Burger Dance’

Fresh off the worldwide success of ‘The Ketchup Song’ by Las Ketchup earlier this year, DJ Otzi finds himself atop the German charts with an equally annoying food ditty, ‘Burger Dance’. And this one even has a game to go along with it. The object is to stuff the nun, bikini babe, and dog with pizza, burgers and fries until they explode. Check it out at firstfun.tv.

Las Ketchup Want To Be More Than A One Hit Act

Las Ketchup tell Blender magazine that they want to be more than a one-hit wonder with ‘The Ketchup Song’, and don’t want to be compared to the Macarena. “It’s a democratic country,” Lucia Munoz says of America. “Everybody can say what they want. But we’re ready to go on to the next song.”

Why ‘Ketchup’ Went Splat

Las Ketchup 'The Ketchup Song'

Elysa Gardner of USA Today spoke with radio and record industry types on why the Spanglish dance novelty “The Ketchup Song” never made the splash in the United States that some had hoped. The song was heavily promoted, but peaked at only #51 on Billboard’s airplay chart. The reason was that testing of the song indicated that listeners generally didn’t work in the single’s favor, except perhaps in markets with large Spanish-speaking populations.

Moby Says Hats Off To Las Ketchup

Moby admitted on his online journal yesterday that he’s a big fan of Las Ketchup. Moby says, “Do you know the ‘Las Ketchup’ song?
‘Las Ketchup’ are my new favorite band. Group. Whatever. For the sole reason that they are called ‘Las Ketchup’. Isn’t that the best band name that you’ve heard in years? Just saying it or writing it makes me laugh. ‘Las Ketchup’. Hahahahaha. And I love the fact that the song is a strange, Spanish, sung version of ‘Rappers Delight’. It is lovely plagiarism in the weirdest sense. The next time you hear ‘Las Ketchup’ think of the beginning of ‘Rappers Delight’. Same song.
So yes, hats off to ‘Las Ketchup’.”

Las Ketchup Perform ‘The Ketchup Song’ On CBS

Las Ketchup were on the CBS Early Show last Friday where they performed their hit ‘The Ketchup Song’ off their debut CD ‘Hijas Del Tomate’ (Daughters of Tomate).

Video of the performance at cbsnews.com has since been removed.